Thursday, February 4, 2010


In my last post I suggested that we establish a sort of blogging Tea Party, at which we would choose a subject to all write about, say once a month on a given day of the month.

We could call it TEA PARTY TUESDAY.

We certainly don't want to dictate what anybody CAN write about, but imagine if many of us decided that on the first Tuesday of March we were going to write about Prasident BO's view of the Constitution, as expressed in one of his current speeches, or some other subject we decide on.

We will try to write about the most current events we can, from a conservative point of view.

We could do our own research, or one or more of us could do some extensive research on what the president has said in the past, etc.

Then each of us could write from our own perspective what it means, choosing what we wish to emphasize and suggesting viable alternatives.

Linking to each other in the body of the post would increase our traffic, potentially from "outsiders" as well as our regular readers.

We are bound to get response from liberals, some of whom we may even influence.

Then, what if we took the salient thoughts and visited hundreds of liberal blogs, posting those thoughts in the comments section?

We could actually begin to overwhelm them with factual data that might begin to illustrate the folley of their thinking patterns.

People DO change their minds. Listening to Mark Levin this evening, I heard two callers who purposted to have come over to the conservative point of view after hearing the indisputable logic of it on Levin's show.

If the people begin to believe a lie that is repeated often enough, would that not also be so with a truth repeated often enough?

If you would like to be a part of it, leave a note to that effect in this comments section (I have already included those of you who indicated that you would be interested in taking part in the comments section of my last point). You can also make topic suggestions, as well.

I will post the upcoming suggested subject and the date it is suggested to be written about. I will also leave a brief notice of it in YOUR comment section.


Anonymous said...

sounds good

Joe said...

cliff: You're in! Topic suggestions are welcomed.

selahV said...

Hey Joe, check out the new video on my website: Political Matters. It's bound to go viral. :) selahV

Joe said...

selahV: That was good. I hope it does go viral.

Leticia said...

Looking forward to it.

ablur said...

I think we need subjects that will drive the November 2010 election cycle. Create a perspective and direction that we want our political leaders to emulate. If we start pointing in the right direction perhaps we can get people who are willing to move in those directions onto the ballot and into office.

I personally am more business minded so I am always looking to ways to encourage business and employment. You will notice that government take overs haven't come up on my list.

Honesty and integrity would be a good topic possibly using key historical figures to demonstrate the point like Here.

Just getting people into office that seek to do the will of the electorate, would be wonderful. It seems many are there to serve themselves and line their pockets.

Perhaps proper morals and Christian values that still overwhelmingly represent the people of this fine nation need to be better represented. We are not looking for a theocracy but a true and righteous spirit to be reflected in what is done on our behalf.

There is much work to be done.

Joe said...

Leticia: Me, too.

ablur: I agree. We need to push really hard to get the proper, conservative message out, one that reveals, establishes and take the moral high ground of a spiritually astute people.

ablur said...

Might I suggest a little reading.

It will give excellent fodder for posts. I don't have full respect for the founder for various reasons but the information hits a home run with me.
Platform for the American People

Joe said...

ablur: I share your opinion of Mr. Gingrich. This, however, looks at first read like a very well thought out document representative of the thinking of a majority of conservatives.