Monday, February 1, 2010


Conservatives have been laughed at for sounding the warning that the government wants to get into every aspect of our lives.

Don't believe it?

Check this out RIGHT HERE.

Now the administration wants to intrude in our Friday, Saturday and Sunday (or whatever other days might be included) college football!

They want to control the way the national championship is determined!

Now, maybe there needs to be a change...maybe not.

That misses the point.

What in the name of oyster shuckin' business is it of the federal government to decide such a thing?

I promise you that if the NCAA thought it would make a difference in revenues, the change would be made. If it is not clear to them that income would be affected, they will not change.

In the end, it is their decision, not the Fed's.

The government is using the guise of "anti-trust laws" to make the possible change, but that, too, misses the point.

THERE IS NOT ONE SINGLE, SOLITARY ARGUMENT FOR THE GOVERNMENT'S INVOLVEMENT HERE! NOT ONE! NOT EVEN THE: "Well, they provide financial resources for the players....etc."


The point of college football is the sport itself and its spectators.

Barack H. Obama! Get the heck out of my life...especially my football!







Tom said...

Where in the Constitution does it say that Congress can regulate sports?

Power-mad politicians trying to grab more power...

Leticia said...

What the heck?! This isn't communist China. Congress had better keep their filthy, money-grubbing hands off our sports! Sports fanatics will not sit idly by.

Joe said...

Tom: Of course, it doesn't.

Laticia: There seems to be no end to it. See tomorrow's post to find out what they're planning to do with the Internet!

Dan said...

This is funny. I was getting ready to right what the... when I suddenly noticed Leticia's first words. Can anyone imagine the frenzy the media would have football fans whipped into if a republican government tried this?

Joe said...

dan: Are you suggesting that the media might be biased? Maybe even left-leaning?