Saturday, August 15, 2009


FOX News' Major Garrett sparred with Robert Gibbs over emails people are receiving about health care when they never signed up for them. White House adviser David Axelrod (picture to the left) is apparently behind this effort. See the Garrett/Gibbs video here.

The email from Axelrod is RIFE with misinformation about the proposed H.R. 3200 health care bill and its brothers and sisters in the House.

As you know, I have been emailing "fishy" statements about ObamaCare to for the last week or so, so it would not surprise me to have received the email from there.

HOWEVER! Imagine my surprise when I got the email, not from the White House, but from my family physician as a forward.

I replied to my doctor with a scathing rebuke for his using his standing as a physician to promote an email that takes a political stand.

I have no objection to him taking a personal stand on either side of the issue, but this email was sent in bulk to his patients, each of whose email address appeared at the top of the one I got.

I am considering sending my reply to each of Dr. Elmer Toro's patients, but have not yet decided whether to do so. Do you think I should?

TODAY'S FEATURED flag@whitehouse.gove EMAIL:

Dear White House,

Yesterday I received an email purported to have been from David Axelrod and asking me to forward it on to others.

I find it hard to believe that a person with Axelrod's position does not know what is actually in HR3200, but seemingly he does not.

In the email, he denies that the administration favours rationing health care, that the new system will undermine health benefits offered to the over-65s.

This, of course, is very fishy disinformation.

I urge the White House to use its full influence to stop David Axelrod from spreading such disinformation, and especially to cease and desist from spreading false propaganda about HR

Joe Scoggins


Lone Ranger said...

I wouldn't contact his patients. That's a lawsuit waiting to happen. He could claim that you damaged his reputation, even though it was he who did the damage. And watch yourself the next time you need a rectal exam.

Joe said...

LR: Yeah, of course you are correct. Hadn't thought of the rectal exam angle. Hmmmm.

ablur said...

You actually have a doctor who likes this bill and is willing to have his practice completely turned upside down?
I would be finding a new doctor. This one isn't smart enough to care for you when the chips are down.
Perhaps then you can write the letter.

Dan said...

So did you respond in kind?