Thursday, August 13, 2009



Translation: Under the current versions of the health care legislation, Jane Sturm's mother would have just been allowed to die.

Compassionate liberals at work.

Note: I much prefer writing my own posts, but I keep getting accused (by rank liberals, of course) of lying. While I really do research what I say, and am careful to put things into context, there are times when it is more direct to give the original source without comment. Thus the frequent videos and quotes lately.


This left me wondering why BB worked so hard at pretending he was responding to Megyn's question when, in fact, he was doing his best to misdirect it and not answer it.

I think I will report him on


Dear White House,

In an interview with Megyn Kelly about this email program, White House deputy secretary Bill Burton was asked whether or not the White House was keeping a list of the emails sent hereto.

Mr. Burton made every effort to avoid answering the question directly, but when pressed had to agree with Kelly about the law that prohibits you from deleting them from the record.

Please inform Mr. Burton that answering questions directly and honestly is the best way to keep us citizens (who are MUCH smarter than you think we are) from thinking he has something to hide.

Turns out, regardless of his spin on the issue, he was neither direct nor honest with his answer.

Joe Scoggins


Jess said...

I watched the video of Obama and he never answered that woman's question. Very frustrating but not unexpected!

Anonymous said...

Amen to that Joe!

Anonymous said...

I saw that interview segment live on Fox news. That guy WOULD NOT answer Meghan's question. She knows the laws, she is an attorney and she was asking a good question, which he DID NOT answer. This administration gives us more and more reasons to doubt and be afraid. mom2

Dan said...

The fact that he thought it was "silly" seems odd for anyone who knows history. Could it be that our current administration is of the "evolved" variety to the point that antiquated and out-dated documents like the constitution are no longer needed to protect people from government? The crowd laughed it off and Obama's response was "come on guys". How are we to take this? Is there something wrong with me that I don't think it's funny? Would any of the homicidal maniacs that killed millions in history have told the people up front what their plans were? And responded to those who knew man's capacity for murder and were maybe a little suspicious with the words "come on guys". If Bush had done anything like this the media would have had the proverbial cow with BH and the ACLU leading the charge. We know this and there isn't really anything note worthy about it. I say it to point out a difference in liberals and conservatives which is that conservatives would be having a cow with them if Bush had done this, unless of course those who opposed his plans were flying airplanes into buildings full of people. Which illuminates another difference: Libs would still be having a cow even if the opponents were flying airplanes into the sides of buildings.

cary said...

"they will be addressed, and the people who have reported questionable claims will receive communications to educate them on the contents of the bill" or words to that effect ...

Really? Will they deliver the education personally? Will they bring a copy of the bill, so I can point out where they are lying, or will they simply beat me into submission like I was a target at a SEIU rally?

Anonymous said...

I may have made that list today Joe.. after my latest blog..

ablur said...

They sure do serpentine well. Meghan kept trying to stick a question on him.
Most of the public is too busy or lazy to actually read the bill. They will rely on groups and organizations that claim to know the answer.
The only way you are going to be absolutely sure is to read it yourself. Don't take anyones word for it. Verify!
I spent a great deal of time reading it. There wasn't any surprises after looking at what has been done over the last six months. In fact, I was looking for trouble because I expected to find it.