Saturday, September 18, 2010


President BO's answer: "Well, nobody, really...they just sort of...well, OK, the government."

The Declaration's actual answer: "...they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights..."


Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

That old document?

Now it's the Declaration of Obama

ablur said...

The farther they try to remove us from the truth the more we will resist.
The Creator and God are quoted and used in language instituting our nation, over and over throughout our history. Why do some choose to run so far? Let the truth stand on its own. If it is right, it will withstand the tests of time.

Xavier Onassis said...

The fact that a handfull of our Founding Fathers clinged to a pre-Enlightenment view of the cosmos that involved supernatural entities and chose to pander to the unwashed masses by referencing said myths in our founding documents does not mean such beings actually existed or had the power to endow us with anything beyond our means.

We mere, audacious humans reached out and grabbed our Freedom, Independence and fundemental rights from other humans with our own hands, minds, courage and determination.

Nobody supernatural beings endowed or gave us anything.

Lone Ranger said...

Liberals will never get it. If rights are granted by the all-powerful Creator, NO GOVERNMENT can take them away. They are UNALIENABLE.

HOWEVER, if you take God out of the equation, you will have an all-powerful government. The only rights a government can give are those it has already taken away. And worse, an all-powerful government can make up rights out of thin air to support the ideology of its supporters.

Gay right? Sure! Abortion rights? Absolutely! The right to die with dignity? Just hold out your arm. It will probably sting.

It is an indicator of how insane and immoral liberals are that they fear and hate God so much, they would rather submit themselves to slavery than submit themselves to salvation.

Mark said...

And his stupid supporters still insist he's a Christian! I know of no true Christian that would intentionally leave those words out when quoting the preamble.

No true Christian would accidentally leave then out.

I think we've seen enough evidence. Conclusion: Obama is not a Christian.

Tapline said...

Joe. The words were on the tele- but he chose to leave them out but,and again but, My God is a jealous God and He will not be mocked. "In his time he will intercede" stay well my friend.....

Joe said...

Lisa: He is the Declarer in Chief.

ablur: But, but...they don't like it when you resist!

XO: So ever-lovin'-blue-eyed what? You missed the usual. Why can't you guys get the point? Are you that dumb or are you that stubborn?

The point is President BO pretended to quote a document that says one thing very clearly (whether it is true or not is totally irrelevant to this post and not worthy of an intelligent person's mention), and he refuses to properly quote it.

I have misquoted things here on this blog by accident, and have been severely catigated for it by the likes of you.

Why do you not afford me the same latitude you afford President BO?

To top it off, he had this long pause, squinted his eyes, looked at and then away from the teleprompter, skipped the "by our Creator" part and did everything necessary to make it look as though the omission was deliberate and designed to incite.

Is that your idea of an effective speech?

Do you not wish, when quoting something, to get it right?

Should not the smartest man in the universe get it right?

Why can't he get it right?

Is he incompetent, mean spirited, stupid, uncaring...what?

Joe said...

LR: You are right, of course. For instance, although he will deny it, XO is extremely afraid of the God he claims he does not believe exists.

Mark: President BO is as Christian as Steven Hawkings.

Tap: He has a way of picking and choosing.

Silverfiddle said...

He thinks he's the creator...

Anonymous said...

Liberals - just because you don't believe in something, doesn't make it not true.

And XO - Joe's right, you totally missed the point of his post.

Shaw Kenawe said...

First of all, Joe, you put quotations marks around this:

Well, nobody, really...they just sort of...well, OK, the government.

Mr. Obama did not utter those words. Those words are what you imagine he meant by his speech. Those are your words, not Mr. Obama's.

He never said those words, so putting quotation marks arouond them is dishonest and a misrepresentation.

Also, you spun what he said and wrote:

"...and did everything necessary to make it look as though the omission was deliberate and designed to incite."

This is YOUR interpretation of that little clip. Not proof of anything, but, of course, your hatred of the man. So we take this little exercise with a grain of NaCl.

But this is also an indication of how fevered you are to find any little misstep by the president as proof that he's not a real American.

Luckily, only you and a few other conspiracy enthusiasts get excited over these little nuggets of truthiness.

I find it highly amusing. Thanks for the laugh.

BTW, we've found you commenting on many of the fraudulent blogs I've discovered. It seems certain members of the rightwing have been quite busy setting up fake blogs, using stolen photo IDs, and plagiarizing the blog posts.

This one, for example, had both the blog post and the side bar plagiarized from another source.

And this one, the worst, stole a photo of a fallen Oakland, Calif., police officer (3 months after his tragic death) and used it for a profile, lying about the police officer's background.

I wonder why so many of these conservative blogs steal, cheat, and lie, and why so many commenters can't figure out the deception.

Joe said...

SK: OK, first of all that is YOUR interpretation of what I said, did and meant, not proof of anything except your hatred of me.

President BO has established a pattern of both commission pf untruths and omission of certain facts. Talk about misquoting. He is a champion of the misquote.

It was he who misquoted the Declaration, not me.

As for "Well, nobody, really...they just sort of...well, OK, the government," that happens to be what he was actually thinking. I could tell, for I can descern such things.

Prove that I can't.

You are really hung up on what you call "fraudulent blogs" (quotes mine). Yet more evidence of your conspiritorial thinking.

A blog is a journal of a person's thoughts, regardless of what the person calls him/herself. Many people have multiple blogs, some of which are quite separate from one another, in spite of being authored by the same person.

That's perfectly OK.

Hey! I'm happy to amuse's not that hard.

Lone Ranger said...

You can always trust Shaw and XO to prove my Immutable Truths About Liberals #24. Liberals are incapable of attacking the message, so they always attack the messenger.

Z said...

Tapline is so right...and look at the arrogant nose in the air's absolutely unbelievable.

Yes, the left has to leave God out; with God, they can't control us as they're attempting to now.

SK's comments about conservative blogs like the ones she mentions(none of which I've ever seen)is interesting.
I am reminded of Huffington Post having to close the site down the day Tony Snow died because liberals were rejoicing and overloading the site...
Or the way the lib blogs still thrill every time Dick Cheney is hospitalized ...
We could all go on; I've never seen anything like that on a conservative blog.
I have, however, seen conservative blogs which, when liberals died, have tried to find the good in that person (try as they might) and publish that in remembrance.

Still, our media's SO dishonest and unfair, we seldom hear about the transgressions of the left, do we. Also, Castro finally admitted Communism didn't work for Cuba...anybody hear about THAT for more than two minutes? I'd have thought that just MIGHT be a big story; at least the mourning in response to that by Michael Moore and Sean Penn :)

Joe, you're so right about this president. How many of them take things OUT of our founding documents when "quoting" from it (he delivered that as if he'd written it, did you notice?) That's worthy of criticism right there.

Lisa said...

why would he even bother quoting a document that 10 years earlier he said was a flawed document?
All of a sudden liberals will say it's OK to change it's meaning according to "them".

Joe said...

SF: Good point!

Anon: You're right, of course. I don't believe in lightning. That doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

LR: They can't even UNDERSTAND the message.

Z: His narcissism is blatant.

Lisa: As far as he is concerned, anything means whatever he SAYS it means, whether or not it REALLY means what he says.