Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Well, well, well! It seems that the old flag@whitehouse.gov site has run aground.

Amid fears that the White House was compiling a list of those who oppose their policies, and Press Secretary Gibbs' inability to put together a coherent sentence explaining why the whole thing was so fishy, they've decided to "deactivate" the program.

And I was having so much fun!!

According to Politico.com, if you use the old email address you get the following message: “The e-mail address you just sent a message to is no longer in service. We are now accepting your feedback about health insurance reform via the website at http://www.whitehouse.gov/realitycheck.”

So there! I can still have fun sending fishy information that the administration puts out to them.

It's a little more complicated, but it can still be done.

The black helicopters are still circling my house, the black limousines are still driving around and around my block, and the electrical power in my home is still going bright, then dim, but hey!

Here is my latest message to the White House:

Press secretary Gibbs erroneously stated that you do not keep a list of people who sent emails to the now defunct flag@whitehouse.gov. This, of course, was fishy, disinformation, as the law requires that all correspondence with the government be kept.

Please use the power and influence of the White House to instruct Mr. Gibbs to answer questions in complete sentences, honestly and forthrightly, instead of thinking he is fooling the people with vague misdirection.


Anonymous said...

Things seem to be crumbling all around Obama and I couldn't be happier. This health care bill was crap and everyone knows it. Why do you think he had to rush it through?
We just need to keep up the pressure!

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Baghdad Bob strikes again!

shoprat said...

They were tired of all the business opportunities, Viagra ads, chain letters, jokes and other such stuff they were getting.

Bryan said...

I guess that fish cooler got full.

Joe said...

Jennifer: I'll do my part if you will do yours.

PCC: Baghdad Bob...I like that.

Shoprat: I have not heard anybody from the administration reference what they got, but it must have been fun wading through the spam and the self turn-ins and the "turn them ins."

Bryan: What do you suppose they will try next?

snaggletoothie said...

I don't think their system could handle the irony of some of your emails. I know you were only having fun but I think you broke a tentacle of the leviathan.

Joe said...

snaggletoothie: I'd love to take the credit, but I was one of many, I'm sure. It was the combination of people reporting themselves, people reporting THEN and people sending spam and such to the email address that helped them see that electronically messing with the American people is not going to work.

Lone Ranger said...

What's funny is that it is illegal for them to delete even one of those e-mails. Now, if someone were to submit a Freedom of Information Act request to see all those e-mails, I think it would make a best-selling comedy book.