Friday, September 3, 2010


President BO promised that if he were elected, our economic woes would be turned around.

He was who we'd been waiting for.

Bush got us into this mess, according to President BO, but have no fear, he would get us out.

Turns out President BO, the smartest man ever to occupy the White House, didn't know how bad things were.

They were so bad, that everything he did made them worse!

And it was, and still is, George Bush's fault.

Let's see how well President BO has done.

1. Housing prices have dipped again.

2. Foreclosures are up.

3. Stocks are bobbing and weaving.

4. Unemployment is back up to 9.6%

5. 54,000 jobs were lost last month.

6. American deaths are up in Iraq.

7. Terrorists are practicing their next move in US.

8. The largest tax hike in history is about to take place.

9. The fed is suing one of our own states!

10. Bedbugs are infesting the nation.

11. Medicare Advantage Plans are being scrapped.

12. Radical environmentalists are taking hostages!

13. Government schools are losing educational ground.

14. President BO is more unpopular than ever.

15. More health insurance costs are being pushed on employees.

16. Civil rights are suffering at the hands of Democrats.

17. Harry Reid’s lost war is won (Read: abandoned).

18. Race relations are deteriorating.

19. Union thugs are assaulting people.

20. Democrats are lying about their votes on TARP.

21. The deficit is at an all-time, unimaginable high...and it's going to go higher.

22. The national debt is at an all time, unimaginable high and it's going to go higher.

23. Our children and grandchildren will never be able to enjoy the blessings of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and/or the American Dream.

24. As a country, we are MUCH worse off than we were when President BO took office.

25. President BO set us on an economic course that he told us would fix it all.

President BO, isn’t it time to admit that whatever it is you think you are doing,



ablur said...

Everyone knows it is not working. The DOW takes another nose dive every time he signs another piece of legislation.
Head over to my blog and have a look. I posted the graphs right there.

tha malcontent said...

"President BO promised that if he were elected, our economic woes would be turned around".

Oh heavens to Betsy, you mean he wasn't telling us the truth?

Joe said...

ablur: The DOW has a very sore nose by this time.

tha malcontent: A dishonest politician? Who knew?

JMK said...

Even worse....and very few people mention this, but Ireland DID exactly what liberals here exhorted the Obama administration to do, NATIONALIZED their banks...and Ireland's economy has gone from bad to worse since!

Soooo, even the bad ideas they come up with that AREN'T used, still suck!

Ya can't make this stuff up....

Joe said...

JMK: I believe liberals want their sophomoric, utopian philosophies to be true that they are willing to bring down nations to institute them.

When they don't work, it is NEVER because they were wrong. It is ALWAYS because somebody didn't implement them correctly or completely or with enough of the citizens' money.

Susannah said...

No, it is certainly NOT working! Only, somebody has forgotten to alert the mainstream media...or have they just overlooked it?

When our own media won't tell us about the elephant in the living room, we're in BIG trouble.


Joe said...

Susannah: Big elephants leave big messes.

Shaw Kenawe said...

JOE: "Susannah: Big elephants leave big messes."

So true, Joe. The GOP's mascot is the elephant, and that elephant left an enormous pile of, er, troubles after 8 years of GWB!

Cielo! We agree on something!

Joe said...

Hold it! Hold it! Hold it! Even if we agreed on this point, there's no reason to tell the world about it! What on earth would they think of us agreeing? Scandalous!

(Now, I'm not saying that we ACTUALLY agree on the conclusion that you have drawn. I'm just giving you the benefit of the doubt...of which there is plenty.