Thursday, March 29, 2012


In May of 2010, President BO (the child president):

Today, President Obama visited Solyndra, Inc., in Fremont California – a solar panel manufacturer that is building a new facility (and creating new jobs) thanks to funding from the Recovery Act. So far, construction of the new facility has created over 3,000 construction-related jobs and the new factory could create up to 1,000 long-term new jobs. And this is just one of countless stories that together account for the up-to-2.8 million jobs the Recovery Act is responsible for by the CBO’s count.

He said:

“Government still has the responsibility to help create the conditions in which students can gain an education so they can work at Solyndra, and entrepreneurs can get financing so they can start a company, and new industries can take hold.

“So that’s why, even as we cut taxes and provided emergency relief over the past year — we also invested in basic research, in broadband networks, in rebuilding roads and bridges, in health information technology, and in clean energy. Because not only would this spur hiring by businesses — it would create jobs in sectors with incredible potential to propel our economy for years, for decades to come. There is no better example than energy.”

From the VP:

“This announcement today is part of the unprecedented investment this Administration is making in renewable energy and exactly what the Recovery Act is all about,” said Vice President Biden. “By investing in the infrastructure and technology of the future, we are not only creating jobs today, but laying the foundation for long-term growth in the 21st-century economy.”

And in his 2010 State of the Union Address, President BO (the child president) said:

“Last year, we made the largest investment in basic research funding in history -– (applause) — an investment that could lead to the world’s cheapest solar cells or treatment that kills cancer cells but leaves healthy ones untouched. And no area is more ripe for such innovation than energy. You can see the results of last year’s investments in clean energy -– in the North Carolina company that will create 1,200 jobs nationwide helping to make advanced batteries; or in the California business that will put a thousand people to work making solar panels.”

Yet President BO (the child president), in an interview with Market Place last week, had this exchange:

Interviewer: With all respect, it was kind of a gutsy move I think to come to a solar facility. Your administration has staked a lot on clean technology, green jobs. The biggest item most people know about that strategy is, of course, a company named Solyndra, which your administration gave loan guarantees to, that then went bankrupt and has been the subject of many investigations. Are you doing your “all of the above” strategy right if that’s what we have to show for it — Solyndra?

Obama: We are doing the “all of the above” strategy right. Obviously, we wish Solyndra hadn’t gone bankrupt. Part of the reason they did was because the Chinese were subsidizing their solar industry and flooding the market in ways that Solyndra couldn’t compete. But understand: This was not our program, per se.

Say what? This was not our program?

Why, because it failed?

Then whose program was it?

How can you people fall for this junk?

Just one more question: Were there any other "green" energy companies that received "stimulus" money and then failed?


brenalexa said...

Brought to you courtesy of President “He Looks Like He Could Be My Son” Obama, the Orlando Sentinel, every moronic politician who thinks this case is about hoodies/Skittles/iced tea or racial profiling, and every other self-promoting race hustler who stuck his oily nose into this case

Ducky's here said...

Joe, why not have some of your ignorant right wing readers investigate Astrowatt.

The company received Federal money and has discovered a process that cuts the thickness of solar film by a factor of five.

A company in Mississippi operating partially with government money has advanced the manufacturing process of thin film.

In other words like a typical right winger you are either unwilling or unable to gather the whole story.

Brenalexa, let me guess, your typical evening wear is the official NRA concealed carry hoodie, available from their website for $59.95.

Lone Ranger said...

Obama certainly didn't create conditions for students to work at places like Solyndra when he scrapped DC's school voucher system, casting children into DC's failed public school system.

So, because a little company like Astrowatt has not failed -- yet -- we should just forget about ALL the other failures of the Obama administration, all the millions of dollars he has poured down the drain? Typical 16-year-old logic.

Forget about the half-billion wasted on Solyndra.

The Obama administration awarded $43 million in conditional loan guarantees from the Department of Energy to Beacon Power in June 2009. Now it’s bankrupt.

Ah, but the $1.5 million Department of Energy grant to Astrowatt makes up for that.

Loveland, Colorado-based Abound Solar, the lucky winner of a $400 million federal loan guarantee from the Obama administration, has laid off 70 percent of its employees and has frozen plans to build a new factory in Indiana. Abound is ALSO a thin-film solar module-maker

But hey, judging by Astrowatt's success (so far), no doubt Abound will come up smelling like roses.

And then there's A123 Systems, which makes lithium-ion batteries for all those electric cars that nobody is buying. They received received $390.1 million in federal and state subsidies — the company has laid off 125 employees and had a net loss of $172 million through the first three quarters of 2011.


Let's talk about Fisker Automotive, which was supposed to buy all those batteries. They received $193 million in Obama money and have yet to make a single car.

And while we're talking about cars, Obama has increased the subsidy for buying a Chevy Volt from $7,500 to $10,000. Considering that only wealthy people can afford to buy this thing in the first place, isn't that a tax cut for the rich? And sales are still so dismal that Chevy has had to suspend production and lay off workers.


But hey, I'm just an ignorant right-winger. What do I know?

Don't you have kids your own age to play with Ducky? Or do even your peers find you repugnant?

Joe said...

LR: See, I thought Ducky was smart enough to come up with Beacon Power,Abound Solar, A123 Systems, Fiscar Automotive and the Volt.

I gave him every opportunity to think of them, but his brain couldn't (or wouldn't) remember them.

All he could counter with was little old Astrowatt. And then he tried to use them as an illustration of success!

He has a mind like a springless bear trap.

How did he overlook another Obama-backed company, Ener1 which went into bankruptcy protection late last week, despite the $118 million grant its battery-making subsidiary got from the Energy Dept. As the CEO put it, the company suffered a lack of demand, thanks to lower-than-hoped-for electric car sales (600 in January a big "big gas guzzler" sales month).

Or how about In 2009, when SpectraWatt secured a $500,000 grant from the DOE and then failed?

How many major failures does it take to balance one questionable and miniscule "success?"

We need an individual mandate for solar panels and

Lone Ranger said...

He is out of his element. I would never allow him to post on my blog. I assume you just keep him around for entertainment purposes.

Joe said...

LR: " just keep him around for entertainment purposes."

Partly. But also to show the consistant twisting of facts and wrong-thinking of the left.

He makes an absolutely perfect example of it. And he is not bright enough to know that's what he is doing.

Lone Ranger said...

Like Rush Limbaugh doesn't want all liberals to go away. He wants to keep a few in a zoo to show people what they were like. Until then, we'll just have to put up with their feces throwing on blogs.

Joe said...

LR: Me, I wouldn't care if they became extinct.

Craig said...

Me, I wouldn't care if they became extinct.

Who would pay for your replacement parts?

Joe said...

I've already got them, so it no longer matters. Go ahead...become extinct!

Or not.