Wednesday, March 14, 2012


In grammar, the superlative is the form of an adjective (or adverb) that indicates that the person or thing (or action) modified has the quality of the adjective (or adverb) to a degree greater than that of anything it is being compared to. English superlatives are typically formed with the suffix -est (e.g. healthiest, weakest) or the word most (most recent, most interesting).

So...which one IS the "most" or "est," France, the Netherlands, Germany, North Korea...which?

What a total amateur President BO (the child president) is.

And he is both repetitive and redundant.


Aquarians Love To Cuddle said...

Myanmar is, by far, the mostest! Followed closely by Colombia and the Islas Malvinas(currently occupied by the filthy Brits.)

Superlatives are fine enough, but hyperbolic superlatives are the bestest yet - even better than coupling.

sue hanes said...

Joe - I think you are on to something here.

President Obama - Our Really Cool Guy Prez - without a doubt has been repeating himself - something he will most likely continue to do for the next FOUR MORE YEARS.

Thank ya - Joe.

And do have a good one.

Lone Ranger said...

That's what happens when your speech writers get lazy and just fill in the blanks in the TelePrompter script.

Lisa said...

Who needs Ambien when you can listen to our president speak?

sue hanes said...

Lisa - Perhaps droning on and on - would be a good way to put it.

Progressive Eruption said...

What a bunch of dummies!

Aquarians Love To Cuddle said...

Dearest Progressive Eruction,

Who you callin' a dummy?
Just 'cause I misspell your name does not necessarily imply that I am a dimwit. There are, of course, other more substantive reasons to conclude that I am intellectually attenuated.
I do not see how you could possibly know this though.

Do I know you?

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

This was down-right hysterical!! The man is a complete buffoon and not qualified to be the president of a bathroom, let alone the president of the USA! Which is why I am convinced he was a "Manchurian" candidate.

Aquarians Love To Cuddle said...

The guy who uses two letters when one will do said,

"......Which is why I am convinced he was a "Manchurian" candidate......"

Are the 330 million +/- Yankee Libruls prone to electing 'Manchurian' candidates out of ignorance or apathy?
If a buffoon is elected, should not the people who elected it be held responsible?
Who are the REAL buffoons here?

Progressive Eruption said...

Aquarians Love To Cuddle said...

Dearest Progressive Eruction,
Who you callin' a dummy?

My Dearest Aquarians Love To Cuddle,

I'm calling YOU a dummy.

Leticia said...

Oh my goodness! I am so ashamed and appalled that he is supposed to be representing our great nation.


Lone Ranger said...

OK, quit it. Although I do not have the results of a single IQ test to prove it, Obama is not a buffoon. Although I do not have a single grade school drawing or essay to prove it, Obama is not an idiot. And, although I don't have a single one of his high school or college transcripts to prove it, he is not stupid. How else would someone totally unqualified for the job become president of the United States?

Shaw Kenawe said...

There is a dim-witted person here trying to pretend to be Progressive ERUPTIONS. But that person is too stupid and lamebrained to even know how to spell the blog he or she is trying to imitate. LOL!

No surprise there.

For Darwin's sake "Progressive Eruption" learn how to spell!

Then maybe you can pull off your pathetic parody.


Darth Bacon said...

Shaw Kenawe said...
There is a dim-witted person here trying to pretend to be Progressive ERUPTIONS.

And anyone should care? But then again, maybe they are trying to imitate " a dim-witted person"!

Anonymous said...

Yes Shaw we all know it was a satirical imitation, or as you said a parody. However, leaving of an S does not make the author of the parody dumb or "lame-brained".
The purposes of a parody is to ridicule, and that was done with success.
If you think about it, a parody is done with intentionally mispronouncing or misspelling words. that is what makes it satirical.
The Lame-brained dim-wit is the person that doesn't understand that. In other words YOU.

sue hanes said...

Joe - I don't mean to spread gossip - but I overheard some mean people saying bad things about you - last night.

I didn't join it - though - Joe.

Cause I like ya - Joe.

Of course I didn't defend ya - either.

And that's the Truth.

: ]


Anonymous said...

Sue, if don't mean to spread gossip, then SAY what and where you heard it. Otherwise it IS gosip.

Lone Ranger said...

I'm afraid Sue has a serious drinking problem. At least that's what I heard some people say. Of course, I didn't defend her because every time she posts here, she seem wacked out of her mind.

Aquarians Love To Cuddle said...

I heard that Lone Ranger has a predilection for performing immoral and illegal sexual acts on dead bears. I did defend him though. I mentioned that the rumours were not true as I saw one get up and walk away.