Sunday, March 25, 2012

SUNDAY RESPITE-Thank You, Lord-Don Moen


sue hanes said...


Thank you Lord.

Thank YOU - Joe.

Thanks - Don Moer.

and thank you Jesus - from the bottom of my Heart I thank ya

and now a word of Prayer:

Lord - I would like to thank You for - once MORE - bringing Brother Joe back to us safely - after yet one more medical procedure - AND FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE I am Really Grateful to You - and I would especially like to lift up Bonnie today - Lord - because ONLY YOU - can know how hard it must have been to endure putting up with Joe - in this his Time Of Great Need.

Thank ewe - Lord.

And one more thing - Lord - please be with Barack Obama - Our Really Cool Guy Prez - as we all know that it is not easy to be President of the United States - at any time - but especially in times such as these - when so many are out of work, etc. - and please - Lord - we ask for yer
Blessings on Mitt Romney - the One who is most likely to be the Republican Candidate for President of the United Stats - and please Bless that Really Cool and Great Country of Ours.

I'm done now.


Joe - you and Bonnie have a good one - and I Really would stay away from the hula hoop - if ya know what I MEAN - but training for the Marathon - ok.

Sidbirt said...

Sue you missed your calling, you should have been a Reverend instead of a Basketball Star.

Anonymous said...

Sue Hanes said,

"....Thank ewe - Lord......"

The christian god knows all too well how I am all for homophonic malapropisms but, Sue, this is even beyond my acumen.

sue hanes said...

Sidbert - Believe it or not - the Lord did try - once - to Lead Me Down That Path - but it just seemed like a lot of work to me.

Kinda like Joe trying to train for a Marathon - right after a hip replacement.

But - Sidbert - I do try to save a few Souls - now and then - ya know what I mean - swing a little business His way.

And furthermore - you may joke about my basketball abilities - but I'm gettin' pretty darn good at shooting baskets - why just yesterday I was thinkin' that I'd like to get into a game of horse with MJ himself...

or maybe the prez - i hear he shoots a pretty mean hoop - when he's not croonin' - that is

sue hanes said...

Aquarina - :]

Z said...

Joe, what a super song and wonderful arrangement/singers, etc...thanks so much.
I am praying that you're saying a lot of THANK YOU, LORDS for your successful surgery and your wonderful wife I know is at your side.
God bless you both.xx Z