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MY FINAL LAST WORDS ON OWS (Actually Bill Whittle's Words)

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I first saw this over at GeeeeeZ

It really is an example of how poorly our government does EVERYTHING!

Why you liberal/progressives trust them with a single dollar is beyond me.

And they SURE can't handle these millions.


Once upon a time, a lady appeared in a public forum holding a balloon between her hands.

"How do you like my red balloon," she asked. "Isn't it a pretty red balloon?"

From behind her came a bearded philosophical type who said in a voice that all could hear, "Lady, that's not a red balloon, it's a green one."

"Sir," she responded, "you are mistaken. This is a red balloon."

Said he, "You are so shallow in your understanding. Why can you not allow for another's prospective? I say it is a green balloon, and you should be open minded enough to allow that it might be."

Suddenly a lady dressed as a high class "housewife" type came up to her and exclaimed, "My! What a nice blue balloon you have."

"Ma'am," responded the balloon lady, "you are quite wrong, this is a red balloon, not a blue one."

"You goof!" cried the newcomer. "You need to see things from my point of view. Surely you would allow that it might well be a blue balloon."

"Hey! Cool yellow balloon!" It was the voice of a hippie type. "Where'd you get it?"

Feeling exasperated, Balloon Lady answered, "It's not yellow, it's red!"

"Oh, wow, dudette, you don't have to get all defensive. It won't hurt nothin' if I say it's a yellow balloon. Chill!"

A man in a three piece suit approached.  "I'm a college graduate and I majored in balloon color science. I had over 12 professors who taught me all I need to know about balloon color and I say, it's a mauve balloon, and I should know...I have a college degree."

"College degree or not," exclaimed the Balloon Lady, "This is a red balloon and your snotty, high-brow attitude won't change my mind."

College Guy shot back, "You are SO narrow minded. You just can't see things the way others see them. Grow up! Get a life!"

A little child came up to the lady with the balloon.

"That sure is a pretty red balloon, lady. I sure wish I had one."

"Son," responded the Balloon Lady, "You are the only one who sees through eyes that have not yet been blinded by the twists and turns of the intellectual elites of this world. You want a red balloon? It's yours. Take it and enjoy it."

The little boy took the balloon.

"Thanks, lady," he said. "You're a real nice lady."

And he ran off with the balloon.

And the balloon was red.

And that's the truth.

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Time Magazine reported that 50% of Americans support OWS.

A new AP poll finds that just 37 percent back the movement.

So either Time was wrong (or lying) or support is dwindling.

I suspect the latter.

At the very least, the 99% claim of OWS is insanely wrong and stupid, to boot.

If you are interested in the central message of OWS, check this out.

Here's the exciting video:

The incoherent droning of the speaker fully represents the intelligence level of 99% of OWSers.

You OWSers have a disjointed message, at best, and are among the most inarticulate of all Americans, lending support to the idea that most were educated in government schools and leftist universities (those few who attended college or universities).

Most of them are just day-bums who have nothing to add to society but only take from it.

I find them, their ideas and their actions contemptible and backward.

For people like Jesse Jackson to equate them to the marches of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is an abomination to his memory, and frankly, demonstrates the depth to which Jackson had sunk in his representation of the needs of black America.

Occupy Wall Street is the punch line of a hundred jokes....only not a funny punch line.

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Somebody enlighten me.

Did the food come from organic farm, non-profit donors?

What about the sleeping bags? Where did they come from?

Most of all, where did they find those brilliant philosophers?

I particularly liked the last "lady" who gave us a visual of her IQ and expressed it with her eloquent message.

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Now, I'm just a poor, lower middle class person with very few significant material possessions.

Somebody please explain to me how one single solitary Wall Street billionaire is hurting me one iota.

What do I care that he/she has billions?

There is not a finite amount of money in America.

If I'm willing to do what they (the rich) did to become rich, why shouldn't I be rich if I want to be?

If you want to be rich and I don't, how are you hurting me?

Sombody explain this idiocy!

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"It is just not right that 1 percent of people control the resources that 99 percent of people have to purchase. We need morals and values, not just greed taking over everything."

That was a statement made by one of the "Occupy Ft. Myers" so-called protesters, Tia Wilin, at the huge event held in Centennial Park.

Did I say "huge event?"

There were 150 people present.

So...why is it "just not right" that people who drive the economy have a say in how the economy is run?

The late Steve Jobs was among that "1%."

If he was so evil by "winning life's lottery (thinking about, taking the risk to establish, and being successful through hard work and innovation at Apple), why do so many people buy his Mac and iProducts?

Likewise Bill Gates, re: PCs.

Furthermore, what is there to keep any one of you who wants to, to follow in their footsteps and join the "1%?"

Want a job?

Start your own successful business.

You can do that in America.

Dave Thomas did it in the midst of huge competition from other fast fooders.

Why can't you?

If you decide to do so, though, be prepared for hundreds of federal regulations telling you what you have to do and what you can't do in your new business, all of which will cost you money and will impact your ability to sustain your business.

The message of the "Occupy" group is a false one, born of ignorance and sheep-life followship of paid "organizers," much like President BO (the child president)'s community organizer days.

What dim wits.

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Give us our jobs back?

Who do they think took their jobs?

Their jobs began their decline when Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and their friends ordered financial institutions to make loans to people who they knew could not pay them back.

Their jobs continued to decline when the government "helped" corporations with hand-outs called "stimulus," 80% of which never made it to the ones they were supposed to help. The rest of it went to "green" companies that promptly went bankrupt.

So, if among OWS' desires is to have work, why don't they just pay each other?

Or, they could select a few of themselves to be the hirers, while the rest of them are the hirees.

No, that won't work.

The hirers would then become the bad guys and make too much money.

Maybe some of them could think of something the rest of the world wants...something like the iPhone...and make millions on it.

Talk about irony...that would take the cake.

They don't seem to realize that it is people who take risks, make good investments, work hard and provide people with goods and services they want and need who form the companies that could give them a job.

Instead, they seem to think those people owe THEM something for no reason at all.

They ask the capitalists to GIVE them sleeping bags, food, shelter and then whine about how awful those capitalists are.

Like all liberal/progressives, they are complete fools.

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The London Daily Mail reported: “Stinking up Wall Street: Protesters accused of living in filth as shocking pictures show one demonstrator defecating on a POLICE CAR.”

The newspaper reported:

According to eyewitnesses, when people ran to tell nearby police about the man defecating on the squad car they were ignored.

Standing downwind of the piles of rubbish, bankers walking past the man did a double take before hurrying away.

Brookfield Office Properties, which owns Zuccotti Park, the site of the New York demonstration, have already railed against protesters, who they claim are creating sanitation problems.

‘Sanitation is a growing concern,’ Brookfield said in a statement.






Go to YouTube and type in "Accupy Wall Street" to see dozens of interviews and videos of conflicting purposes, blaming assorted entities for the "mess" we're in, including corporations and government alike.

There is no central message except "give us something for free, something we don't have to work for, but give us jobs, and don't make any money for yourself if you're rich."


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Show Me One, Just One Tea Party Photo that Rivals This Occupy Wall Street Debauchery

The "Occupy" crowd is a bunch of uncivilized, barbaric, screaming, banshees who have no purpose except to shriek mindless, meaningless dribble in incoherent patterns.

They are filthy mouthed, trash leaving, lawless imbeciles who don't even know what they are doing. Most of them don't know why they are there.

The have no plan and no solutions, all they can do is screech, "We want our jobs back" (which most of them never had in the first place), "we want our houses back" (which most of them never had because they never held an honest job in their lives) and "we hate capitolists" (which they can't even spell correctly--witness their web site)."

They are not demonstrators, they are disrupters, and don't know the difference between the two.

They want the very ones they pretend to hate (capitOlists) to provide them with sleeping bags, food, water and other amenities that they lack because they won't work for them.

They are at the opposite end of the civilization spectrum from the Tea Partiers, which anyone with a third grader's intelligence could see.

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SUNDAY RESPITE-Soon and Veery soon-Jessy Dixon & Andre Crouch

Beloved gospel singer, songwriter and musician, Jessy Dixon, died Monday in his Chicago home.

During the lifetime of a career that spanned upwards of five decades, Dixon wrote more than 200 songs. Author of gospel classics such as ‘I Love To Praise His Name’ and ‘, ‘He’s The Best Thing…To Happen to Me’, Dixon was perhaps most known for his 1993 hit ‘I Am Redeemed’ a song that impacted audiences worldwide, and held a top-ten position on the gospel charts for over five years.

Dixon began studying music at the age of five, and his original aspiration was to become a classical pianist. However, during a 1997 interview with the associated press, Dixon revealed that since early childhood, he knew he wanted to use his gifts and talents in the church. Dixon was catapulted into a broader gospel scene after being discovered by gospel music legend, James Cleveland, but remained dedicated to his desire of sharing that gospel he heard about as a youth.

For the past 16 years, Jessy Dixon had been a cherished fixture on the Bill Gaither Gospel Hour television series, and concert tours. His unbridled enthusiasm for sharing the gospel, and the boundless energy he brought to the stage made him an instant favorite to all who knew and loved him, both in the United States and in Europe. "Nowhere else in the world will you find such a delightful, pure, and honest performance, ingeniously combining brilliant vocalizing, and high energy excitement as when you listen to Jessy Dixon. When your feet begin to tap with the beat, the desire to get up and dance becomes overwhelming, and maybe a tear comes to your eyes; that is when Jessy Dixon's performance has reached its pinnacle," (International Herald Tribune).

Over the course of his career in gospel music, Dixon received several Dove award nominations for his work, seven Grammy nominations, garnered five gold albums, and was a 2008 Christian Music Hall of Fame inductee.
In addition to his accomplishments in the realm of gospel, Dixon also enjoyed success in other genres of music. Dixon was well known for his collaboration and friendship with Paul Simon, with whom he toured for eight years, and was contributor on several of Simon’s albums.

Aside from his work with Paul Simon, Dixon also wrote numerous songs for such artists as Cher, Natalie Cole, Amy Grant, and Diana Ross. In addition to singing and songwriting, Dixon played keyboard with Earth, Wind, and Fire, and guitarist Phillip Upchurch, as well as piano for gospel legend, Mahalia Jackson.

Despite international recognition and acclaim, Dixon stated the greatest joy of his life was to 'bask in the love of the one whom this gospel music is all about.”

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Most politicians lie.

I say most, because I have never heard Marco Rubio lie. Nor have I heard Connie Mack lie. I have not heard candidate, Herman Cain, lie, either.

However, it seems to be in the genes of those who seek political office to lie, both to get elected and to get re-elected.

But I have to say that President BO (the child president) takes the cake.

Here are just a few of the lies he has deliberately (or stupidly) told:

1.  I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Obama Inauguration. 20 Jan 2009

2.  (I will) Cut Deficit in Half by end of my first term. (Did that happen, or did it not?)

3. Health Care deals will be covered on C-span

4. Recovery Act will save or create jobs

5. Unemployment rate will be 8.5% without stimulus.

6. There will be no earmarks in the $787 Billion Stimulus  

7. We have launched a housing plan that will help responsible families facing the threat of foreclosure lower their monthly payments and refinance their mortgages.

8. I had a uncle who was one of the, who was part of the first American troops to go into Auschwitz and liberate the concentration camps. (see below)

9.  Ann Dunham spent the months before her death in 1995 fighting with insurance companies that sought to deny her the coverage she needed to pay for treatment. (see below)

10.  I didn’t know Jeremiah Wright was Radical.

11. When a bill lands on my Desk, The American people will have 5 days to review it before I sign it.

12. I won’t Raise taxes on those making less than 250,000 per year.

13. We shouldn’t Mandate the purchase of health care.

14.  Doctors choose amputation because they get better compensation. Greedy Doctors taking out tonsils for more money.

15. We have run out of places in the US to drill for oil.

16. If you like the health care plan you have you can keep it

17. The rich don't pay their fair share of taxes.
18. I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd if we haven’t resolved this issue. Because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it. (This might technically not be a lie, because the president neither guarantees nor does not guarantee whether checks go out...that is a matter of law.)
19.  This jobs bill is completely paid for.
20. This jobs bill will create _____ jobs (fill in the number based on which speech of his you ae watching or listneing to.
21. Solyndra was a good bet.
22. This jobs bill contains the kinds of proposals that Democrats and Republicans have supported in the past.  (Not)

23.This jobs bill will put teachers and police officers and firefighters back on the job. (If it puts ANY of them back to work it will only be for one year, after which they become the responsibilities of their state/county/city).

So there are a few of the 100 or so out-and-out lies told by President BO (the child president).

Did you happen to notice how many of those lies were unnecessary lies? They did nothing to help him or the program/people he lied about, and they wer so obviously untrue.

That kind of lying is generally reserved for pathology.

In addition to being a bone-fide narcicist, is he also pathological in his lying?

Why else would he say some of those things?

Could it be he thinks we won't notice?

He is either pathological, or he is more dangerously despotic than even Adolph Hitler.

(Oh, dear. There I go...using the AH word. Bad Joe...bad Joe)

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Here are the words of President BO (the child president):

"...But if you ask most wealthy folks here in Dallas or around the country, they'll tell you, 'You know what? I...I wanna make sure that I'm doing my share for America to succeed.'

"Somebody's gotta ask.

"Some Republicans in congress, they're already dusting off  the old..the old records, 'That's class warefare!'

"Let me tell you sumpin': Twenty-six years ago...som...some of you may have seen this on television...clip's been circulatin'...twenty-six years ago another president said, that some of these tax loopholes, and I quote, '...made it possible for millionaires to pay nothing while a bus driver was paying ten percent of his salary, and that's crazy. It's time we stop it.' That was twenty-six years ago. Do you know the name of that president? Ronald Reagan.

"So, was that class warfare?

"By the way, taxes are much lower now than they ever were when Ronald Reagan was president.

"I know a lot of folks have short memories, but I don't remember Republicans accusing Ronald Reagan of being  a socialist or engaging in class warfare because he thought that everybody should do their fair share."

That's what he said.

So, how is your memory?

Today's top tax rate is 35%.

President BO (the child president) ran on a platform that sought to raise the rate to 39.5%.

Is your memory good enough to remember that the top tax rate under Ronald Reagan was 28%?

Look, I understand that some of you were "educated" in government schools (as opposed to public schools, which is what schools used to be but are no more), and you'll need a refresher course in math, so here goes.

Thirty-five percent is larger than twenty-five percent, and thirty-nine percent is larger yet!

So, when President BO (the child president) tells you with a straight face that taxes have never been lower than they are now, HE IS LYING TO YOU THROUGH HIS VERY WHITE TEETH!!

Why can't liberal/progressives get that? What is WRONG with your minds?

(Answer: You have a disease. You are sick. Liberalism/progressiveism is a disease, a bone-fide mental disorder that causes you to be unable to engage in linear thinking or sticking with the actual truth).

OK, OK, OK Maybe he wasn't lying.

Maybe he's just an inexperienced, immature, incompetent, ignoramous who does not know the facts and does not have a staff that is competent enough to supply him with them.

Those are the only two possibilities.

At any rate, he just keeps on and keeps on and keeps on lying and Americans keep on and keep on and keep on letting him get away with it.


Hold his ever-lovin'-blue'-eyed feet to the proverbial fire!

Let him know in no uncertain terms that you are not that stupid (are you?).

One thing I have observed about Hermain Cain: he really, really, really does know math....real math.

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Some more quotes from those freedom and justice for all Democrats.  (These quotes, and more, can be found at "On Republicans and Racism")

Notice that they did not restrict their hatred to "Negroes" only.

"Instead of restoring the Union, it [the Republican Party] has, so far as in its power, dissolved it, and subjected ten states, in time of profound peace, to military despotism and Negro supremacy."--Platform of the Democratic Party, 1868

"While the tendency of the white race is upward, the tendency of the colored race is downward."--Sen. Thomas Hendricks (D., Ind.), 1869. Democratic nominee for Vice President, 1876. Vice President, 1885

"We, the delegates of the Democratic party of the United States . . . demand such modification of the treaty with the Chinese Empire, or such legislation within constitutional limitations, as shall prevent further importation or immigration of the Mongolian race." --Platform of the Democratic Party, 1876

"No more Chinese immigration, except for travel, education, and foreign commerce, and that even carefully guarded." --Platform of the Democratic Party, 1880

"American civilization demands that against the immigration or importation of Mongolians to these shores our gates be closed." --Platform of the Democratic Party, 1884

"It has of late become the custom of the men of the South to speak with entire candor of the settled and deliberate policy of suppressing the negro vote. They have been forced to choose between a policy of manifest injustice toward the blacks and the horrors of negro rule. They chose to disfranchise the negroes. That was manifestly the lesser of two evils. . . . The Republican Party committed a great public crime when it gave the right of suffrage to the blacks. . . . So long as the Fifteenth Amendment stands, the menace of the rule of the blacks will impend, and the safeguards against it must be maintained." --Editorial, "The Political Future of the South," New York Times, May 10, 1900)

"We favor the continuance and strict enforcement of the Chinese exclusion law, and its application to the same classes of all Asiatic races." --Platform of the Democratic Party, 1900

"The repeal of the fifteenth amendment, one of the greatest blunders and therefore one of the greatest crimes in political history, is a consummation to be devoutly wished for." --Rep. John Sharpe Williams (D., Miss.), 1903. House Minority Leader, 1903-08

"Republicanism means Negro equality, while the Democratic Party means that the white man is supreme. That is why we Southerners are all Democrats." --Sen. Ben Tillman (D., S.C.), 1906. Chairman, Committee on Naval Affairs, 1913-19.

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Is there really no one in "public" (read: government) education who can see a correlation between the absence of applying the board of education to the seat of knowledge and the rise of bullying in schools?

OK, so let's concede that "spanking" is not the only issue contributing to the problem.

There's also the removal of the right to encourage and lead prayer in "public" (read: government) schools.

There is the removal of the teacher's right to enforce discipline in the classroom.

Also up for consideration is the intimidation of those who might be tempted to report bullying for fear of retribution (related to the above issues).

One might also consider the false premise that how one dresses has no relationship to his/her ability to learn.

This last one might or might not be true on its surface, but learning to dress properly is a part of the discipline of corporate learning ("Corporate" meaning doing things together, not a form of business).

Add these conditions all up (along with some others you might be able to think of), and you have an environment specifically designed to encourage bullying without consequences.

I heard on a news report this morning that two kids found to have been bullying another will be suspended from school for a week!


In those bully's minds, that amounts to a reward for bullying: a week off from school!

Some punishment!

Do schools of education no longer understand the basics of learning?

"Learning" is defined as a relatively permanent change of behavior and/or understanding as a result of stimuli.

Effective learning is accomplished through primary positive reinforcement for good results and primary negative reinforcement for bad results.

In other words: reward good accomplishment and punish bad behavior or "negative accomplishment."

Getting an "A" on a test, being a part of a positive event and good behavior are things that should be rewarded.

Getting an "F" on a test, being a part of a negative event (such as a gang bullying a kid), and cutting up in class are among the things that should be punished (given that the learner is mentally capable of learning).

For punishment to accomplish its goal (the change of behavior), it must be meaningful to the punished.

There are basic principles of education that have been abandoned in order to "preserve the child's self-image."


"Self-image" is greatly...really greatly...overrated.

One's "self-image" can come in two forms: self-centered, arrogant pride and a proper understanding of how one's accomplishments can better the plight of society (read: others).

It is time to return to the precepts of learning that used to be in place before the federal government got involved in the day-to-day operation of our institutions of learning.

Except as related to the six functions of government laid out in the Constitution, government is always the problem and is never the solution.

Failure to recognize that is why even the government is consistently involved in bullying.

The government led by President BO (the child president) in particular.

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