Thursday, September 2, 2010



Anonymous said...

Obama is indoctrinating our children for socialism, and I don't like it!
I say hell no obama you are not allowed to do this.
Obama has more Marxist and Socialists & Mao-Lovers in his Administration and are driven to take America down in the short amount of time they have.
What can we do about it? ..Start calling and showing your outrage, call your local representatives, call the White House tell them that this must stop! The call is free and confidential. (well it is supposed to be, but who know these days!)
Remember, Everything is free in Venezuela… except the people.
Am I surprised by the comments left by Shaw Kenawe? Nope, I have seen people like her before and I know how they think! It is another weak of argument that the people like her who have become pawns of the leftist government that was sucked in to their heads by communist idealism.

Her comments are outrageous! WAKE UP PEOPLE! She is praising people like Obama and Chavez, and trashing Glenn Beck because of his love for America.
Can it be any clearer to everyone that Obama is a socialist? Why can't these loony tunes get it?

Joe said...

Just Sue: It is not in their DNA to get it.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I see Just Sue/the malcontent is still favoring us with her/his insightful soliloquies. Whatever flies your kite, mal.

And most people with courage (or as you put it "colones") talk to me directly instead of using a different persona. Did you think we couldn't figure out who the real "Just Sue" is? You can't change the style of your unique prose, mal, give up your little masquerades.

And Joe, did that photo make you feel sufficiently superior? I mean there could have been a gust of wind to lift the umbrella just as our American President Obama was approaching the gate; but for you, this is proof positive that Mr. Obama is not as brilliant as you.

Some people are so insecure that they need to show silly pictures of men who are more powerful than they to shore up their feelings of inferiority.

Have fun. You and mal--oh, I mean "Just Sue."

Z said...

Joe, gusts have screwed up my umbrella from time to time, too, but I have to say this really feels like his whole ineptness, doesn't it!

Sue is Malcontent? :-)

Lisa said...

I don't care who "Just Sue" is I like what he/she has to say especially about how everything in Venezuela is free except the people.
Actually nothing is free,you always pay one way or another.
As usual the leftists never address the argument,which tells me they want Mao/Chavez style communism in America.
They talk about new ideas yet those ideas are 60 years old and have proven to be huge failures.
It shows me they are weak and like the thought of someone else telling them what they can and can't do.
If they want to be dominated they can just call one of those 800 numbers.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"If they want to be dominated they can just call one of those 800 numbers."--lisa

Or even better: Glenn Beck!

Lisa said...

Or even better: Glenn Beck

I will at least he cares about America and it's people unlike the s**** stirrer in the White House.

Leticia said...

Yeah, right it was the wind, lol!

Joe said...

SK: Come ON!!! It was FUNNY!!!

It would have been funny if it had been me with the umbrella...even funnier if it had been YOU!

And the look on Michelle-Ma-Belle's face is priceless.

But it would not have been AS funny or AS satisfying if you liberals had not build President BO up as the smartest, most sophisticated, most ept president in our history.

So...blame yourselves.

Did Just Sue try to pull one over on you? Aw...poor thing. I hope you get over it.

Z: I think it is the universalality of the experience that made it so light of the constant barrage from the left about his brilliance.

lisa: You might not care, but SK cares. She's a very caring person.

Leticia: You can tell its the wind by the way the trees in the background are bent over...oh, wait...they're not! My bad.

Lone Ranger said...

The worst thing you can do is mock a liberal. They are FAR more superior than the masses they stry to shepherd. And we now have a president who doesn't have a self-deprecating bone in his body. Any chance we have to poke him with a stick, we should take.

tha malcontent said...

This was fun to read!

Lisa said...

Shaw Bob has a few words for you:

Joe said...

LR: Of course, when it was Bush (remember him...the "cause" of it all?), nobody objected to poking him with a stick.

tha malcontent: It was, wasn't it?

Joe said...

lisa: Bob's intense!

Susannah said...

"Of course, when it was Bush...nobody objected to poking him with a stick."

...or beating him with a for 'picking on' BHO, I say grow up -- not so much fun when it's your guy, is it?

Joe said...

Susannah: Liberals love a pity party and engage in them all the time.