Tuesday, March 27, 2012



This is not the first time this has happened.

Zimmerman has already been convicted by the public.

Is that the way YOU would want it if it were YOU they were after?

What do you think "justice" means to that crowd?


Anonymous said...

".....What do you think "justice" means to that crowd?....."

I can't view the piece, but I assume it has something to do with someone being turned into a newt and who may, or may not, have gotten better and that someone else should be burnt at the stake regardless.

Oh dear. I'm so ashamed. A lowly Python reference.

Lone Ranger said...

Democrats LOVE lynch mobs. After all, it was democrats who lived by lynch law until Republicans (once again) forced them to give up the practice. LBJ, as a Texas senator, once voted against a law making lynching a federal crime.

The "reverend" Al is an old hand at organizing lynch mobs. He championed Tawana Brawley, who, in 1987, at the age of 15, accused six white men, some of whom were police officers, of having raped her. Racial tensions climbed after the "reverend" Al organized rallies, paraded before the liberal media's cameras and denounced any white person who doubted Tawana's story as a racist. She was lying. She was sued. She refused to pay any judgment. And "reverend" Al got away clean.

THEN, there was the story of the stripper/prostitute/drug addict, who accused three members of the Duke University lacrosse team of raping her. Up pops the "reverend" Al, once again stirring up the lynch mob. Without a single fragment of evidence, the university suspended the students and prosecutor Mike Nifong made it his life's work to throw them in prison. Four lives were ruined by that lynching, including Nifong's, when it was revealed that the stripper/prostitute/drug addict was lying.

You would think that the reverend Al would be radioactive after that, but nope. Here he is again, lining his pockets by stirring up the lynch mobs. And despite his past record, liberals - particularly liberal blacks - are still out for blood. It's in their DNA.

And they don't just lynch whites, they are only too willing to lynch anyone who threatens their world view. Remember their "high-tech lynching" of Clarence Thomas? I'm betting he does -- every single day of his life.

On the weekend of 17 March, 10 people were shot to death and at least 33 wounded in Obama's adopted hometown of Chicago. One of them was a six-year-old girl. I'm guessing that if Obama had a daughter, this victim would look like Oh, he does. Wonder why he isn't interested in THAT girl's death. All the victims were black. Why isn't the "reverend" Sharpton there? Why isn't the liberal media covering the massacres that routinely occur in black communities across the country? Because the shooters were also black. Now THAT is racism!

By the way, I can't see the videos either.

Joe said...

ALTC & LR: Hmmm. Both videos work for me.

The first is a mob of mostly black, but a few whites, walking along and shouting "No justice, no peace!"

The second is the scene of the "trial" by the Queen of Alice in "Alice In Wonderland," the Disney version in which The Queen starts the trial by asking, "Are you ready for the sentence?"

Alice objects, "We haven't a verdict yet!"

The Queen responds, "Sentence first! Verdict afterward!"

Very prophetic.

Any one who allows himself to even hear Al Sharpton is a complete, unaldulterated fool.

Anonymous said...

I'm on Dial-up Joe - with no sound card to boot!

Ya gotta like Mr. Sharpton's hair-do in the 70's though!

“Curiouser and curiouser!” Cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English).

Lisa said...

Al Sharpton the "Shake Down Shyster" is such a piece of turd.
When in our area the father of a black teenager shot and killed a white teenager there was Sharpton fanning the flames not defending the white kid but justifying the shooting and our then Governor Patterson pardoned the father.
I don't recall any white mobs dressed like militant Black Panthers calling for a bounty.
Where is the FBI putting a stop to that kind of behavior?
Although I bet Eric Holder gave the ok for them to act.

sue hanes said...

Joe - I wasn't there so I don't know what the crowd wanted by

I admit to being a bleeding Heart Liberal - Joe - and therefore cannot give an objective comment to this post.

When I saw this story - I mean not just your post - but the story and Trayvon Martin's picture - I made myself the judge and jury - on his side - without knowing all of the facts.

But who does know all of the facts - Joe.

I do tend to be prejudiced in many ways - and I do not mean 'racially' by that - but an example is that I was once on jury duty and was relieved that I was dismissed - because I felt that I could not be emotionally immpartial.

Do ya understand what I am saying -Joe? I'm serious about this - but I know ya think I'm a bit incoherent - at times.

And of course you are right - Joe.

Lone Ranger said...

Pffft, liberals interested in facts? HAH!

It's a phrase that congresswoman Maxine Waters of California used while inciting the riot following the acquittal of the police officers who beat Rodney King after a high speed pursuit resulted in King resisting arrest. Fifty-eight people died in those riots. Waters, who incited those riots, is still in Congress. Another leftist lynch instigator.

Timothy Reids Thoughts said...

Shaw Kenawe this isn't about you or me or anyone else that comments here about it.
It's about an American who is being lynched by a Black Mob before he even receives a "FAIR" trial. And yes, I say a "Black Mob" what else would anybody call this circus, of Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson Spike Lee, and Obama along with a band of Gangsta's called the New Black Panther's"? Since when do we have "vigilante justice" in America?

Well, I have news for you Liberal's and the rest of you racist's. The real American people are not going to take your bait. But you can keep trying, you race mongers are going to have to do better than sending in the Black KKK and the gang of angry black gangsta's .
Where was the march when the Duke lacrosse students who were falsely charged, by a Black Whore?
Where was the march when the Duke lacrosse students who were falsely charged of rape, by a Black Whore, and their lives were just about to be ruined?

And were were the protests when Al Sharpenton defended that lousy lying little Bitch Tawana Brawley and all those Blacks including Bill Cosby among others were so sympathetic to here that they not only supported for her but raise thousands for her legal fund, and she lying accusation when they named Steven Pagones, an Assistant District Attorney i as one of the rapists, received so many death threats.
And the entire incident turned out to be a complete hoax!!
But that didn't stop Al “Big Mouth Racist” Sharpton. And one of the falsely accused police officers had committed suicide after Tawana Brawley FALSELY accused him. Where were the protests then?
Yes, Dear little innocent Tawana said under oath that a gang of white racist police officers abducted her, raped her , and sodomized her, scrawling the initials “KKK” on her in human feces. When what she really did was ran away from home because of BAD school work.
We see all these flash mobs now but never saw them when it was a Black that was the Perp, did we?
And I also remember the CENTRAL PARK JOGGER: a young WHITE woman, was monstrously raped and beaten close to death with rocks in New York's Central Park. Sharpton also once again insisted—despite the defendants confessions that her BLACK attackers were innocent,and Sharpton charged that the jogger’s boyfriend did it, also falsely! And he (Sharpton) called the victim a “whore” and his accusations against the boyfriend, were eventually vacated.. Because the Black boys taped confessions, their DNA matched.
And how about Sharpton's “white interloper” incident?
I will never forget the lies and the racism Al Sharptongue knowingly and willingly propagated during the Tawana Brawley scandal.
And his “If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house.” remark?
When it comes to the Jews it sounds like Jessie "Hymietown" Jackson, and Al “Jewish Diamond Merchants” Al Sharptongue would've made very good NAZI'S
No, our country does not need more racial problems. Obama, Jessie and Al are doing enough preaching hate and string up mobs of muckraker and hate mongers.

Joe said...

TRT: You are SO right about the racism among blacks that prevails today.

It is one of the saddest thing I witness, because I really thought we were a little ways beyond that.

Now we see it espoused by the black community as they call for conviction, not a fair trial.

Most black liberals are the lowest form of societal scum.

Based on their reactions to the events you mentioned, the Juan Williamses of the world should be rising up in outrage at what the black community in Sanford, Florida is doing.

abluegirlami said...

If George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin. He should stand trial for that. However, there’s a difference between putting a man on trial and having all these race-baiters including the President of the United States declaring him to be guilty or worse yet, declaring him to be some kind of racist fanatic who shot an innocent kid to death for no good reason.
There were also witnesses that say that young Martin was beating the heck out of Zimmerman. So why not wait and see how this plays out before calling for a lynching?

Lone Ranger said...

The race baiters have done their job. Now, the New Black Panthers are offering a reward of $5,000 for Zimmerman, DEAD OR ALIVE. That is a felony. Where is Eric Holder and his justice department? Nowhere to be found. Once again, Holder gives black militants a pass. Why isn't the president talking about THIS? This was supposed to be the post-racial president. Instead, he and his attorney general are adding fuel to the fire.

Timothy Reids Thoughts said...

Lone Ranger said...
The race baiters have done their job. Now, the New Black Panthers are offering a reward of $5,000 for Zimmerman, DEAD OR ALIVE. That is a felony

Now it's up to 10,000, talk about a bad economy!

Anonymous said...

Lol. Shaw Kenawe at her best, or worst.
Leftists are not evil people, they are just the whining brain-washed fools.

Looking back in anger said...

TRT is sooooooooo write!

And Bacon. rihgt on you guys. Tha libruls are a waste of air! all of them espesially shaw kenawe!

Joe said...

My point is not whether Zimmerman should be investigated, tried and either found guilty or exonerated.

My issue is with the racist blacks who are calling for his conviction (their word, not mine) before he has even had a trial!

LR is right. They are nothing higher on the moral scale than a lynch mob...not one whit better than the KKK. Same mind set.

Timothy Reids Thoughts said...

And I quote" In an attempt to take matter into their own hands, The New Black Panther Party called for a militia of black volunteers to help capture George Zimmerman"

Joe said...

TRT: I just can't fathom how the left can't see the rank racism by their own community.