Wednesday, September 22, 2010


On Saturday, September 18, 2010 I posted a video of President BO as he deliberately misquoted the Declaration of Independence.

Turns out that our illustrious president, the smartest man to hold that office in the history of the universe, a Harvard Law School graduate and former head of the Harvard Law Review, continues to demonstrate his lack of knowledge and understanding of history.

In his remarks, he tells us that "...long before America was even an idea..." we shared this great land with many people, including Mexicans.

He not only mentioned Mexicans, he leaned on the word...emphasizing it.

Then he waited for applause to die before continuing.

Only he was wrong.

Long before America was even an idea, Mexico did not exist.

Mexico did not exist until 1821.

Your amateur president strikes again.

In case you missed the video and think I'm just making this up because of my hatred of President BO, here it is again (for those of you educated in government schools, fear not. It is short).


ablur said...

Once again we see liberals don't know history. They have been so busy rewriting it, they have forgotten what they told us it was.

I don't remember who writes his speeches, but how many times can you do this and not get tossed? I know he has a heard time reading them off the tel-a-prompter.

Leaders used to have to use there own words and ideas to woo the people into following and believing them. BO appears to have nothing to offer. Everything must be fed to him, so he can regurgitate it before the microphone.

Joe said...

ablur: If it were just an occasional misspeak, I could excuse it as nerves, or pressure or something (probably not dementia), but it is so frequent, (as I have documented on this blog, to the chagrin of liberals, that it has to be rank ignorance.

This "smartest man in the White House in our history" leaves much intellectualism to be desired.

Leticia said...

I posted about this video as well.
He stressed the word "Mexicans" because he wanted to hear the cheers and applause from his many blinded Mexican followers, and I am truly sad to say.

I wonder if he got his Harvard degree from a cracker jack box?

Tom's Place said...

I wonder if he thinks Mexico is one of those "lost" 57 states he seems to have misplaced...

Joe said...

Leticia: I don't think it was that good of a degree.

TP: He thinks Arizona IS Mexico.