Sunday, August 9, 2009


This is interesting...the original video I had here was "disabled." When I went to the original site, the video there had been "disabled," too.

I found this one, though. It's not the same event, but it is where SEIU thugs beat up a black man. He ended up in the hopital. Maybe it will stay up.

The original video had SEIU members telling folks where they could and could not stand on a public sidewalk and talk with each other. They then started telling the poilice to tell people where they could and could not stand to talk.


Z said...

Wait...ACORN is directing the POLICE?

Joe, if this kind of thing's happening, we could be in bigger danger than even WE thought, right?

There they are, big black Americans threatening people by their very presence? It's like if KKK'ers were standing around. How long do you think THAT would last before they were arrested? (and rightly so, of course)

Joe said...

Z: Yeah. They not only were directing the police, I guess they disabled the source of the original video I had up (which I got from an independent website). It was disabled at the original site, too.

Anonymous said...

We need to move out, these democrats want to turn us into a fascist, communist, socialist state.

We need to run for our lives.

Tapline said...

Watch for the deflections!! against all these protests. they are starting already with the Holder vs the CIA operatives. Hopefully we will get some deflected info coming from the attackees that'll stick!! They will never get anything on Acorn or its affiliates. The GOP is useless..

Joe said...

Anonymous: So long!

Tapline: The liberal Democrats are crooked, corupt deceivers.

Moderate and liberal Republicans are crooked, corrupt bunglers. They haven't a clue what to do.

Conservative Republicans are out numbered, out gunned, crooked, corrupt wimps.

If politicians didn't have low character, they wouldn't have any character at all.