Thursday, March 15, 2012


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sue hanes said...

Joe - This is a great video.

And if President Obama - Our Really Cool Guy Prez - is responsible for the HIGH GAS PRICES - then I Believe that we should do something about it.

If we Believe that he is fooling around with us here - then LET'S VOTE HIM OUT OF OFFICE.

Let's get that MITT ROMNEY in there - let him Really scr*ew up things.

Now - Joe - I like this Don Smith -who is hosting this video. He has good hand control - keeps his hand motions at waist level - so they are not distracting.

And Don Smith has good eye contact with us - and seems sincere.

But Joe - can he dance and sing like the Really Cool - Time Hawkins?

jus' sayin'

Thanks Joe - and have a Great Day.

Ducky's here said...

I still want to see an analysis which demonstrates that the price hike was due to inadequate supply at the well head. Proof that the "drill, baby, drill" simpletons know what they're talking about.
I don't believe they do. It's just kabuki for Rollo.

Jarheads Blog said...

Obama said that the prospect of us or Israel’s getting into a military conflict involving Iran, were a main factor behind the recent rise in gasoline prices. First of all, Israelis and many Americans are convinced that President Obama will ultimately back away from attacking Iran. Why? Because he will not go to war with Iran to defend Israel
Well here's some news for you. Obama has made America’s economy sink to a level where it’s going to take decades to get out of.
This administration and the overall thinking of Democrats will inevitably lead us to destruction.
Obama has ONLY one goal in mind, to get himself reelected in 2012. He’s playing both sides of the fence on the pipeline and with the environmentalists and the unions.
Gas prices are high because of Obama’s refusal to open the pipeline as well as other factors.
What progress has been made since the day that Obama took office, none!? Can anyone cite even one specific job that he has created?
So in reality It really makes no sense to re-elect someone with no solutions, to any problems..

To think otherwise is like living in a fantasy world, It's not just Comrade Hussein who is standing in the way but all the other liberal PC freaks and pathetic dopes like Shaw, Satyavati, or Dave Miller, that are standing in the way.And the House Liberals and other ding-bats who are living behind the Liberal Curtain.
How stupid can these people actually be? Actually we don't yet know that answer..

Joe said...

"Proof that the "drill, baby, drill" simpletons know what they're talking about.
I don't believe they do."

I don't believe you do.

So, I guess we're even.


Joe said...

Ducky: Please explain to me why high gas prices under Bush (though not as high as they are now) was considered to be a "bad" thing, while high gas prices under Obama (which are higher than under Bush) are a good thing.

I await your scholarly explanation.

But I'm not holding my breath.

Joe said...

Ducky: The main source of crude is via drilling.

More crude = more available to refine + more refineries = more supply = lower prices, unless they are deliberately and artificially prevented from dropping by OPEC and those friendly with OPEC.

Pretty simple, but a strain for the liberal mind, I'm sure.

Ducky's here said...

More available to refine?

But we are exporting refined product.
Refining is at capacity.

Now how does more crude increase availability?

Never mind speculators and the weak dollar.

Lone Ranger said...

Refining is at capacity? Build more refineries! Oh, wait, there hasn't been a refinery built since 1976. Half the refineries that existed in 1981 have been closed. But you can bet that the tree huggers and dimocrats would oppose it. This is the only country in the world that does not exploit its own gigantic supplies of oil and gas.

Ducky's here said...

That's an issue for another time, LR.

Joe is intent on demonstrating his ignorance.
He learned about the supply/demand curve and figures that explains refined petroleum prices.

The fringe right just loves to wallow in its ignorance.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Don't forget Obama has stated that he hopes the gas prices keep going higher so as to get people to accept "green" energy. Follow the money to who is supporting this agenda - LIBERALS!!!! And the "green" energy they support is not green, nor can it provide the energy gasoline provides.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Why worry about the price of Gas when Obama can take Air Force One at a cost of roughly $180,000 per hour to operate to see a basketball game?

Joe said...

Ducky: I am tired of you coming here with nothing more than disrespect and contempt for those who disagree with you.

You present your opinion as fact and disparage the opinions of those who don't think like you.

If you are not man enough to be respectful of my other commenters, then you are not man enough to be allowed to comment here.

As my side bar indicates, you can disagree with and call me names, but you must stop insulting my other commenters or your opinions will not be seen on this blog.

That is a principle that will apply to all liberals who come here to shoot their venom at my other commenters.

That game is over.

It ends now.

Joe said...

Ducky: "That's an issue for another time, LR."

What is, refineries?

They are part of the very topic of this post. We must increase our production to increase the supply and drive prices down.

That's how it works with other products and it will work with oil.

But this president is holding us hostage to his "green" agenda and people like you will try to force us to aquiesce.

What is needed is needed and you may or may not believe it...that is your choice. Your choice will not change the cause and effect of supply and demand.

Ducky's here said...

Excuse me Joe?

The fact that refinery capacity is at maximum and we are exporting refined product pretty well does away with more crude as a resolution.

However you cling to it and then you start your tired refrain "Pretty simple, but a strain for the liberal mind, I'm sure" and you take umbrage.

Then you have Jarhead claiming that "Gas prices are high because of Obama’s refusal to open the pipeline." What pipeline, Keystone? Come on, at least knock on the door.

Joe said...

Ducky: "The fact that refinery capacity is at maximum and we are exporting refined product pretty well does away with more crude as a resolution."

Not if we build more refineries as suggested above. That we are exporting refined oil is an argument FOR more refining AND more crude.

It's not one or the other, it's BOTH. But one alone cannot help.

But you STILL haven't addressed why higher gas prices were bad under Bush and good under Obama.

Please drop the crude/refinery blather and discuss the strange way values depend on who is president.

That was the subject of the post.

Ducky's here said...

Your little video says nothing about refining and in the past you have onl advocated for incresed drilling. It's your total mindset.

In fact the video says nothing except that right wingers don't like Obama. Who knew.

But maybe you'll figure out that gas prices spike from time to time and there isn't anything of substance that a president can do about it.

Marine4ever said...

Joe, you have a thing that tells you the differences between right things and the bad that many others just can't grasp. Don't let these fools on the left get to you.

Joe said...

Ducky: " the past you have onl advocated for incresed drilling. It's your total mindset."

That's untrue.

I have written about our need for more refineries as well as our need to extract the oil from our own land.

Why do you insist on asserting things that simply and demonstrably are not true?

It is, of coures, the availability of the retail product (gasoline) that drives the price. The average person does not run out and purchase a barrell of crude.

Question: Are IPods more expensive now or less expensive than they were when introduced?

Has competition among e-books brought the price up or down?

When left alone by the government, products are priced according to supply and demand.

So it would be with gasoline. The discoverers of how to make oil into a marketable product did not do so for the thrill of the process, but to make money on it.

Competition would keep prices in line with the costs of production.

Right now, because demand outstrips supply (and because governments are controlling prices), the price of gasoline is way out of proportion to its cost to produce.

sue hanes said...

Talk about a HOT blog - with civilized, intelligent discussion!

And it's all right here on
Jo-Joe Politico.

Have a good one - Joe and thanks.

Craig said...

Joe, You're video is very misleading. Those politicians who said it was bad in 2007 are saying it's bad now. A couple news reports on how high gas prices are good are reporting what was said the last time prices spiked. Maybe it will get people out of their gas hogs and increase public transportation ridership, which it did.

I notice none of the news clips played long enough to show what "good" points were made. I know the CBS report cited high gas prices as a sign of increased economic activity. I suppose that's good.

Oil production in the u.s. is at it's highest level since 2003. Demand has gone down. Oil imports are down to 45% from 57% in 2008. Shouldn't supply and demand mean prices should be going down?

I'll take issue with Ducky that refineries are at full capacity. It's about 86% capacity. There have been smaller refineries built since 1979. There have been no major refineries built since then because the oil co.s don't want to build any. There has been one permit request since 1976 and that was granted in 2006 to build one in Arizona. Existing refineries have been modernized and capacity expanded and permitting hasn't been a problem.

Consolidation has closed far more refineries than the the EPA. The big 5 oil co.s have bought up smaller refineries and closing them to restrict the supply and drive up cost. The top 10 co.s control 85% of the market. Deregulation has resulted in less competition.

Another thing driving up cost is speculation. When banks were allowed to trade in oil commodities, it has corrupted the world oil market. How does supply and demand cause the price of a gallon of gas to go from $4 to $1.85 and back to $4 in the span of 4 years? You need to educate yourself on oil markets, Joe.

Anonymous said...

".....Shouldn't supply and demand mean prices should be going down?....."

But Coruscating Craig, Oil is not an Ordinary Good! The Law of Demand does not apply! The ablative absolute of 'ceteris paribus' does not apply.

For the wasteful Yankee, oil is a Giffen Good (though not a Veblen Good)!

Joe said...

Craig: Nobody "consumes" crude. Crude is refined before it becomes a public commodity.

And don't forget, millions of products besides gasoline are made from oil: plastics, vinyls, medicines and so many others.

When prices of crude go up, everybody suffers. not just drivers.