Monday, August 31, 2009


I found this over at PoliticalPistachio.

Is there anybody out there who thinks this is OK?

This pretend officer must have gone to government schools and learned First Amendment 1A: "Congress shall make no law restricting freedom of speech unless some stupid, hair-brained, uneducated, moron thinks it is inappropriate."

This is outrageous, and if you don't think so, you have absolutely no understanding of what this country is about and should not be pretending to be an American.

That big, dumb cop, if he really was one, should be sitting in jail somewhere charged with treason.

Guy with the sign: "This is America..."

Big dumb, idiotic, Commie cop: "It ain't no more, OK?"

Does that mean that what we "right-wing blogger types" have been saying all along has come to pass while nobody noticed?

I cannot begin to find the words to express my personal angst with this guy.

If he is correct, our nation is gone.


Dan said...

The left wished someone would have done something like this when the Bush haters were out with their degrading Bush signs. It would have been 24/7 for three days ending with the firing of the police officer and a scream heard around the world that Bush was a fascist as every conservative in the country headed for the tall grass, as they should of. But that's the point, it didn't happen. That's because the left is the very thing that they scream the loudest that they hate.

This is perhaps the most chilling video I've seen yet. I won't be looking for it on MSNBC, or CNN, or any of the other propaganda machines masquerading as news agencies.

Anonymous said...

To my conservative friends
I'd like to advise ALL conservatives/republicans NOT to post on these Liberian Hate blogs.
I like you are a conservative./ republican I am not a racist, and I don’t want to be labeled as one.
And that’s what all these blogs are about, not all, and by no means all the time , but the blogs by Shaw Kenawe and Truth Shall Rule certainly are.

Joe said...

Deyoges Denn: Thank you for coming by and leaving your comment.

As a public service, I will re-write your comment so that the liberals who come here will not think us all illiterate.

I will use capital letters where appropriate and will try to make each sentence express a complete thought using both subjects and predicates.

To my conservative friends:

I'd like to advise ALL conservatives and Republicans NOT to post on liberal hate blogs.

I, like you, am a conservative and a Republican.

I am not a racist, and I don't want to be labeled as one.

Labeling conservatives as racists is what those liberal blogs are about. There are some exceptions, but blogs by the likes of Shaw Kenawe and Truth Shall Rule certainly fit the profile.

shoprat said...

If it ain't America then what is it? The cop is out of his mind and will soon find out that America is still alive and well.

We have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.

Joe said...

shoprat: I have actually written to the Reston VA police director, asking her to explain to officer Cheeks what the First Ammendment that he swore to uphold really means (I assume she knows).

Bryan said...

"If he is correct, our nation is gone."

While many slept or played...

Z said...

there are no words.
He needs to be in his own local jail where he works; Americans stand up for America, not call it off.

Anonymous said...

Joe, this video was incredible, I'm snagging it but of course will give you credit! :-)

TAO said...

Like one should believe that this video is real? Looks rather staged to me...

Just a few weeks ago everyone was going on and on about the honesty, fairness, and integrity of our law enforcement personnel when it involved the liberal that the shoe is on the other foot everyone is questioning law enforcement personnel...

Funny how logic works isn't it?

Then to go on and on about the "Bush Haters" while being nothing more than "Obama Haters"

Just brillant a country full of people getting self righteous all the while its nothing more than the kettle calling the pot black...

Somewhere between the extremes one can only hope that sanity resides....

So Joe, tell me how your blog differs from that of Truth 101 and or Shaw? Are they not entitled to their opinion as much as you are? You yourself acknowledge an affinity for Deyoges Denn when you say, "I will re-write your comment so that the liberals who come here will not think us all illiterate."

Shame on you....

Joe said...

TAO: Oh...I am so ashamed. I hang my head. I fill my heart with woe.


What on earth is your evidence that the video was staged? Is it conclusive to just make the statement and have us believe it?

Turns out that old Cheeks does not work for the police department, but for the school board.

As for my attitude toward Bush, I was a Bush strong disliker. I am an even stronger Obama disliker.

I have NEVER, under any circumstances suggested that Shaw or Truth 101 do not have a right to their opinion.

These are The United States of America, Shaw and Truth 101 have a perfect right to be wrong, as do you.

It would be helpful for you to actually reference what has actually been said (written) so that we can actually deal with it.

These misrepresentations of what posts are about are what makes tolerating your comments so difficult.

I really think you just like to cause trouble, because your blog is not nearly so abusive with facts. I actually read and like your writing...even the latest Ayn Rand stuff.

I do not know Deyoges Denn, and since his blog is only open by invitation, one of which I do not have, I will never know him any better than by his comment on this blog.

I was really aiming a dart at his inability to put together a coherent thought.

Sorry if that offended YOU, but it was not about you. Don't get offended on behalf of somebody else...that's a waste of energy. Let old DD get offended for himself if he wants to.