Monday, August 17, 2009


It was at a July 22nd TV interview. President BO made a reference to a doctor faced with a child who has had a number of sore throats. She is supposed by President BO to reason within herself that she makes "a lot more money if I take this kid's tonsils out"—even if the child might not need surgery.

I have been going to doctors for 67 years. The first one ceremoniously slapped me on my bohonkus, and I, fortunately, cried.

That's the last time any doctor has hinted in any way that my welfare was not his highest priority.

Maybe they do it differently in Chicago...I have never been to a doctor there.

In my mind, the thought that a doctor might choose a tonsilectomy over medicine because he can make more money is both outrageous and unthinkable.

President BO obviously cannot think of a real life situation that illustrates the need for his health care hopes and changes.

Responding to a woman whose spry 100-year-old mother was given a needed pacemaker despite her age, the president said a few weeks earlier (at an ABC News town-hall event at the White House) that doctors should let patients know that sometimes "you're better off not having the surgery, but taking the painkiller."

And now we have this:

Like a father instructing his children, President BO tells us how we should "...lower our voices, listen to one another and talk about differences that really exist."

He invokes Kennedy, but instead of inspiration he gives us a lecture.

I cannot figure out who this guy thinks he is.

Can you?

By the way...did you notice his right eye and general demeanor?

Something is not right.


Dear White House,

In his weekly radio address, President BO lectured us on how we should "...lower our voices, listen to one another and talk about differences that really exist."

Turns out that it is not the job of the president to lecture the citizens as though he is our righteous father.Please infom him that we do not appreciate the condescension in his voice and on his face when he delivered this message.

Joe Scoggins


Mark said...

I have been to a couple of doctors in my lifetime who seemed to place more importance on their incomes than on my health, although it could be that I simply expected a more thorough examination than I received.

Nevertheless, if there are a few like that, there are very few.

Certainly not enough to justify turning the entire industry over to some incompetent Government bureaucracy.

BTW. I didn't see anything wrong with his left eye.What is it?

Joe said...

It's his right eye. It looks bloodshot and a bit droopy to me. Maybe I'm just looking for issues.

Naw...something's wrong...I can feel it.

He does not look like he believes what he is saying any more. I think he is very, very frustrated that we don't just believe what he says because he says it.

Mark said...

I have a lazy eye, too. If you could enlarge my new profile picture, you could see it.

Oh, under the word "PERFECTION" it says, "I get better looking each day".

Joe said...

Mark: I don't have a lazy eye, but I AM generally lazy.

Jess said...

In all the times I've seen doctors both when I was on active duty and as a civilian, I have never encountered one, from GP to specialist that wanted to do invasive procedures FIRST!!! Invasive was always the LAST resort!!!

Anonymous said...

I've had doctors that were idiots on my 12 year struggle with anxiety. Most of them were psychiatrists though! That doesn't mean they were more concerned with money it just meant that they somehow got through medical school and don't know their head from their butts. Does that make me want to get national health care....ummmm............NO!

Z said...

Good letter, Joe!
I've thought he looked unwell recently, odd you should mention it...with pretty good reason to, I might add.

I just heard Holland's women only start getting mammograms at 50 and then only every FIVE YEARS....
That's the country Obama cited yesterday as SUCH GOOD HEALTHCARE...God help us all, huh?

By the way, pediatricians don't yank tonsils or appendixes out...surgeons do. Obama just doesn't LEARN.

I have a lazy.........everything!

Joe said...

Z: That was such a good point! Surgeons, not pediatricians!

This is getting dire, in my humble, but correct, opinion.

shoprat said...

Sadly (?) he will never get that letter because that has been shut down. He'll have to find another snitch system.

Dan said...

Those who protested the war were given large support from all kinds of left wing American hating organizations. So for sure they know what it's like to do the thing they accuse conservatives of. In fact they assume everyone is like them. IN the same way, the real greedy people are liberals. So it would only follow that they assume that all other people are greedy, and so they hae no problem accusing a doctor of doing what they know they would do. The funny thing is that they actually are self righteous enough to believe that self interest is going to evaporate when they take control. It won't. Instead of giving you an operation that someone else pays for that you don't need, they will not give you an operation that they're paying for that you do need. It's the same thing in the end.

Lone Ranger said...

Sad news. The White House shut down its snitch line today. I guess they were tired of being mocked.

Joe said...

Shoprat & LR: Yes, the email has been shut down. However, there is still

It is a bit more complicated to use, but should still cause them a modicum of consternation.

See my August 18 post.