Friday, September 24, 2010


Look...I'm a dyed-in-the-wool, hard core, fiscal and social conservative Constitutionalist.

Believing that an open mind is a thing so easily overdone that it becomes a sieve, containing nothing at all, I am narrow-minded to the extreme about certain things, that among them are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (which phrase I admittedly stole from the D of I).

Liberals regularly plaster their brand of what masquerades as logic in the comments sections of my posts to no avail. They will NEVER convince me that they can think their way out of a wet paper sack, let alone prove to me that they are right about anything.

Their technique is to castigate the person, rather than to actually debate issues. In fact, their idea of debate is to force you by whatever means to agree with them.

Having said all of that, let me now address those Republicans who are proud of themselves for coming up with the so-called "Pledge to America."

I have a problem with it.

"What is that problem?"

I am so glad you asked.

The trouble is that mainstream Republicans have demonstrated through the language of the "Pledge..." that they have not learned the lessons of the past few years.

Part of it reads: "...we will roll back government spending to pre-stimulus, pre-bailout levels, saving us at least $100 billion in the first year alone..."

Hey! I'm all for rolling back spending.

But "...pre-stimulus, pre-bailout..." will only put us back where we were when this mess began to collapse around us.

Is that what they think we want?

I won't go into all the other issues I have with the PTA (not the school organization...although I have my problems with that as well). It would be too long for anybody, especially liberals, to read.

What really bugs me is that these Republicans are sounding like they are timidly testing the political waters...still afraid to stand up and shout about the evil policies of government hand-outs to the undeserving, over abundant bureaucracies charged with great spending and producing nothing at all, etc., etc., etc.

They are too stupid (or timid) to wake up to the message of the selection of an O’Donnell over their good buddy and long-time "friend" Castle.

They are still uneasy about the constant grass roots message of the Tea Party.

To them all I shout at the top of my lungs: WAKE UP YOU LILLY-LIVERED, YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKERS!



Unite this country! Start meting out real justice! Give us peace in our neighborhoods! Defend us against ALL enemies...even Islamics! Promote the good of the people! Make absolutely certain that our individual liberties, and those of our descendants, are not infringed upon by our government in the name of "the good of all!"

Come on! Get with it!

What you'll find is that you will be imminently electable and unbeatable.

Anything less will be very costly to you.


Xavier Onassis said...

I sincerely hope that every Republican will heed your call and do exactly as you suggest.


Go for it.

Because that was always the problem for Republicans...they weren't narrow minded or radically conservative enough.

That's why they lost power.

Uh huh.

You definitely want more candidates like Christine O'Donnell.

Heck, I might even send her a check myself.

Lone Ranger said...

For once, XO stumbled into the truth. The Republicans lost power because they were acting like democrats. Republicans were founded for the express purpose of opposing democrats on slavery. Then, they opposed democrats on segragation. But, given the chance to oppose democrats on bigger government, higher taxes and their latest crime against humanity of abortion, the Republicans lost their spine. I'm hoping the new wave of tea party candidates will oppose their leadership until their leadership can be replaced, and Republicans can be the guys with the white hats they way they used to be about four decades ago.

Joe said...

XO: I hope every Republican will heed my call and do exactly as I suggest, too. (WOW! That we agree on something is astonishing, isn't it? Of course for very different reasons). It's the way they can blast you guys right out of the water.

But you don't know that. You think you are "mainstream," which is so far from the truth as to be ludicrus.

Is your check in the mail yet?

LR: They not only lost their spine, they lost their convictions.

If they have a hope of winning it will be because they realize that candidates who think like O'Donnell are winning on their firm, unmovable, conservative convictions.

If the electorate can't tell the difference between a Republican and a Democrat, they will have no choice and one will be as good as the other.

Conservatism is BETTER than liberalism, morally, philosophically, altruistically, and spiritually. When stood for, it wins hands down every time.

In this election, RINOS will find themselves out on the street in political gutterland.

Joe said...

XO: BTW. If you are like most liberals (and the evidence shows that you are) the part you hate the most about my post is the reference to "liberty and justice for all." You know...the part found in our Pledge of Alegience. One side of your mouth proclaims it, the other side decries it.

commoncents said...

THANK YOU for posting this! I love your blog!!

Common Cents

Joe said...

XO: Oh, Please select from the list which item(s) you think will cause Republicans to lose and which ones you think are bad for the country:

Unite this country!

Start meting out real justice!

Give us peace in our neighborhoods!

Defend us against ALL enemies...even Islamics!

Promote the good of the people!

Make absolutely certain that our individual liberties, and those of our descendants, are not infringed upon by our government.

Lisa said...

I think if they didn't do this "staged" event they would have had just as good if not a better chance of gaining alot of seats being the dissent in the country already against the democrats(or should I say the progressives).
I say leave the demagogy,the stsged events and the horn tooting to the democrats. It's what they do best and makes them look worse.

Joe said...

Lisa: Especially when what Republicans have to say is Democrat Lite.

Z said...

Joe, I"m linking to you..thanks, this is SO important a post...

Also, Sue's commented again, to you, at my place and has answered you very thoughtfully and I'd like your responses if you've got a minute/ always glad to read yours...she's a good woman and I"m enjoying the give/take....thanksxxx

beamish said...

They don't seem willing to name the Democratic Party a domestic terrorist organization.

Shows me Republicans aren't serious.

Ducky's here said...

Palin/Snooki 2012

FairWitness said...

Excellent post, wish I'd written it. This is no time for timidity!


Dismantle this bloated, ineffective, outrageously expensive, dictatorial federal government. Get rid of all unnecessary bureaucracies and federal employees. Send them packing!

Joe said...

Z: Thanks for the link. I did as you asked. Sue is a very nice person, but I can't tell her that 'cause she sees it as some sort of insult. But she is, anyway.

beamish: Thanks for stopping by. You are quite right. The "Rs" just don't seem serious.

Ducky: Well, that's an interesting combo...can't be much worse than what we have now.

FairWitness: Let's go get 'em!

LASunsett said...

It's a start.

We must begin somewhere. But once we reach that goal, we simply must set another goal of cutting more. This is why the TEA Party must stay intact after the election. This is why it must keep the pressure up on elected officials, even after Dems are out of power.

Some other things to consider:

1. The candidates who get elected as a result of vowing to cut, cut, cut, MUST make noise once they are there. Boehner will be Speaker and will be much better than Pelosi, but that doesn't mean any of these people have to follow lock-step. They can control the narrative just as much as Boehner.

2. Realistically, we must be careful not to shock the system too quickly. It is a great fantasy to start slashing any and every where we can see, but doing it all at once would not be wise for the economy's sake. We didn't get this way overnight, we won't get out of it overnight.

We need to start with everything enacted by this Congress and this Administration, first. Then we need to start slashing stuff that Bush allowed to accumulate.

As I said, it won't happen quickly because Obama will veto everything for two years. So even if we were to win both Houses this fall, it's not going to be a quick fix. It will require all patience, due diligence, and much perseverance.

Joe said...

LASunset: Thank you for the visit.

You are quite right. It will take time to undo the mess made by past (and present) Democrats AND Republicans.

As I said, I am a staunch constitutionalist, and believe we need to revert with all due haste to its precepts and principles.

Its restrictive limits on government are both deliberate and proper for a constitutional republic.

Scotty said...

I watched the presentation of the PTA and think back to the last pledge led by Newt and snickered. Neither shows/showed me anything. Speak with your actions.

The years that have passed since the “Contract With American” all of a sudden NOW they think that the things in the PTA are important. Shouldn’t they have been campaigning on these issues all along? Where have they been the past 38 years!! As we were being told we have to have more "moderate" candidates to win.

When I watched the debates between McCain and Obama, it seemed that McCain agreed with Obama more than he disagreed! And even then, the Republicans thought that’s what we wanted??!! A liberal lost to a liberal… big news there but, now, McCain became a conservative again to win his primary and the people bought it!

I did my duty, held my nose and voted for McCain as I was told he was the only “electable” one, so I did what I was told. I eased my distaste and claimed I was voting for Palin, not McCain. I’m NOT doing that anymore. We don’t have to settle for the “anointed” ones the party gives us. The past few months have shown us that it is now possible vote for those not “chosen” by the party and they can win!

The Republicans are just as responsible for what is happening now as are the Democrats. We don’t need politicians anymore we need candidates! After the surprises that happen in the form of O’Donnell, Rubio, Miller and others like them, the PTA is the best they have to offer?? I’m truly disappointed!

Joe said...

Scotty: AMEN!

sue said...

Joe and Z - There you go again. Talking about me as if I'm not in the room.(:

Susannah said...

Scotty: "We don’t need politicians anymore we need candidates!"
Amen,BROTHER!! & the sentiment expressed here is right - it'll take more than a 'pledge' to turn this Titanic around. Gotta start somewhere, though.

And Sue, honey, most anyone would be flattered to eaves drop on such nice words said of them..."she's a good woman and I"m enjoying the give/take" & "Sue is a very nice person..." I sure would leave well enough alone, were I may just get to hear some more! ;)

Joe said...

sue: Hello, Sue...Sue...are you there, Sue? Oh, Sue, are you in the room?

Joe said...

Susannah: Sue prefers to be one of those closet nice persons.

ablur said...

They are starting to get a hint. We need a starting place.

I am against Party Politics. I want individuals who love our country and its constitution. Who want to help keep our nation strong.

The Tea Party is dramatically changing politics. Will the American people stay engaged? This isn't about the November election. If real change is going to come, we need to stay locked in and pressing hard.

Joe said...

ablur: I hope we can sustain the spirit of the Tea Pary, not just for this election, but for the future as well.

I am sick to the gills with people like certain liberals who visit this blog who pretend to be lovers of America. They don't love the America our founders gave us. They want some hybrid, touchy-feely, Euromerica from which we fled in the beginning.

They think they know how much a person should be allowed to make, as long as that person is not them, who should be allowed to make as much as they like 'cause they're the elite "leaders."

So said the Marxist brother of a friend of mine, as we ate dinner in his 7 bedroom, 4 car garage house with his two Beamers, a Jag and a vintage studebaker.

They think the government should take from as many as they can and give to those who will not produce.

They can't understand that every "regulation" is an infringement on liberty. They don't even particularly like liberty, except for themselves, of course.

To them, liberty means being able to be as vile, nasty, hateful and vulgar in their speech as they want to be, but restrict the speech of those who disagree with them.

They cannot think, except on some sophomoric, theoretical, fraternity/sorority pseudo-intellectual level.

I'm tired of them and will cut them no more slack.

They are totally sickening.

Joe said...

ablur (cont.): As an example, check out XO's comment above. It is totally unrelated to the post, because he hopes "that every Republican will heed your call..."

Well, I didn't make a call. But that does not deter him from making it seem like I did.

Neither did he respond to my request to enumerate which of the six elements I listed were bad for America.

Funny thing is, he thinks he set me straight.

What a farce!

And if called out on it, he does not respond, he just spews vitriol.

ablur said...

Joe - the clear point is that most in America don't know anything about our founding documents. They know even less about those who wrote them. They insert there meager existence as the distillate for all information. They completely fail to recognize that there pin point view of the world overlooks 99.999% of everything else.
We notice that they don't need others to broaden there perspective. They already know everything there is to know.

You and I will recognize or limitations and look for original sources to augment and broaden our perspective on a topic. We toss third party information knowing they will be twisted by distance from the original.

We currently see that history has been written and taught by progressives who have an agenda. They will twist or omit facts to suit their needs.

In the last fifteen to twenty years we see more conservative and original source based history starting to make a comeback.

I have hope after doing some of the reading I have done. I have also had great opportunity to present these issues to the young as well as contemporaries. If each of us can woo two or three others to righteousness, we may yet restore this nation.

sue said...

Joe - I'm here. I'm not sure why nice things are being said about me considering I'm on the opposite side of the fence. Of course I'm glad to be considered nice and a good woman, but I'd like to be thought of as more than that.

BTW, What's with 'And Sue, honey'
Honey? Only my mother and Walmart clerks call me that. (Susannah)

Oh well, moving on....

Joe said...

ablur: I couldn't have said it better.

sue: Being on the other side of the fence makes you an exception, rather than the rule, because you behave yourself as a respectful, thoughtful person...something the overwhelming majority of liberals (and far too many conservatives, BTW) fail to do.

sue said...

Joe - Thanks!

And although you express your feeling about Pres. BO and Liberals quite 'firmly,' something about you comes across that I respect.

So there!