Monday, March 19, 2012


I'll be going in for hip replacement surgery in the morning, and will not be blogging until at least Friday, and maybe longer.

If you would like to see what it is like, watch the following.

If you don't like watching this kind of thing, don't.

I find it interesting, neat, and I am looking forward to it.

I built a cabinet one time with tools very much like those used in the video.

See you soon!


sue hanes said...

Joe - First - I am squeemish - but if you have to go through this - then I'm gonna try to watch it - but I'm not promising anything.

I hope all goes well with your hip replacement - Joe. I know that this surgery is very common - and that it does work.

It's going to be a boring week without your posts - but when ya do return I hope that this procedure does not make ya more irritable - than usual.

Good luck Joe. I already said a prayer for the success of your hip replacement - and now of a lighter note - I recently heard a little joke about that - and I would like to share it with you at this time:

There was a cheerleader last weekend at the NCAA Tournament - and she is a grandma. Her cheer was - Hip Hip Replacement.

: ]

Thanks - Joe.

Lone Ranger said...

Good luck with that. My cardiologist offered last week to implant a device that would shock my heart if it goes into afib again. I said I'd rather take my chances. I'm pretty much treading water now, living just to be living.

sue hanes said...

LR - 'I'm pretty much treading water now, living just to be living.'

Me too - LR.

But - Really - is there anything so wrong with that?

Isn't 'living' what it's all about?

Joe said...

LR: I had severe afib, and even had atrial colapse. I had three heart ablations, where they enter the heart from the groin and cauterize the cells that cause the unnatural firing of the cells that tell the heart when to pump.

This was done by an electro-physiologist (aka: electro-cardiologist).

No pain involved at all, except as the entry hole in the goin healed.

I have occasional (once a month or so) PVCs that lower my heart rate, but otherwise my heart is good.

Did a stress test last week and all is well heart-wise.

Hope all becomes well with you.

Now if I can just get to walking again.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Joe.
We await your return.

Jarheads Blog said...

Good luck Joe, come back soon, stronger than before.

Craig said...

I hope all goes well and you're on your feet soon. Good luck, Joe.

sue hanes said...

Joe - I have been experiencing shortness of breath - for some time now.

Could this be something to do with my Heart?

Hopefully not serious - but I did make an apointment with the doc for next week.

Thanksk Joe.

Ducky's here said...

Best of fortune, Joe.

Z said...

Long Ranger, good luck with that...but please don't take your chances. Those things apparently do good work!

Sue, any time you're having shortness of breath, you need to go to the doctor, particularly if you feel it more upon exertion. It could be anxiety, but I'm sure you know that. Otherwise, please go in soon.

JOE: I'm so happy you're having this done; everyone I know who's had it is so happy to be walking painlessly again. I wish that for you.
I did watch some of the video, but it's cured me of EVER considering having that done myself! (now I'll be gimping around in my old age, and you'll be dancing with Ginger Rogers!..thanks :-)

Seriously...all the best. Can't wait to hear what a big success it was!

Lisa said...

Good Luck Joe. You'll be almost be all brand new soon at this rate.

sue hanes said...

Z - I'm sure that what I felt today was not anxiety. My doctor is out of town but I have an appointment for next Monday. Until then I will take it easy - just to be sure.

I was shooting baskets in the driveway - and it wasn't until I started chasing the ball - and trying to to in for layups - : ] -
that it happened.

So I'll watch it for the next week.

If I die before next Monday it will be my own fault - because I have known that this was a problem.

But you know what - I truly beleive that it is something that can be 'corrected.'

At any rate - thanks Z - for your advice and concern.

And I'm not gonna take any chances in the next week.

Knuckledraggin said...

sue hanes said...
I was shooting baskets in the driveway - and it wasn't until I started chasing the ball - and trying to to in for layups
that it happened.

If I die before next Monday it will be my own fault - because I have known that this was a problem.

Sue if you die before next Monday, I might not be around, so let me say Good-bye to you now. BYE!

sue hanes said...

Hey Knucklehead - Thanks for caring.

And I'd be glad to take ya on anytime in a game of H-O-R-S-E.

I'm gittin' Really good at shootin' hoops - Knuckelhead.

I was gittin' pritty good at divin' to the basket and doin' layups - be 4 I got short of breath - that is.

Hey Knucklehead - do ya think Kentucky is gonna beat IU?

At any rate - it's gonna be a tough
1 for the Hoosiers.

Anonymous said...

And a tougher one for obammy

Leticia said...

I pray it goes well, but I think I will pass on watching the video. I can watch Zombie movies but not real life stuff, lol!

God bless and be healed soon, in the name of Jesus!

Z said...

Sue, I'm glad you realized that yourself...pain on exertion is usually not a good thing but, you're right...those things can almost always be fixed and they do thousands of procedures like that a day.

Let us know. I'm glad you have an appt for Monday.

Xavier Onassis said...

Sincere best wishes Joe! Hope all goes well.

sue hanes said...

Z - If you google shortness of breath - several entries come up about asthma.

I've never had asthma - but this is that time of year - so ya never know. My daughter was thinking that too.

At any rate - I am laying off of the exercise until Monday.

Thanks Z - for your concern.

Julie said...

As I have have been saying over the past years, Limbaugh should have been put-in-check as he unfettered spewed racist remarks against black people, now he has found it's more affective to attack women.
As my Facebook friend, Grace, said, How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Us Progressives will need to remember that as they continue their relentless assault on Rush Limbaugh's financial support base: His advertisers, and the radio stations that host his show.

Rush Limbaugh's radio show is played on 594 stations nationwide, in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Earlier today, he was still playing on 596 stations, but KPUA in Hilo, Hawaii, and WBEC in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, discontinued airing his show on their stations as a result of his virulently sexually-based attacks on Sandra Fluke, at least 38 separate instances for three straight days on February 29, March 1 and March 2. He's also been dumped by the only English-speaking radio station in Puerto Rico. Though Limbaugh has always boasted of 20 million listeners, Cenk Uygur has issued a $10,000 challenge to Limbaugh if he can prove his ratings.
Progressives who have watched as a dozen advertisers have now dropped Limbaugh were also heartened to see the three radio stations who dropped him send him a clear message, in no uncertain terms, that his rabid, foaming at the mouth rhetoric, his twisted, sexually-driven attacks on college student Sandra Fluke, were not the values they want to be associated with. What Limbaugh termed an apology, issued Saturday, didn't quell the tide of fleeing sponsors, nor, apparently, did his rationalization for the apology that he gave on his show on Monday. It appears his career may have followed his inflammatory and misguided rhetoric off a cliff. As noted by Sheldon Alberts on, "Al Franken had it exactly right in his 1999 bestseller: Rush Limbaugh is a Big, Fat Idiot. I'm sorry. That was insulting. I chose the wrong words and I certainly did not mean a personal attack on Mr. Limbaugh . . . He is most definitely not an idiot, just a mean-spirited boor who uses the tactics of a third-grade bully to denigrate anyone who doesn't conform to his rigid world view." Unfortunately for him, and happily for progressives, some of his sponsors and radio stations have decided to shun that rigid world view altogether.

Clear Channel's Premier Radio Networks hosts Limbaugh's show, and you can contact Clear Channel's Operations Manager With the show airing at 594 stations nationwide, Clear Channel would have to have a very compelling reason to terminate Limbaugh's contract - but maybe progressives can offer them many compelling reasons.
Perhaps pressuring local radio stations en masse will elicit more stations, like those in Hawaii, Massachusetts and Puerto Rico, to give Limbaugh the heave-ho. Although there is not, as of yet, a national movement to encourage radio stations to abandon Rush Limbaugh, we, progressives, are eating the elephant one bite at a time

sue hanes said...

question man - You raise some good pnts here.

sue hanes said...

Anonynous - 'go to and show your support'

Consider it done.

And btw - anon - you are - IMHO - instrumental in getting this country Back On The Right Track - and don't let anyone tell ya otherwise.

sue hanes said...

Julie - I would be happy to join you - and other Progressives - in taking a bite out of the big f*t elephant.

Thanks to you - Julie - in joining question man and anonymous - in a courageous attempt to better this Great Country of Ours - and ultimately the World - and I Believe - that we can Get Rid Of Rush Limbaugh - something that should have been done a long time ago.

or I'm not a traditional idiot housewife


Anonymous said...

sue hanes said...

Julie - I would be happy to join you - and other Progressives - in taking a bite out of the big f*t elephant.
or I'm not a traditional idiot housewife.

A question that is yer to be decided.
But if you continue to talk as you have to the idiots above, there may be hope for you yet!

sue hanes said...

Why thanks - Darth.

It is my Hope that there is Hope for me - yet.

I do try - and that is all I can do.

Say - Darth - is that dog in yer profile as mean as he looks.

Cause I'm scared of mean dogs - Darth.

sue hanes said...

To anyone in particular:

I wonder what Joe is gonna say when he comes back after his hip replacement - and sees what's been goin' on - on his Blog.


Lisa said...

Speaking of Dictators:

The question man said...

Jo-Joe, you represent the most hateful right-winger hypocrite!
Every pathetic comment on your website is from people who are uneducated white trailer trash. You seem to always make fun of my posts, and insult my intelligence . I will not sit around and have the hateful right deeming that anyone who hates Obama .

That is far from the truth and that is a fact! Oh, but calling President Obama a Muslim is sane. Calling him “evil” is sane, calling him a Marxist by twisting his words is sane, saying Obama hates America is sane. I’m not saying YOU believe and/or write this, some of your commentators and readers do, your commentators proved my point about their racism.

You and your commentators are Hypocrite to the highest degree. Obama is not a communist, Obama is not a Marxist. I guess when President Bush basically “kissed” the Saudi Prince, THAT was proof of a leader. I guess when he also bowed to the Pope, also that was proof of the leader?

jon1979 said...

After reading about the US Army staff sergeant who shot up Afghanistan civilians, I couldn’t help noticing an irony.There's all this ya-ya that the soldier HAS TO BE brought to trial QUICKLY and then EXECUTE him.

NEVER MIND that he was possibly suffering from a traumatic brain injury. NEVER MIND that he was a staff sergeant with 11 years of service in Iraq and Afghanistan and not some snuff Pfc that was hopped up on drugs with three months in country. NEVER MIND that he was on his fourth tour of combat duty. NEVER MIND that, in all likelihood, he was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) but had never been tested for it.

Similarly, another US soldier, Major Hasan (who shot up Fort Hood while screaming, "Allah Akbar!"*) STILL hasn't stood trial. The suits and white lab coats ARE STILL debating whether Hasan is possibly insane -- even with the CLEAR EVIDENCE regarding his REAL motive: KILL as many INFIDELS as possible.
So, we have a guy in a war zone who cracks, and he's GOT TO BE executed IMMEDIATELY.
But, another US soldier, who happens to be a Muslim psychiatrist -- a doctor who was stateside in a nice, safe office all day -- murders 13 and wounds 29 of our own guys. Hasan's defense counsel is arguing that he suffered PTSD -- from LISTENING to REAL SOLDIERS who had ACTUALLY EXPERIENCED REAL COMBAT.

My aching ass!
Two and a half years later, they still haven't tried the sonofabitch.
Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Confession of a Liberal.
I was a liberal Kool Aid drinking, snotnosed lapdog before being a sniveling, hypocritical progressive.

sue hanes said...

jon1979 - Major Hasan should be put to trial - now.

This fooling around by lawyers - over WHAT? - is ridiculous - and has got to stop.

Why does it take so long for Justise to be done?

Lone Ranger said...

Immutable Truth About Liberals #9. (This is a new one) The Liberal Golden Rule is, "Do unto others but scream bloody murder if they do unto you."

I didn't see any national campaign to "put in check" liberal talk-show hosts who spewed the most vile, vulgar, insane, violent rhetoric against Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Michelle Bachmann, etc., etc., etc.

Once again, the liberal drama queens prove that the only standards liberals have are double standards. And once again, they hold conservatives to standards of behavior that they themselves have no interest in meeting and could never meet themselves.

Anonymous said...

the question man...a typical liberal who shows zero class. leave a comment like this while Joe's having hip replacement...nice.
And VERY typical.
And VERY VERY stupid.

Somebody's not paying attention if they think Obama's a good president...and then they call us stupid? :-)

Anonymous said...

well Anonymous, you summed it up when you said, "the question man...a typical liberal who shows zero class."

Anonymous said...

He who rode Dusty, then Silver, said,

"....liberal talk-show hosts who spewed the most vile, vulgar, insane, violent rhetoric against Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Michelle Bachmann, etc., etc., etc....."

I know nothing about Ms. Palin, Ms. Coulter, Ms. Bachmann or the other Ms. etc.s, but I can tell you that Michelle Malkin is a Mongoloid - just like me - but she is of the Pilipino persuassion. Accordingly, it is not possible to spew vile, vulgar, insane or violent rhetoric agaisnt her.
Visit the Philipines, you'll understand.

sue hanes said...

Joe - Ok. It's Friday - and all of us here are waiting for an update on how ya are doing.

I only hope you are not too crabby to Bonnie.

And sorry - Joe - I know I speak for all of us Bloggers when I say that we took advantage of your medical leave - to have our own way with your Really cool blog.

Thanks - Joe.

: )

Lisa said...

Confession of a Liberal.
I was a liberal Kool Aid drinking, snotnosed lapdog before being a sniveling, hypocritical progressive.

Perfect anon!

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Hey Joe, hurry back, the libs are going wild.