Thursday, September 9, 2010


In June 2007, Muslims burst into the Rosary Sister School and convent, breaking crosses, burning all of the books, including Bibles and destroyed a statue of Jesus.

In 2009, United States military personnel burned confiscated Bibles in Afghanistan.

The Bibles, printed in the two most common Afghan languages, were burned amid concern they would be used to try to convert Afghans, the Cable News Network (CNN) quoted a a Defense Department spokesman as saying.

Military analyst and Pentagon adviser, Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis, criticized the move. "There is no need to burn the Bibles. They could have been shipped back," he said. "Just imagine if we, the same the United States military, were to take a bunch of Korans and burn them. I can imagine the ramifications across the world."

Was there wide spread media outcry? No.

Was there wide spread public outrage? No.

Did Christians gather in the streets protesting, holding signs, destroying property and shouting, "Death to Islam?" No.

But a pastor who leads a "flock" of 50 people announces that he will burn copies of Qur'an, and the world goes into an absolute tizzy.

Muslims take to the street shouting, "Down with America!" and "Kill the Infidels!" They burn the American flag in public, not as an appropriate way to dispose of a worn flag, but as a symbol of their hatred of The Great Satan, America.

The MSM expresses consternation and outrage that a pastor could be so insensitive.

Talk about hatred...the hatred spewed toward this Gainesville, Florida pastor is so far out of proportion as to be indicative of the base nature of humanity as a whole.

Let it be known without equivocation that I think the burning of Qur'an by this pastor is not a wise move. It will not accomplish a single positive thing. It is stupid.

Let it also be known that I support the pastor's right to burn Quo'ran, just as I deplore but support the burning of the American flag, the protesting of various groups against the government and all other forms of expression, so long as the rights of others are not infringed upon.

However, the outrage being expressed is both disproportional and fabricated.

If you are among the "outraged," you have been duped by Islam to a greater extent than you have realized. You have been overcome by the politically correct crowd.

Either that or you are just a liberal who loves to find reason to wag your finger at "Christians" for whatever their actions.

My Christ does not engage in the burning of Qur'an. While he did castigate the religious leaders of the time (which is the political reason He was crucified), His only expression of extreme behavior came when he overturned the tables at the Bazzar of Annas, when Annas used the temple to cheat worshippers.

While the Gainesville congregation may call themselves Christians, they are not following Christ or the leadership of the Holy Spirit (who can NEVER lead contrary to Scripture) when they burn Qur'an.

But let's not pretend that the event itself will be meaningful.

If Muslims react badly, that is on their heads, not mine and not the head of Rev. Terry Jones.

Islam, after all, is a hate filled, reactive, violent, exclusive religion that seeks world domination and to kill those who disagree with it.

It's in the book.

ADDENDUM (10:00 PM): Rev. Terry Jones has made the right decision and is NOT going to burn the copies of the Qur'an after all. He reportedly is going to NY to speak with the Imam in charge of the Ground Zero mosque. To what end I am not certain.


ablur said...

Seems like we have a bunch of nut jobs on both sides of this. We have a pastor in Florida who accomplishes nothing. He got his 15 minutes of fame.
You have the followers of Islam who are only looking for another reason to be angry and violent. They can kill untold numbers more people and the left upholds their efforts.

The left and their insanity can't see that they would be the first to go if the radicals had opportunity.

Lisa said...

Amazing how a virtual unknown Pastor with a small congregation can create this. And I would like to thank our wonderful media to make sure the word got out to the Muslim World
How is it that they don't know that there are many Aericans agianst what he is doing and yet they don't know that. Again we can thank our media.
And this just proves his point about the violence of Islam.

They should be using what you said that your Christ doesn't engage in what he is doing.
Where are the Moderate Muslims saying that their God doesn't engage in violence?

Joe said...

ablur: The left will also be the first to help Muslims carry out their nefarious deeds.

lisa: MSM picks and chooses what they report based on how much it can hurt the principles of the USA.

Tapline said...

Joe, Great post. I can see how far we as a nation has come with our acceptance of what is right and within our constitutional rights, but I don't agree with what has become acceptable in this nation. Burning the flag of this nation, to me is sacriledge, Many men and women have died defending it on many shores across this world of ours and it should be unlawful to burn or otherwise mutilate our flag. There are set requirements written on how to destroy it with honor ....AS far as religion is concerned,,,we have in this nation come a long way baby...I can remember when you never set anything on a bible, such as a book or other item...Catholics couldn't have their own bibles only the priest could read from them. Today, we say nothing about how they are treated or what is said about our Chist...No outrage at anything said about Christianity no matter what ....shameful. The members had their missil...We had weekly prayer meetings at home as a family which we called family alters Christianity was respected everywhere and other religions were also allowed to flurish along side our churches. In portsmouth nh the Jewish Temple use to be located next door to the Salvation Army.
The burning of the Islam holy book should also be treated as their members treat it remember they have had no revision of the Koran, read the old testiment and see what the Jews did to people,,,Death for adultry, an eye for an eye,.. etc We Christians were the only enlightened ones and remain so today. The Jews did their reformation as we did ours, however their religous treditions remain to this day. Because Islam was not only a religion it was also a way of life the told their believers what they could and could not do. In other words, how to live. formal Education was lacking and still is in many third world countries and they have been indoctrinated their entire life. I am not making an excuse but a reason for their outlandish actions. I think I'm rambling again,,,stay well....

Lone Ranger said...

Since when do Muslims need a reason to be angry and violent? Not a single day goes by when Muslims do not commit some sort of atrocity in some part of the world.

Lisa said...

this was someone else's comment but I liked it so I wanted to share it:

Will it really make a difference whether he burns Korans or not? The extremists already hate us and want to kill all of us infedels. It seems "good" Muslims have had 9 years to weed out and destroy the extremists within their religion, but have failed to do so. However, they sure can weed out women who commit adultry, date outside of their religion, or don't cover their faces.

If Muslims are going to react to everything they don't like, with terroism, they don't belong in America. The minister is a NUT and Americans know that. The media has played this up way out of proportion, and have given the extremists an excuse for terrorist acts, not that they need any excuses.

I guess that's my point. The extremist Muslims don't need an excuse to commit terrorist acts against Americans.

Lisa said...

different topic but something pretty interesting:

David Wyatt said...

You are so right bro. Joe. It is in the book, but no one on the left wants to admit the obvious. Your comment, "Talk about hatred...the hatred spewed toward this Gainesville, Florida pastor is so far out of proportion as to be indicative of the base nature of humanity as a whole" is right on the money too. It shows our sinful hearts & the fact that we need a savior, & that Savior is the Lord Jesus Christ who died for all of us including me, & you, & that pastor in Florida & every Muslim on the planet, as well as every person on the planet. God Bless you bro. Joe.

Quite Rightly said...

Interestingly, I don't hear any complaints about Pakistani Muslim terrorists burning entire Christian families, including children, to death last summer.

One would think that would be news.

Susannah said...

Right. Since when do they need an excuse to hate Americans, Christians, Jews? If not this, then it would have been something else...or nothing else...a la 9-11.

And QR is correct. Their horrific behavior is placated, while the rest of the world had better not lay a single hand on...their book?

Rock 'n roll, Joe!