Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I love this response to a question posed to Ann Barnhardt

Q: Ann,
What do you think of the Marines who peed on the dead Taliban?

A: I have little sympathy for men who live their lives wiping their anuses with their bare hands after bowel movements, and who view as the pinnacle of human pleasure inserting their genitals and depositing their semen into the feces-laden rectums of boys and other men, who suddenly get squeamish about dead bodies being sprinkled with a bit of urine - which is sterile by the way. Those dead Taliban were probably the cleanest they had ever been in their adult lives after being showered with the righteous tinkles of those Marines. Ooh-rah. That is all. Carry on.

In my opinion, the dead Taliban bodies didn't even notice.


SR said...

".....(urine)..which is sterile by the way...."

That is not quite true.
Ask your reader who has no prostate problems now because of the bladder infection, and possibly cooties, he contracted when 17 years old.

SR said...

Regarding that video, I agree with you, but I must proffer the following, again.

Well penetrate me from behind with an 11th Grade Physics text, but does the U. S. Marine Corps not teach its Marines anything useful? Never mind the Geneva Conventions or the Rules of War. Are they not instructed in the Laws of Newton – particularly the second? Are they not tutored in Euclidean tangential vector analysis? Did living the American Experience prior to enlistment not teach these morons anything? Is common sense really that uncommon? For Allah’s sake, these idiots were urinating while facing INTO a brisk breeze!?!?!

Now I do know that the Semper Fidelis folks (Or is that ‘Saepe Fidelis’? I’ve a predilection for mangling my military mottoes – and alliteration.) are taught not to piss on their hands while at the urinal, or where ever, so they won’t have to wash their hands afterwards – like those stupid Army dolts have to, but still, are they that thick? You’d think they would be taught not to piss into the wind either!


Nonetheless, America should still be proud – and a tad relieved. If it was a video of a line of ‘I Suck At Fighting(1)’ bozos, it wouldn’t be urine being spritzed on those thieves of U.S. Government lead, it would be ejaculate and each would be writing their names – as if in a snow-bank – in the handwriting of the bloke next in line.
From the Halls of Montezuma
To the shores of Tripoli.
We will fight our country’s battles
And piss on the dead Hadji.
Good luck getting that tune and those lyrics out of your head today.

ISAF - International Security Assistance Force - NO YANKEES here! Brits, French, Danish and a few other folks who don't fight very well.

Joe said...

SR: Actually, I don't condone what the Marines did. But such things have happened before (and worse) without the extreme MSM over-reaction.

In the "Civil War," black people were skinned alive and submitted to other atrocities (an example of the "worse" noted above).

WWII and other wars saw much worse.

This was wrong, but only newsworthy because: a) someone let the MSM have the video and b) the MSM loves to disparage the military.

SR said...

I agree Joe.
You'd think the Marines would also have learned by now to avoid cameras while engaging in these sorts of behaviours.

Jarheads Blog said...

Sure Joe, go ahead and agree with that Creature from Hell SR, who is one of the biggest American Haters on these boards!
Send the 19 year old's to a hell hole in the desert to put their lives on the line and have their hands tired behind their backs by a president who don't know his ass from his elbow and couldn't care less about the people he sends to hell.
These kids, yes KID'S are trained for 6 months and sent to the battle front without the use the the best weapons in modern history, because we are afraid to OFFEND these RAG-HEADS! The same Raghrads who would cut off your head without a second thought.
So s few of these naive kids peed on them. Big freaken deal, so instead of throwing them in the brig for a few months or even a year, of throwing them out of the Corp, the want to throw the book at thme to show these Muzzies that we are so kind and gentle and we respect the Religion of Peace, the same Religion of Peace that blows up our Air craft and that crashes Aor Crafts int our Buildings, and who cut off the heads of our guys and hang their burnt bodies from their bridges and dance around them.
So go ahead and condemn them and throw them to the wolves. But the next time they call a Marine to whip up their mess, remember that!

SR said...

Jarheads Blog said,

"....Sure Joe, go ahead and agree with that Creature from Hell SR, who is one of the biggest American Haters on these boards!...."

I'm actually quite petite - five foot two and 100 pounds.

You're right about the 'Creature from Hell' bit though. Have you ever been to Mandalay, Myanmar - from whence I come, or Bogota, Colombia - where I spent my chidhood?
These places are worse than Capitol Hill when Congress is in session - since DC is likely to be the most crime-filled neighbourhood in all the Americas at that time. Though when not in session it is likely a nice place.

Ducky's here said...

In my opinion, the dead Taliban bodies didn't even notice.


But the live Afghanis did.

This ensures that the fiasco in Afghanistan becomes a little more intense.

he idiots film themselves pissing on the bodies? Good way to weed out the short bus crew. Careers over.

Ducky's here said...

who cut off the heads of our guys and hang their burnt bodies from their bridges and dance around them.


Those were mercenaries, some were South African.

The morons want to play --- "welcome to the jungle, we've got fun and games."

Ron Russell said...

We splatter a little Piss on them; they drag the bodies of Americans through the streets or burn them and hang them from a bridge, they splatter the brains of their young women across a city square, or the bodies of children across a restaurant in order to kill two dozen others who have slighted them by having a small difference in religion.
Let me quote Congressman Allen West

What ever happened to the concept of “fair is fair?”

I think we need to balance the atrocities they commit, against the small insults our troops commit. But, all that aside, I would punish those Marines for embarrassing us…I’d march them to the mess, double time, and make them spend all afternoon peeling potatoes.

As for everyone else, unless you have been shot at by the Taliban, shut your mouth, war is hell.

Allen West served in the United States Army in Iraq and was a civilian adviser in Afghanistan. With 20 plus years of active duty service in the United States Army, he achieved the rank of lieutenant colonel. He elected to retire after an investigation of his conduct during the interrogation of a detainee in Iraq.

SR said...

".....As for everyone else, unless you have been shot at by the Taliban, shut your mouth, war is hell......"

Then I can talk!

But War is not hell.
It's Fantastic!
And I made/make a good living providing my services as an Independent Medical Contractor for whomever pays the most. Which is ALWAYS the US Gov't.

sue hanes said...

Joe - I couldn't have said it better (than Ann Barnhardt)

Let's stop obsessing over the wrong things.

Now when that guy killed the Afgans and dismembered their bodies he deserved to go to jail.
Because he did that out of meanness.

But as Rob Reiner said on Real Time with Bill Maher last Friday night to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (who was a little stern about the peeing on the bodies):

Rob Reiner said:

Folks - war can just make a person a little crazy sometimes.

And well - I think he had a good point there - Joe.

sue hanes said...

SR - 'five foot two and 100 pounds'

and let me tell ya folks - she
is lookin' good in a red bikini.

: ]

sue hanes said...

Joe - You are to be commended for posting this so that People can expressed their Opinions on it and get rid of some of the inner hostilites that we Americans tend to hold inside.

Ducky's here said...

Can it Ron. Allen West is a moron who was kicked out for compromising an intelligence asset.

Seems that he couldn't think any sharper in the field than he does in the House. But that low life back bencher sure knows when he has a sound bite op.

Leticia said...

Good answer!! I couldn't agree more.

Z said...

Ducky, you're full of crap, no offense.

Ron and Jarhead...BRAVO.
Our media's going after the Marines in headlines when they sure didn't get their knickers twisted by our kids DYING in BRUTAL ways.
And how about Daniel Pearl or Nick what's-his-name?
BEHEADED, that's what.

Our kids are hungry for real food, away from home, hot as hell, carrying heavy stuff, scared witless, and they can't even shoot at mosques where gunfire's killing them because GOD FORBID an AMerican offends a muslim.
And, to boot, we have a pres who actually considered reading the Mirandas to the enemy.

gee, sorry our kids went a little crazy. For once in his life, Reiner's right. .

Lone Ranger said...

Muslims and democrats are SUCH drama queens!

Muslims make a bigger issue out of urinating on someone than they do about killing him.

Democrats make a bigger issue out of blocking the entrance to an abortion clinic than they do about ripping a living, unborn baby limb from limb.

Both mindsets are sick and twisted.

Jarheads Blog said...

Ducky's here said...
"Can it Ron. Allen West is a moron"

Now ain't that the pot calling the kettle black!
Allen West is a Moron and you're not?. LOL yeah right I forgot he's a Black Conservative, therefore he must be a Moron! Ducky, you are so stupid that if you went on Jeopardy you'd lost to Joe Biden

Ron Russell said...
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Ron Russell said...
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SR said...

".....The only one that I'm mad at is the stupid dude that took the video of it all......"

Don't shoot the messenger!

Would you also be angry with the journalist who photographed Phan Thị Kim Phúc running, naked, from her napalmed village?
Would you also be angry at the journalist who photographed Mary Ann Vecchio keening over the body of a Kent State student?

Be angry with the Marines for being so stupid as to have their horse-play recorded for posterity. And for pissing INTO the wind! Ya piss WITH the wind, not INTO it!

sue hanes said...

SR - I would gladly stand up...

next to you

What Bubba Knows said...

Hey SR, I hope that made ya feel all warm and fuzzy. IDIOT!

sue hanes said...

Z - Thanks for also seeing that Rob Reiner was right about 'war making people a little crazy'

I just knew when I saw that sincere straigtfordward look on his face that he was speaking the Truth Friday night.

Jarheads Blog said...

sue hanes. you probably haven't stood up in years!

Joe said...

People, people, people! Why must you just insult each other without addressing the post or its point?

What are you, a bunch of lilly-livered, yellow-bellied sap-suckers?

You seem like nothing more than slobbering idiots.

You act like half-witted numb-skulls.

Your writing reeks of skunk fumes.

So, let's stop with the insults.

SR said...

Funny enough Bubba, it actually did!
And I do not know why.
I am shocked actually, 'cause that dross of mine made me sound like a damned Librul - which I most certainly am not.

And as far as being an IDIOT, I must protest. IDIOTS (IQ: 0 - 50) cannot read or write. IMBECILES (IQ: 50 - 70) may, or may not, be able to read and write. MORONS (IQ: 70 - 90) can read and write.
Therefore I am at least a high-functioning IMBECILE if not a borderline MORON.

Ron Russell said...

Sorry Joe