Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Back in the early days of TV, there was a friendly little show on called "Ozzie and Harriet."

It was about family and the issues families often had to face.

One of its features was when the two sons, David and Ricky, got into arguments.

Invariably they dissolved into: "Oh yeah?!" "Yeah!" "Oh yeah?" "yeah!" which went on until Ozzie stepped in to put a stop to it.

That's very much like the ongoing arguments between conservatives and liberals.

Each side says, "It's like this." The other side then responds, "No it isn't."

Then the argument goes: Is, too. Is not. Is, too. Is not. etc., etc. ad infinitum.

Even when facts are presented, they are subject to interpretation (called "spin") by one side or the other.

Liberals look at snow, and blame it on the fact that the Great Lakes have not frozen over, leaving the moisture in the air to produce snow. Then when the lakes DO freeze over, they go back to their previous set of facts, and just change the name of the phenomenon to "climate change."

The fact that the data over the last 15 years has been deliberately manipulated, rearranged, made up and corrupted makes no difference to them at all.

Conservatives look at snow and see that it is usually the result of cold, rarely happening in the Temperate Zone in Summer, and conclude that global warming is NOT taking place, as we are in a record setting cold snap.

Now the phrase "climate change" is disingenuous, at best. "Climate" has always been defined by science text books as "The cyclical change in weather that occurs in a given area." Recently it has become a substitute for "global warming," and is said to be man-made.

Climate is and always has been. Climate change is and always has been. Climate change took place before mankind burned his first log.

Must have been carbon emissions from some alien life form in those days.

So why don't the liberals just concede that they were wrong and move on to some other crisis to emphasize?

Liberals operate from an ideological position that requires mankind to be the culprit for all of the world's woes, while asserting that man is basically good if you give him/her enough education.

They are totally incapable of seeing the contradiction of their beliefs, because their pride dictates that contradictions do not exist.

Now before you go off all half-cocked, we conservatives aren't that much better, only marginally.
We don't do a very good job of stating facts, largely because we have such a limited ability to express ourselves and our truths in a kind of English that makes sense.

So we say, "Is not!" or "Is, too!" instead.

How do we solve this problem.

One way would be to pay attention to me. I try to adequately research what I write about before I write about it, only occasionally waiting until after I write about it.

I'm nearly always right (politically speaking).

Now I already hear you screaming, "Joe, you are so opinionated. You always think you are right."

In the first place, that is a misinterpretation of what I just said. "I said I'm nearly always right." That is because I am a right winger, therefore, I end up on the political right of issues.

(See, you thought you caught me.)

Actually, I DO think I am always right.

Make me a list of the positions you hold to that you think are wrong, but that you insist on holding anyway.

Go ahead...I'll wait.

How long is your list?

We could decide troublesome issues with a vote, after all, this is a democracy, right?

Premise: The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow (almost sounds like a song).

Let's vote.

Pretend that one group out-votes the other 2 to one that the sun will NOT come up tomorrow. They present their arguments eloquently: The sun went down. The sky is no longer blue. The stars can be seen. There is NO immediate evidence that the sun is going to come up tomorrow or ever again. The fact that it always HAS come up in the past is discounted as irrelevant. We cannot see it, therefore it is gone.

Then the sun "comes up."

(Of course, we know that the sun does not "come up," the earth just rotates until this half of its inhabitants can now see the sun).

What we need here is some good, un-manipulated, un-corrupted science that will tell us why the sun has "behaved" the way it has in the past and why it is likely to continue to behave that way in the future; science that is not agenda based but that is based on physics.

In the political realm, what we need is empirical data that definitively proves that one system or another works or does not work. We need the same kind of good, un-manipulated, un-corrupted data that demonstrates what actually works: how and why.

The best we have is a sort of hodge-podge of history, math and economics that leaves far too much to imperfect human analysis. Not only that, it is written and re-written to suit the whim of whatever group is trying to prove what.

Without exception, every society that has ever existed before the one(s) we have today has failed.

It would be helpful to know why they failed, but we can't agree on that.

So what do we do?

Again, just check in with me and I'll be happy to tell you.

Recognizing that you probably won't do that, we are left to continually squabble about who is correct and who is incorrect.

Surely a person as intelligent as you can see that I'm right.


Right Wing Extreme said...

Actually we are a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. :P

Right Wing Extreme said...

I got you, but I like your site anyway.

sue said...

Joe - Danger level LOW.

That's just another way of saying I'm nice.

Joe said...

RWE: You are correct, as I have said repeatedly in my posts. My reference was from the point of view of the liberal who cannot be bothered with facts, but would just as soon vote on essues, since to Democrats we are a "democracy."

My form of sarcasm.

As previously posted, Ben F proclaimed, "A Republic, if we can keep it."

Joe said...

Sue: Yeah.

Right Wing Extreme said...

was just teasin' you Joe. Keep up the good work

Joe said...

RWE: OK...I think I will. I do appreciate your visit. Thanks for coming by.

Tom said...

Liberals cannot be bothered with "facts"? Really...

I present you with "facts" and you merely wave your hands and claim that the facts are a lie.. with zero evidence to support the claim.

I could point you to reports that have documented that last month (January) was the hottest January ever recorded. I could point you to reports documenting that the previous decade was the hottest ever recorded, but you'd insist it's all lies.

There is no real objective reality in your world because you simply make the world fit in your view of it, rather than basing your view on the reality of the world around you.

It's a very interesting method you have. It's good to know there is no evidence that could exist in the world that you would accept as "truth" if it condradicts your particular view. It is all "lies", by defintion.

It's really an extraordinary way to exist.

Right Wing Extreme said...

So are you going to point to them, or are you just going to claim it is ever so true just like the IPCC's claims for the hockey stick or the Himalayan glaciers? Lame-ass leftist. Hey I own a big chunk of property in Arizona that will one day have a beautiful beach-front view and ocean access that I will sell to you really cheap, half up front, the other half you pay after closing. No checks cash only. Don't worry, I'll give you a receipt for your earnest money. Dipstick.

Joe said...

Tom: You could? Why didn't you? That would have sealed your argument, unless, of course, those reports were as phoney as the ones manipulated, misconstrued, falsified and lied about by the IPCC recently.

So given the IPCC's head scientist's admission that the data was false and manipulated, we should still trust him, right?

How about you make me a list of the things I can trust you about and the things I can't.

I'm waiting.

Debbies Choice said...

The various liberal bloggers who've been writing about you and others like Malcontent are just like wild animals. It's very disappointing that Americans could sink to that level. But the hypocrites they are will be the first ones to champion Free Speech.

The Liberals Still Don't Get It said...

Obviously, there is no love lost between Obama and the Clinton machine. It may at first seem odd that Clinton would rush to Obama’s defense, but the tea party movement poses a threat far beyond the immediate goals of the Obama Administration.

The dirty democrats can try all they want, but they're too stupid to realize that they are going to make the tea party movement even stronger by doing this. 'Keep up the great work Bubba!'

If only Bill Clinton would have been this bold when he fueled the CRA and destroyed the housing market or when he lied about 'teabagging' Monica Lewinsky.
And we have idiots on the left like those who wish to discredit you Joe who can't find their assholes without a Map and a compass.

Debbies Choice said...

I have decided not to post comments on blogs that allow Liberals to run a muck and bash us Republicans..
Why waste my time and why allow them to attack me and call me the vicious things that they do!

Right Wing Extreme said...

I know you are not running away, but no matter why you go, if you go, they win. Fight back with reasoned argument and show them up as the brainless slugs who are unable think and reason, but only ooze from one sensation or feeling to another,that they are. If we turn our backs on the fight, they WILL win, by default yes, but we will wake up with the jackboot of liberal "it's good for you" tyranny on our necks without any one to blame but ourselves.

Joe said...

Debbie: I allow commenters like Tom to express himself here because he is the perfect example of a liberal who says he has facts, then doesn't present facts, just says he has them and/or could list them.

Tom believes statements like "Science has proven..." is a fact, when it is nothing more than a declarative statement. Yet he believes he has presented a valid argument.

This exposes him for what he really is, a pride-filled, misinformed person who is to be corrected.

If visitors get vile or vicious, I just delete them.

RWE: We dare not either relax or give up. Our cause is right and we must fight.

JMK said...

"So why don't the liberals just concede that they were wrong and move on to some other crisis to emphasize? (Joe)

You seem to come from a very hopeful, faith-based view that seeks out the good in akll of us.

While I do admire that, I was raised in New York City....I've been a firefighter there for going on 25 years...I believe in evil.

The climate data the IPCC report was based on was ALL fudged, every bit of it.

The CRU now acknoweldges that (contrary to Tom's post above) that there's been no significant warming since 1995.

In fact the planet has COOLED since 2000 (a full 10 years ago)


The East Anglia university's CRU scandal proves that the anthropomorphic global warming paradigmn is based on a hoax perpetrated by "scientists" bribed" with huge grants from governments eager to use "junk science" to expand their size and scope.

Leftists (American liberals) aren't motivated by honest disagreement. They aren't "potentially good people," who are temporarily confused, the true, committed leftist is motivated by a deep and abiding hatred of his fellow man and a personal and perverse will to power and control over others.

I wish it were different, but in my decades of is not.

Right Wing Extreme said...

I, like you, allow the leftist to display their idiocy for all to see, and I rarely delete them. This I do for two reasons. The first being that I respect the 1st amendment, but like my house, there are limits. Secondly, the more they show their insane ramblings, the more people will see them, and their beliefs, for what they are.

You are right that not only does evil exist, but it walks the Earth looking for a place to happen. Most libs that you meet on the street are not evil. They are merely victims, like us, of a failed state school system where the emphasis is on getting them out the door with as little fuss as possible and filling their heads with the knowledge of their RIGHTS without the balancing force of their responsibilities. It is little wonder then that because they have never been taught to think, that they do not. The go through life being guided by their feelings and a desire to feel good about themselves rather than what is right and good for society. I know this is dangerously close to the socialist ideology that Dear Leader espouses, but being a person who was taught to think, I know know the difference even if I can not always articulate it. Having said that, evil lays with our political masters uh I mean leaders, especially the leftist. they care only for power and squeezing the peepul, always for our own good, so they say. Politicians who do not work for the good of the people, as opposed to their own good, are bad enough, but those who smile at us and tell us it is for our own good so that they can profit, THAT my friend, is evil.

It is easy to get discouraged. We are facing adversity at every turn. The enemy seems to be everywhere we look. Even I get discouraged now and again. It is easy to fall into the trap, one I believe is created from self-pity, of giving up. That is the easy choice, but it is no solution. The true price of freedom is eternal vigilance and a willingness to lay down your life if need be. Know you are not alone. We struggle everyday in our own lives, and the leftist attempt to cut us from the herd and drag us down individually. Do NOT let them do this. Our strength lies in our willingness and ability to hang together, for if we do not, we will most certainly hang separately. This is the great strength of the left, they know how to organize and work together. We are learning to do this, and combined with our moral sense coupled with our ability to think, rather than just feel, is what will win us back our nation. I quote myself earlier when I told Debbie, "I know you are not running away, but no matter why you go, if you go, they win. Fight back with reasoned argument and show them up as the brainless slugs who are unable think and reason, but only ooze from one sensation or feeling to another,that they are. If we turn our backs on the fight, they WILL win, by default yes, but we will wake up with the jackboot of liberal "it's good for you" tyranny on our necks without any one to blame but ourselves." Support each other. Get together and struggle as a group. Do NOT allow them to divide and conquer. The only concept the left has that was well thought out is solidarity. Learn this one thing from the enemy and keep your chin up, your head down, and you powder dry. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND DEATH TO HER ENEMIES!

Joe said...

JMK: Thanks for the visit and comment.

I completely agree that there is evil in the world. One of the ways it manifests itself is through what is called one's "world view."

The way one sees the world influences the way he/she thinks.

In a world where "truth" is relative, one can hold that life is precious while at the same time allowing for the death of pre-born infants; ie: abortion.

While not all liberals are that extreme, the typical one does not hold personal consistancy in necessarily high regard.

Neither do they have reservations about lying if it fits their wider world view. Evidence: President BO's promise to televise certain proceedings on CSPAN. He did not suggest that maybe he would, he proclaimed that he would on many different occasions. But he did not, and his world view holds that he did not lie about it.

To the liberal mind set, it does not matter that cooling has taken place over the last 15 years, they want Earth to have warmed to fit their world view that mankind is the evil (except for them, of course...notice how none of them has volunteered to leave the planet to lesson man's effect on it)that causes all things to happen that they don't like.

They see no contradiction in either forced or paid volunteerism, because if they want something to be so, they just change the definitions to make it so. To them, volunteer no longer means to do something out of the goodness of ones personal heart.

That's what they try to do with marriage...just change the definition.

The liberal mind set is selfish, lazy, inconsistant and entitlement oriented.

This applies to both liberal Democrats and liberal "Republicans," the latter of which SHOULD be a contradiction of terms.

We need to get this mind set out of our government, if we have not already reached the point of no return.

RWE: I do not practice First Amendment rights on this blog, as I see the First Amendment as a restriction on Government, not on citizens. In other words, I am free to allow whom I wish on my blog, because it is my property, albeit a sort of etherial interpretation of "property."

I allow people like Tom for a season, but there is a limit to my graciousness...a limit of my own making.

Grung_e_Gene said...

America is a Democracy, the Republicans are Soviets. Because they take their name from their ideological sponsors the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics...

Right Wing Extreme said...

Wow that statement is so wrong headed and stupid I do not even know where to begin with my ridicule. America is a constitutional republic constitutional republic. Short Definition of a constitutional republic: A constitutional republic is a state where the head of state and other officials are elected as representatives of the people, and must govern according to existing constitutional law that limits the government's power over citizens. Does that sound a bit familiar. As for Republicans, That political party was founded in 1854 whereas the U.S.S.R. was founded in 1922. It is hard to name your group after a country that would not exist for 68 years. As for ideological sponsorship, wow do you really think the Republicans are more in line with socialist ideology than the Democrats? Really? If you really believe that idiotic statement, than all we can do is blame the state school system that did not bother to teach you anything. You bear some of the blame as well for not bothering to educate yourself after you escaped the state run schools. As for naming themselves the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, well that just goes to show that leftists tend to lie when assigning names to their groups. For evidence I give you the Pro-Choice movement that squelches all dissent, Global Warming being changed to Climate Change when the truth starts to come out and Terrorism being called Man Made Disaster. I weep at the fact that you are in the same gene pool with me. Not a very inspiring glimpse into the human condition or our future.

Joe said...

RWE: I think what GeG was trying to say is that he (she?) did not like my extrapolation of meaning from the two names of the two major Parties.

Borrowing my methodology from the liberals I have this to say to GeG: "dummy."

GeG, you, of course have missed the point of the post and have set out on your own to redefine its meaning...just as I accused liberals of doing.

RWE, you have described the basic nature of our country well. You point about the sequence of the names is perfect! I doubt that GeG has the guts to read it...or the ability.

Right Wing Extreme said...


I think i may have forgotten your original point as well, but it has been a bit since I read the post, which I have since done again. I may have made a mistake and used too many big words when responding to GeG as his puerile post should have been a clue that monosyllables would have been more in line with his intellect. I guess I am used to a higher level of discourse. I also noticed that we share a modus operandi. For all that I encourage reasoned argument, after I use such it is nice to put the boot in once or twice with a nice insult. I noticed that you use the same technique. I love that you get to insult a cretin as they deserve, but you do not sound childish, as they do, because you used big words and had evidence/reason prior to the insult.

Tom said...

Liberals are "animals"?

Oh.. that's just awesome..

Tom said...

And to answer the question.. data on the hottest January ever recorded on planet Earth..

That's all lies though, right Joe?

Data from NASA showing the last decade ever recorded.

That's all lies though, right Joe?

I guess that "seals my argument", right?

Wait.. no.. it doesn't.. because it's all "lies"... or something.

Tom said...

Sorry for multiple comments, but this is singularly the greatest thing I've ever seen a right winger type.. ever..

I love that you get to insult a cretin as they deserve, but you do not sound childish, as they do, because you used big words and had evidence/reason prior to the insult.

I had no idea that using "big words" was the metric that differentiated the "cretin" insults that sound childish from the "reason/evidence" based insults that Joe uses.

Of course I'm just assuming that's not paraody. Please.. that cannot be parody.

Joe said...

Tom: So you admit that my insults are "reason/evidenced" based?

Tom said...

I admit no such thing. I just thought that comment worth noting. It's brilliant on many levels, but not one in which your "insults" are somehow more legitimate based on some supposed "evidence" you presented.

It's rather odd this way you have of whining about certain styles while you engage in essentially the same thing constantly.

I certainly don't mind insults and such. I don't "mixing it up" and all that. It just seems a hollow complaint when someone uses the same exact style that he's complaining about others using.

But hey.. substantiating my claims re:global temps, "sealed my argument". Right?

Of course I'm just establishing a pattern where any and all "evidence" (via links to publications) are automatically "lies" by default in your view.

Joe said...

Tom: So you admit that you copy my style.