Wednesday, August 19, 2009


That's what President BO said. Here's a video from CBS YouTube in which he once again dons his lecture garb and explains to us why it was not that important, after all. There is also information about another plan "they" are considering to take its palce.

Here's the deal.

It is high time the Administration swollows its pride, admits that it does not have sufficient public backing and get out of this health care business altogether.

That is unlikely to happen.

In a press conference, Press Secretary Gibbs, in his snide, snarky, condescending, arrogant way, tried to give the impression that the "Public Option" is not as important as it once was, even though it is the prefered goal of President BO.

Will somebody please clear all of this up for me.

Here is a video from Politico where Gibbs slips, and sidesteps and even gets testy with a reporter. What a guy!


Lone Ranger said...

This administration doesn't care about the will of the people. They are all about imposing their policies on the population, just as every leftist regime in the world is. Democrats do not compromise. There's nothing wrong with that. Compromise is giving up something you believe is right to accept something you believe is wrong. What's wrong is the Republicans are TOO willing to compromise. And Democrats walk all over them.

Imagine what this country would look like if Republicans had compromised on slavery or segregation.

If this bill passes in any form, liberals will patiently and relentlessly chip away at it, add to it and mold it like a sculpture, until it looks exactly like they wanted it to look in the first place. Evil is patient.

Joe said...

LR: The left is certainly unwilling to compromise and the Republicans are to willing to do so. The problem is that the left is so committed to a cause that is intrinsically despotic that the rest of us are being pushed over the ideological cliff.

shoprat said...

Swallow his pride?

Not a throat in the world wide enough to take swallow that ego. Well maybe the throat of Hades.

Tom said...

The central part of the health care bill from Hell is control. Control by the government over another aspect of our lives to help make the American citizen subservient to the government.

Are there problems with the health insurance industry? - sure there are! But the insurance companies are there to make a profit, not provide welfare to every single person.