Thursday, February 11, 2010


Most of the colonists in Boston in 1773 were British citizens. They were not rabble rousers, nor were they disloyal to England.

Tea, as you know, was and is important to Englishmen. For centuries, every afternoon has featured “tea time,” during which the British pause for a refreshing snack of crumpets (a savory/sweet bread) and tea.

The British East India Tea Company had been awarded a contract to ship tea to the colonies in the New World. They got the tea mainly from the Indian subcontinent and China and delivered it to the various settlements in America.

Taxes on tea had gotten so high that colonists began buying “bootleg” tea from the Dutch, who did not tax the tea, making it much cheaper to buy.

In May of 1773 the British Parliament passed the Tea Act. The Tea Act placed a 25% ad valorem tax on tea, making it very expensive.

In part, this helped to keep the British East India Tea Company from filing bankruptcy, Parliament believing that it was a company too big to allow to fail.

The tax on tea had been put in place without input from the colonists, even though it was they who were most affected by it, since the act exempted those living in England from paying it.

Understandably the colonists were put off by the Tea Act and began protesting it.

After much pleading with Parliament to reconsider the tax, and after Parliament refused to do so, a group of colonists boarded the ships of the British East India Tea Company and destroyed the tea by throwing it into Boston Harbor.

This was one of the iconic events that eventually led to the American Revolution.

Parliament’s reaction was not to yield to the colonists’ desire to elect their own representatives, rather it was to enact the Coercive Acts, which closed Boston’s commerce. The Coercive Acts provided that commerce would remain closed until the tea that had been destroyed was paid for by the Americans.

The Boston Tea Party was a grass roots protest against a government that had ceased listening to those it governed.


It is a grass roots movement, not funded by large entities, but mostly by those directly involved in it.

The Tea Party movement demands that the federal government listens to those it governs.

Its fundamental principles are: 1. the smallest possible government; 2. individual responsibility; 3. the lowest tax rate possible (to maintain the country’s need for a firm union, a fair system of justice, peacefulness among it citizens, a strong national defense, the promotion [not provision] of the general [not specific] welfare, and the keeping of liberty for its citizens); and 4. respect for the Constitution.

With which of those principles of today’s Tea Party movement do you disagree and why?

(If you choose to respond, please give specific reasons and/or data, don’t call Tea Party members names…that indicates ignorance on your part and does not help your cause).


shoprat said...

The only response you will get from the left is name-calling. They learned all they need to know in Kindergarten and argue like five year olds instead of debate like adults.

Joe said...

shoprat: I've been in a comment string on a liberal blog, and you are absolutely right. All they know is name-calling.

Anonymous said...

What amazes me is how the left was always anti government now under any circumstance they are pro government,lock step and all. Never a good idea to give unyielding power to the government as we can see what that has done in some South American Countries.
I have been to a few of the Tea Parties for the same reasons and the people there well they are all worried about the same things.
They try to dismiss these people which makes for more frustration and in a "free" society the government works for the people not the other way around.
We shouldn't be putting up presidential candidates based on the color of their skin or the mythical creation of them by the media.
If people want to continue to live in a free society they may find it in their best interest to wake up,smell the coffee, and join the Tea Party Movement instead of carrying the torch for the government.

Anonymous said...

I agree with smaller government,lower taxes especially for business,less mandates and regulation and not give Union bosses say so over our economy. We already have labor laws.

Joe said...

Sue: As hard as you try, you cannot keep me from thinking of your blog as my favorite liberal blog.

Here are some quotes from your comments section about me:

"Joe - Your pius attitude..."

"...why people lose their rag and call you teabaggers..."

"...all you do is irrationally blast liberals..."

" only care about yourself..."

"Now go home, play with your toys..."

See, I've seen worse and have been called worse, still, your commenters are not totally benign, just clever with their name-calling.

But they do not respond with facts and reasoning, just finger pointing.

Except for Oso...he actually knows how to engage in dialog and conversation.

That's OK, 'cause I have great fun with it!

Americans For Prosperity is an organization of grassroots leaders who engage citizens in the name of limited government and free markets on the local, state and federal levels.

FreedomWorks fights for lower taxes, less government and more economic freedom for all Americans.

Neither has denied their relationship with the Tea Party Movement,thus the so-called "leaked memo" is a red herring.

I went to the park the other day to start a new movement for the promotion of old bald men. There was nobody there to fight the battle with me because there was no organization leading up to the event.

FACT: All movements have to have those willing to organize and promote them. That does not negate their grassrootsism.

Joe said...

Sue: BTW, I do provide a way for my readers to visit your blog. I have a blogroll dedicated to liberal blogs. Each link carries a rating with it, so visitors can know how infuriating it might be to pay a visit. Yours has earned the mild rating of MODERATE...not nearly as dangerous as some of the liberal blogs I visit.

Leticia said...

Well since I am an active TEA Party member, I agree with the movement wholly and completey.

The name-calling is usually associated with the Left. They are not capable of lucid, cognitive speaking.

Joe said...

Leticia: Me, too. You are quite right. In fact, I went to the blog she listed and found that to be overwhelmingly the case.

lisa said...

A woman in my area who is the head of the Tea Parties here is a single mom who makes 42,000 a year. Hardly backed by a big corporation,
We took up a donation for her to go to Nashville.
An ironic thing she is the 2ND youngest of 5 siblings all of who do not make any major decisions in their lives without her advice or input,even her mom. But the tea party thing they don't agree with. I think it's because the media influence and the racism thing attached to it.
In other words this woman has the wherewithal to make life decisions except that. Go figure.

Grung_e_Gene said...

It's clear the Tea Party was subverted by Racists after it's beginning, it's goals of a balanced budget with tighter fiscal responsibility are laudable, but the rage is completely displaced. The entire Financial Collapse is due to Bush, Reagan and the deregulation of the US economic system.

Add in completely shameless military spending, and then the supplemental spending on immoral wars and the Government subsidies to mainly but not exclusively Republican Cronies and Corporate Welfare for Oil Companies, Agra-Business Monsters and Mega Banking Firms and the Republicans brought on another Great Depression.

Now, they've been working but mainly failing at laying the entire blame on the Democrats, who are complicit.

But, once the Republicans absorb the Tea Party they will use the fervor to regain power and merely continue their own profligate and criminal spending laughing at the Teabaggers just as the Republicans laughed at the evangelicals who voted for them in 2004 expecting anti-gay amendments.

Frank's Place said...

Joe said...

PDH: I have just found your blog through a liberal who gave me a link to it as an example of how conservatives are the nastiest commenters in the blogosphere.

I found this, of course, not to be the case at all, but found that most of the offending comments came from those of her very ilk.

I enjoyed reading your past posts and will probably return often to see what's up here.

Take a look at what one of her readers said about "Right-Winger's Hating our Troops"

Frank's Place said...

Sue said...

Joe I invite all your guests to view my blog, they won't see namecalling in my comments thread. You are not telling the truth if you are referring to my blog.

shoprat go here: and see the hatefilled name calling by conservatives towards the liberal commenters.

Sue, I took your advice and just read your blog, and if I were your I wouldn't brag about it on a Conservatives blog like Joe's.
I thought it was disgusting. As were the comments there by your cronies.

lisa said...

"It's clear the Tea Party was subverted by Racists after it's beginning,"

And the progressives are laughing at the democrats for allowing them to hijack their party.
It has nothing to do with racism and for the most part tea partiers don't care what color Obama is they just care that he's a big tax and spend pro government(Fannie and Freddie) liberal progressive.
At least the Republicans are our only chance to adhere to what the Tea arty movements is sayiong unlike the deaf ears in DC now.
Oh by the way I hear it's time for another White House Drunken Party.

the malcontent said...

Lisa said
"And the progressives are laughing at the democrats for allowing them to hijack their party."

What a bunch of dummies, a pox on both their hoses.

Sue said...

it's a shame Joe that you and your ilk can't be civil to a liberal guest. You sure had me fooled!

It's just what I said before, you slip and slide around the persons comment with mean-spirited sarcasm, all the while pretending you all are christians. sad

Joe said...


Let's see...I said yours was my favorite liberal blog. Was that evil on my part?

I said that I provide a way for my visitors to visit your blog. Was that evil? After all, you invited them.

Was it the quotes from the comments section of your blog?

Oh, well. Your's is still my favorite liberal blog.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Lisa: At least the Republicans are our only chance to adhere to what the Tea arty movements is sayiong

Hardly, the Republicans have merely bamboozled their supporters into believing they care when all the Republicans care about is regaining control of the government to Steal Trillions of US Tax Payer dollars and ship it over to Switzerland and UBS.

And if you think giving 50,000 USC to a poor person through Fannie and Freddie caused the housing collapse, when the Reagen deregulation allowed the rampant speculation by Billionaires and the building of huge tracts of poorly made housing through Billions in loans from the Reagan, Bush 1 and Bush 2, you have been duped by Fox Propaganda.

lisa said...

50,000 to a poor person? You mean 1/4 of a mortgage to one person?
Try 200,000 to millions of poor people. Nice twist though.
Funny how the democrats were the ones who never wanted to take away loopholes for the rich and ironically how we never hear anything more about UBS. I guess they found out that too many democrats had money there.
Just like how the democrats laughed when Bush wanted to try and fix Social Security yet they will be forced to do something and watch how they take the credit for that.

Joe said...

GeG: Fact is, I don't have cable in my home, thus do not get the Fox News Channel.

The conclusions I draw concerning the Tea Party Movement are from my own experience (not subsidized by any corporation or agency) and conversations with those involved around the world.

And please don't talk to me about Republicans wanting to "Steal Millions of Taxpayer Dollars" while the Thief-in-Chief is in office. He aspires to be the grandest confiscator of citizens' money in the history of the universe.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Okay, I won't inconvenience you with the actual history of the Reagan and Bush Legacy of Wanton Tax Payer Theft after all it is difficult to accept that one has been duped for decades. The Redupelican Party.... Hmm, gonna have to use that.

lisa said...

He aspires to be the grandest confiscator of citizens' money in the history of the universe.

Ditto Joe

Joe said...

GeG: "Redupelican" As much as I dislike the way you intend to use the word, I have to admit it is original and amusing.

lisa: I double your ditto and raise you one.

Pedaling said...

i plan to be there in Washington this august!

from what i've witnessed it seems to be typical of the progressive left to use the same tactics every time- find out what it is that's most dear to a person- then TRY & use that against them.
For you (& me) that would be Christianity, so what do "they" do?- try to use that as a defense or persuasive guilt power - thinking somehow if will "get" to you.
unfortunately, progressives have no concept of what it is you truly know, how you came to be what you are, and because of, what i would call, their evil heart, their desired affect, is a big fat FAIL every time.
then when they get frustrated the name calling begins along with attempts to mock (which ends up making them look ridiculous), & then, finally, ending with lies and made up stories to fit the latest surprise.
case in point:
a vote for Brown is a vote for Obama
or how about this one:
more snow is further proof of global warming -
it's the republicans fault that BO can't get anything done.
shall i go on????
"stupid is as stupid does"

Joe said...

Pedaling: You hit the proverbial nail on the proverbial head. I love your analysis of liberals' reactions to their surprise!