Friday, September 17, 2010


So you liberals refused to respond to the question whether Bill Press represents the thinking of liberals in general. Maybe Maxine Waters represents you better...right?

Why she just HAS to be the one to represent all that you stand for.
Doesn't she?

OK...maybe not.

More likely Eleanor Holmes Norton...right?

No, no! It's gotta be Rick Boucher, D-VA.

It's so hard to pick!


Silverfiddle said...

You make a fundamental mistake, Joe. You blithely assume liberals use the faculty of thought...

Have a good weekend!

Mark said...

I remember when Maxine Waters encouraged LA Gang bangers to kill George W Bush. No, she didn't say "kill". But she Ms. Waters suggested the gathering of murderers and drug dealers to "...instead of fighting each other, fight [President]Bush."

For Maxine Waters to encourage known murderers to "fight" him is tantamount to encouraging violence against him.

Think about it. These aren't lawyers or congressmen, or senators, or doctors or mine workers, or any other segment of law abiding citizens she is talking to here. They are murderers and thugs. To them, the words "fight" and "kill" are synonymous.

Z said...

Poor Maxine....
and Ducky slams Christine O'Donnell??