Friday, September 10, 2010


I'll be out of pocket for a few days, as I am going in for an atrial-flutter ablation on Monday.

They go up the veins (as opposed to the arteries, which they use for inserting stents), go into the heart and cauterize parts of the biological pace maker(s) in the atria.

I'm certain it will be great fun.

If you'd like to know more, here's a link.

Since Friday the 13th falls on a Monday this month, I trust everything will work out well and I'll be back...probably on Tuesday.

In the mean time, hold down the fort, stay the course, man the depth charges and whatever else is necessary to keep liberalism at bay.


Lisa said...

hey Joe best wishes going your way. Looking forward to having you back and feeling good. We need you out here.

Good Luck with your procedure and that you aren't on a 1 year waitng list.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I don't pray. But I do wish you well.

Leticia said...

I pray that it goes smoothly and that the Lord will guide your doctor's hands.

See you soon.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget! Lisa...I need him too.
I thank you everyone for your prayers.

Shaw- I pray that the Lord will open your heart so you can see what a wonderful God We serve.

Amen Leticia!

Love Joes Wife


David Wyatt said...

Just prayed for you bro. Joe, will look forward to seeing you soon.

ablur said...

I will pray for your quick and speedy recovery. There is much work ahead.

These procedures are pretty common and routine. I will pray that your will be also.

See you back here in a few days.

sue said...

Joe - Good luck and we'll about be thinking about you - praying.

We need you here in cyberspace!

Z said...

Joe, I will pray for you and look SO forward to this being all behind you and your feeling better than ever very soon!
Blessings and a big hug..Z

selahV said...

Praying God's loving hands guide your doctors and you are back with us lickety-split. I'm sure you wouldn't want to miss out on the November's brou ha ha. :) selahV

Ginsu said...

Joe...Romans 8:28...You can't lose.

Mark said...

Yes, Friday the 13th comes on Monday this month. You and I must be the only ones who remember Churchy la Femme's famous hysterical triscadecaphobia. (or however it's spelled)I miss Pogo.

Oh. It must not have bothered the KC Chiefs too much.

Mark said...

Guess the preceding comment was slightly inappropriate. I'm praying for you as well, Joe. I have faith that all will be well for you and yours.

Joe said...

Mark: Pogo was may favorite.

Susannah said...

I'm just coming back 'into pocket' after being out and about basically all summer. By now, this is all behind you - I will offer prayers that this is all you'll need for health and well being.

I've missed you this summer, Joe!