Friday, March 23, 2012


As I was gurneyed into the operating room, the guy walking next to my gurney asked, "Mr. Scoggins, are you ready to go to sleep?"

I answered, "Ye..." Before I could finish the word, I was in the recovery room with the surgery behind me and quite amazingly, little pain.

The muscles of my right thigh were stiff, and did not want to work. They began to feel as though they were very deeply bruised and it hurt to press on them.

(After all, they had been separated by two "spreaders" for the entire 45 minutes of the surgery, and were trying to find their way home).

The introduction of some hydromorphone into the IV brought the warmth characteristic of it's nature to my body as it coursed its way toward the pain. As its warmth spread over the affected muscles, their pain disappeared.

About twelve hours later, the physical therapist said, "Let's take a walk."

So we walked about fifty yards, he behind me with a wheel chair behind him, in case I gave up and did not want to finish the walk.

But I pressed on the whole fifty yards, and then walked the fifty yards back to my room, went past the room down to the nurses station and then back to my room for a much needed rest.

The beds were horrid, but not as horrid as many hospital beds I have "slept" in. A bar at the pivot point of the part that raised the head of the bed crossed my back at the precise point of my spinal stenosis. I took pain meds at night, not for my surgery, but for my back.

Wednesday was a day of therapy, with stretches, walking, going up and down stairs and several other exercises designed to awaken my wounded muscles.

Thursday continued the therapy, this time with more in-home procedures.

Friday involved one more day of stiff, but pain-free walking with the evaluator by my side, watching how well I performed the instructions I had been given.

I must have done well, because I was invited to go home, which I did with gratitude.

The result of my surgery is that I am absolutely free of the raging pain in my hip, knee and now my back, as it adjusted to being straight for the first time in 10 years.

I will undergo a few weeks of in-home therapy to continue to wake up and strengthen my muscles, and then its back to life.

For the first time in years I am living totally pain free.

The doctor had told me that after surgery I would wonder why I had not had this done long ago.

He was more than right.

I should have had this done at least three years ago!


Lone Ranger said...

I have to marvel at the state of anesthesia these days. When I had my appendix removed at the age of 13, they just put a cloth over my face and poured ether on it. For years afterward, the scent of ether would make me nauseous. And, I can remember awakening in a confused haze. But the two times I went under recently, I didn't know when I went out and just woke up as though from a nap. I wonder if Obamacare would pay for a personal anesthesiologist to make sure I have a good night's sleep every day.

Lisa said...

Good to have you back Joe. Glad all went well.
It's nice that your doctor can still deem you eligible for hip replacements unlike in the UK where the government decides who benefits and who doesn't.

sue hanes said...

Joe - Great - well written report!

It's so good to have you back - and it sounds like things went very well. I hope your recovery goes smoothly too.

You don't seem to be any different than anyone else - by not wanting to get something like this done.

And now it's behind you - and you can continue to run a Really great blog.

Thanks Joe.

So good to have ya back.

Joe said...

LR: I've got a feeling that eventually Obamacare will gladly pay for a personal anesthesiologist for conservatives, but only on the go-to-sleep part...not the wake up.

Lisa: I wonder whether there is anyone in government who does not think government should decide anything. If so, who are they, what do they think government should NOT decide and why aren't they saying so?

sue hanes: Thank you. It is good to be back.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Yes Joe, it good to have you back Glad all went well, now get out there and turn those flower beds so that the spring flowers can bloom..

Ducky's here said...

Glad things worked out, Joe.

Think about training for the marathon.

Joe said...

TDDW: I just got off the phone with my father-in-law, who told me about his gardening efforts today. It made me want to get out with him to help. Quite the thing when you consider how much I have hated gardening over the years.

Ducky: I have thought about training for a marathon. Then I dismissed the idea as being too much like work.

Anonymous said...

".....The introduction of some hydromorphone into the IV brought the warmth characteristic of it's nature to my body as it coursed its way toward the pain......"

Evocative wordsmithy Joe! You still got it!

Though the long-term effect of anesthesia administered during a Democrat Administration will cause you no end of consternation come election day - they're insidious that way!

No Greek alphabet then?

Anonymous said...

I trust, Joe, you will inform us when you have completed your hopefully short convalescence?
You must admit the tidings of comfort and joy to be found 'round here of late are an abomination in the Natural Order Of Things. The Universe will not long stand for it!
A rip in the fabric of space-time is imminent!
Who knows what perturbations of Nature might manifest if some of us don't get back to calling you an ignorant conservative bozo in short order?
Think of the children!

Z said...

Joe, that's fantastic!
I salute you...this has to take guts..
I'm so so glad your pain is gone. I have a friend who had a knee replacement and says the same thing now "Why did I wait so many years?!"
Kind of like what Canadians and Brits have to say only it's about their health insurance's problems, not their own decision :-)
Continued terrific recovery to you!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Lisa and Z,

As much as this pains me to say - and say without the benefit of an IV drip of hydromorphone I might add - The Health Care Sytems in the UK and Canada at least offer ALL services to ALL people ALL the time; if a bit tardy when not an emergency. The citizens of those wretched lands can, and many do if they are wealthy, seek more timely health care elsewhere. Most of the time, the Governments do reimburse them after-the-fact.
Yins are both victims of propaganda I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ March 24, 2012 5:10 PM said,

"....You[Joe] and your buddies like Aquarians Love To Cuddle are nothing more that HATE MONGERS....."

I cannot speak for Joe, simply 'cause he's a Librul reprobate and a card-carrying caucasoid, but I can correct your inaccurate use of the word 'MONGER' as it might apply to me.

Yankee definition: A person who is involved with something in a petty or contemptible way.

British definition: A dealer in or trader of a commodity.

There is nothing petty about my level of hate and it is exponentially beneath contempt, even when I am feeling charitable.
I hate with an intensity that would make Mr. Limbaugh squirm.
My hate is immeasurable.
My hate is incalculable.

I do not deal or trade in hate either. I AM hate itself!

I don't hate you though. I hope this helps.

Craig said...

I wonder if Obamacare would pay for a personal anesthesiologist to make sure I have a good night's sleep every day.

That service will probably be an out of pocket expense. "Dr." Conrad Murray will be looking for work in a couple years.

Joe, Nice to have you back. That socialized health care ins. done you good.

Just for the heck of it I did a little research on hip replacement. One of the pioneers was a Burmese orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. San Baw. He used ivory instead of steel but his outcomes were impressive considering he was operating under the jackboot of nationalized medicine.

The modern stainless steel replacement hip was perfected by Dr. Sir John Charnley at Wrightington Hospital in that Socialist hell hole, the U.K.

I have thought about training for a marathon. Then I dismissed the idea as being too much like work.

Get yourself a Hula Hoop and swivel that new hip. Fun, fun, fun. Post pictures. Or not. Do what your therapist tells you and don't spend too much time at your keyboard. I'm glad everything went well and you're finally pain free. Now I can get back to busting your chops.

sue hanes said...

Craig - 'hula hoop'

Now that hurts just to think about it.

Joe said...

ALTC: Yeah. Sometimes I wax poetic, which is a lot better than waxing my legs.

To the deleted souls: You prove what I have said about way too many Obama supporters: They have no sense of propriety, decency or dignity and they do not know when their opinions are inappropriate.

Z: Thank you for your prayers and support.

Craig: "Now I can get back to busting your chops."

Pork, I hope.

Joe said...

To All of my "Regulars": Thank you for you understanding and your patience.

My main issue now is not the pain, but the stiffness and periodic swelling, coupled with the torturistic, diabolical exercises prescribed by the Physical Therapist.

After two complete sessions in one day, I am exhausted and ready for rest.

I will blog as I can, when I can.

My philosophical motto in life is: If there is something you can't do, don't.

Anonymous said...

Joe, the new hip urban white guy said,

"....ALTC: Yeah. Sometimes I wax poetic, which is a lot better than waxing my legs....."

How would you know? - I mean the legs bit.
Is there something you should be telling us Joe? Like, you know, you're waxing poetic but waning heterosexual?

Joe said...

ALTC: "Is there something you should be telling us Joe? Like, you know, you're waxing poetic but waning heterosexual??

Whether I am waxing or waning, hetero or homo, is not something I should be telling you, nor should you be asking.

PC, you know.

hardassamI said...

The uninformed black blogger who calls himself "The Question Man" probably believes the rest of the liberal media's list of lies - Santorum and Republicans want to ban contraception; Conservatives want to force their values on everyone, and that Conservatives and Christians hate gays. The liberal media, the democrats and Obama are spreading unsubstantiated vicious lies about the intentions of Republicans, Conservatives This idiotic and despicable blogger along with his Marxist Leader in Chief Obama. is one of the reasons why America is in the shape that it's in today. Barack Hussein Obama is not stupid. He knows exactly what he is doing. He is bent on the erosion of American values and, so far, he is winning.
If you have been reading the disgusting crap that the Black blogger writes along with the similar garbage written by some of the other progressives who write here you would be as sick of them as I am.

Ducky's here said...

Having just finished the physical therapy for my broken hand I will say this, Joe, "Listen to the therapist."

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine waxed his wane once - hurt like the dickens he said.

He was a Librul I might add.

Joe said...


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