Tuesday, March 6, 2012



Anonymous said...

It is a sin to tell a lie?

You are at home, alone, and your best friend comes to your door pleading for you to let him in and hide him from several 'Bad' men who are chasing him.
You abide his wishes.
The 'Bad' men come to your door. They have no quarrel with you, but ask you if you are hiding the person, your friend, whom they are seeking. If you say 'no' they will go away.
Do you lie to protect your friend?

sue hanes said...

Joe - Re the 'It's a sin to tell a Lie Video - I hate Liars - Joe.

And if Our Really Cool Guy Prez is lying to us Big Time - well then by gosh - Joe - I THINK WE SHOULD LOOK INTO IT.

That is a lot of Broken Promises - and a Huge amount of money for ANYONE to be spending - Joe.

Now this is Super Tuesday - so let's check out the Really Cool Republican Candiates for President - and while we are doing that - try to detect Which Of These Candidates Is Least Likely To Lie To Us For The Next Four Years.

I guess that eliminates Newt Gingrich - with the shifty lying eyes.

Thank You - Joe.

Have a Pleasant Day.


sue hanes said...

Joe - How delightful that was.

And ya can be sure I sang along - Joe.

And my thanks goes out to

Somethin' Smith

and The Banjoes.

Thanks Joe - from the bottom of my Heart.

sue hanes said...

oh - and The Redheads.

Thanks to The Redheads.

Ducky's here said...

No way Sue, at first I thought it was the Red Headed Fiddlers doing some old timey but Joe tricked me.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Bojangles Drakelet's here,

Although I cannot view the video, I am pretty sure the frailing gingers involved arpeggiatingly pluck banjos to render their old-timey tunes rather than draw bows upon fiddles for same.

Perhaps it is your reading comprehesion skill that has tricked you.
Though Joe be a Double Thumbing trickster of note.

Sheesh Joe, ya got me doin' puns now. I'm so ashamed.

sue hanes said...

Yes - Aquarina.

You lie to protect your Friend.

And you lay down your Life - to protect someone you Love.

sue hanes said...

Ducky - What do you mean?

How did Joe trick us.

I don't get it - ducky.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Hanes,


Sometimes lying is not a sin then?

What if the 'Bad' men are instead Police Officers and your friend may, or my not be, guilty of some transgression.
Do you still lie?

Ducky's here said...

Aquarius, buy a vowel you dunce.

How about an anal probe to find your sense of humor.

sue hanes said...

Aquarina - There is Really only one Person - at least at this point in Time - that I would lay down my life for - and that Person is not Capable of any sort of

And I never said that lying for That Person would not be a Sin.

I just said that It Would Be The Right Thing To Do - but would the Right Thing To Do - be a Sin?

Only the One In Charge can decide that - and He's not tellin'.

sue hanes said...

Joe - Ducky said anal probe.

Aren' ya gonna delete him - Joe?

You would if it was me - Joe.

Not fair at all.

bu hu

Xavier Onassis said...

So if I'm married and my wife asks "Do these pants make me look fat?", and I say anything other than "You ARE fat. Don't blame the pants." then I've committed a sin?

Every woman I've ever known (and that's A LOT) would rather be married to a sinner (on sooo many levels).

Joe said...

XO: I have no doubt that the women you know would rather be married to a sinner.

No doubt at all.

Birds of a feather...

sue hanes said...

XO - Yes.

I'd rather be married to a Sinner.

In fact - that's my Primary Goal.

Xavier Onassis said...

Sinners are way better in, um certain important marital areas.

Way. Better.

Experience counts.

Lone Ranger said...
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Lone Ranger said...

No, Aquarian. You do not lie to protect your friend. You tell the bad men who are chasing him to go away. If they do not and try to enter your home to find him, you shoot them. Liberals make life SO complicated!

Yeah, XO, the rumor is that sinners ARE better in certain important marital areas. Bill Clinton certainly proved that, Didn't he?

Joe said...

ALTC: "Do you lie to protect your friend?"

The old relativity conundrum.

Answer: No.

Now go figure that one out.

Joe said...

XO: "Sinners are way better in, um certain important marital areas.

Way. Better."

Not a surprising response, but wrong.

Anonymous said...

We live in a time of rationalisation, a time where there are no moral absolutes, no transcendent universals in our society.

The answer is indeed 'no' if you wish to return to a time of moral absolutes and transcendent universals.

Joe said...

ALTC: "The answer is indeed 'no' if you wish to return to a time of moral absolutes and transcendent universals."

I kinda liked those times.

Especially the transcendent universals.

Anonymous said...

Those times never existed Joe. Our history, or more correctly; our consideration of the past, is affected by hedonic editing - the good times remembered, the bad times forgotten.
The future ain't what it used to be and the past wasn't as good as we thought

Joe said...

ALTC: The past is much better than it used to be. It's gone.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh Joe, remind me never to take you along when I stroll down the memory lane on-ramp to nostagia highway.