Wednesday, February 10, 2010



The thing I want you to notice is the length of her speech. It's the better part of an hour long!

Hold on to that thought, it will be important later.

Now here are some folks from the left commenting on Sarah Palin's use of her hand as crib notes (the first few minutes will tell you all you need to know):

In this next video you can see how smooth and coherent your President was when his TelePrompter went out in the middle of his speech and he had to speak from his heart:

See, you just don't understand. When President BO uses the TelePrompter because he is totally incapable of coherent and fluid speech without it, it shows suave leadership and astute intelligence.

When Sarah Palin gets a one hour speech done smoothly and coherently, with charm, grace and energy and with a few brief notes on her hand, somehow it is a sign incompetence.

Would someone please explain the logic of that?

In my humble, but correct, opinion, Sarah Palin's intelligence can run circles around Barack Obama's intelligence any day of the week and twice on Saturday afternoons.

As for Joy Behar. Ron Reagan and Stephanie Miller...well, they have exposed themselves as not only totally prejudiced people but as completely mindless, lacking the intelligence of a larval tapeworm.


bluepitbull said...

I heard the Behar/monologue conversation this morning. Very not enlightening.

Sue said...
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Joe said...

Sue: I've been blog hopping. I do not base my observations on what others have said, I base them on what I see and hear.

Her speech was dynamic, inspiring, intelligent and, yes, anti-Obama...a point in its favor.

As usual, though, like most liberals, you have missed the point of the post, which was not the content of her speech, but how foolish those are who make a big deal of her palm crib notes and ignore Obamas dependence upon the TelePrompter.

You commented based on my post title and neither watched the videos nor read my comments about them or you would have understood the point.

Unless, of course, you are not capable of discerning the point of words, sentences and paragraphs.

Saying it was "horrific" and calling her "uneducated" and "dumb" is not a refutation of a single point she made.

It makes you look dumber than I think you are.

Did you actually HAVE any points to refute any of her statements, or are you too uneducated to come up with any?

Did you understand the point of the post?

Sue said...
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Joe said...

Sue: Not her intelligence (which cannot be questioned...she exhibits it often), her speaking ability. It was her use of palm notes that was ridiculed by Behar, Ron reagan,

I'm saying that is a red herring and not worthy of note (Stewart notwithstanding).

As Obama should be judged on the basis of his accomplishments and policies, so should Palin.

Sue said...
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Sue said...
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Joe said...

Sue: "But she couldn't handle the stress so she QUIT."

What's your evidence for that?

I mean, she DID quit, we know that. My question is about what evidence your have that she quit because she couldn't handle the pressure.

Is that nothing more than your conclusion, or do you have some evidence of that?

BTW: I did NOT say I thought she could be president. After all, she is a woman and she is white.

Can't have that, can we?

I like former Secretary of State Condoleza Rice for president.

Joe said...

Sue: I watched that video.

In it SP supported the Constitutionns of Alaska and the US, stating that she knew that AIP agreed with her, not her with them.

I guess liberals bring a certain mindset to a topic and hear everything in terms of that mindset.

That contradicts their mantra of "open mindedness."

Open mindedness can be a detriment when it only works one way. It can also be a detriment when it is so open that it can hold nothing.

sue said...

Joe - Good idea about Condi for prez. She could save the country money by providing entertainment (piano and cello) at State Dinners. I like her. And a h--- of a lot better choice than Palin.

Sue said...
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Leticia said...

I agree Sarah Palin can run numerous circles around Obama. The man can't go to bed without using a teleprompter. I am surprised he was a lawyer, tell me how he survived without his aids?

Sarah Palin jotted down 5 little things on her hand and had no need of a teleprompter are the liberals that insecure about their president's incompetence that they have to insult Sarah?

As for Behar and the rest, morons, won't even waste time on them.

sue said...

Joe - You do have it straight, don't you? I am the lower case sue - not the capitol Sue. I don't want anyone else's comments attributed to me.

I know you think I'm a nice airhead, and that's fine, but I don't want anyone speaking for me.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a huge Palin for President fan, but I love how she drives the left nuts.

Joe said...

Sue: sue wants to be sure I know the difference between you and her.

I do.

sue: I know the difference. You're a nice person.

(I did not say Sue is NOT a nice person...I said you are.)

Leticia: She is so smart that she forces liberals into a frenzied attack mode.

Silverfiddle: I have NEVER endorsed Sarah Palin for president, although I would not discourage her from running. (Let's see how the liberals interpret THAT one.)

Sue: Oh, and yes...I was serious about Rice....two birds with one stone...unbeatable. Also unlikely.

Joe said...

sue: Where on earth did you get the idea that I think you are an airhead? I don't think that. I think you are a nice PERSON.

Mark said...

I think it's amusing to watch the left quake at the mere sight of Sarah Palin. What are they afraid of?

She has to be on the right track or the left wouldn't fear her so much.

Anonymous said...

The left worships Obama so much that they feel the need to defend him him regardless of how bad his policies are for the country.
Wow Jo you don't even get that same free pass do you?
I wonder why the media and the left felt they have a free pass to continually attack Palin which started from day one after her RNC speech with statements like "Lipstick on a"Pig" and all, yet anyone who disagrees with their mythical man is either hateful or racist.
I guess that's what happens when certain people appoint themselves higher and mightier than others.

Sue said...
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Joe said...

Mark: What indeed! They seem to be totally freaked out!

Lisa: Thanks for the visit. Attacks on Palin are born of fear, and fear alone.

Sue: "Stop saying the left worships Obama!" The left ACTED like they were worshipping him during the campaign and through the first year of his presidency.