Monday, February 8, 2010


President BO wants to have the Republicans meet with him for a "bipartisan" discussion on health care.

Now, the fact is, health care is dead in the water because the people have killed it. So what could possibly be his motive to meet with Republicans on the matter?

Maybe he believes that if he runs up the health care sail, along will come a great wind to push it forward.

Is that what you think?

If you don't think the breezes will materialize, but President BO thinks they will, either he is smarter than you are (which we know he believes) and is correct, he is wrong or he has some other hidden agenda.

What could be his hidden agenda?

Let's see whether we can discern what is going on.

He wants Republicans in one place.

He wants the meeting televised on C-SPAN.

He wants Republicans' ideas on health care.

He wants health care to be adopted, having stated firmly that he will not back down.

Getting Republicans together in one place would give President BO an opportunity to once again scold them for not backing his health care "reform."

Wanting the meeting televised on C-SPAN appears designed to soften the criticism that he did not put the proceedings or the bills on C-SPAN as he had promised he would.

Asking the Republicans to share their ideas on health care with him has to be a red herring, because they not only have shared them with him already, the ideas are all over the Internet.

The thing is, the President (along with the Democrats in congress) has rejected every one of them. Why would he want the Republicans to share them again?

Think, think, think.

Conclusion: President BO has heard the voice of the people, does not like the voice of the people and intends to do what he wants to do in spite of the voice of the people.


The only reasonable explanation is that he believes he knows what is good for the American people and intends to implement his program whether they want it or not.

Have you a more reasonable explanation? Share it with some illustrations to back up your rationale.


Teresa said...

He's going to use this to say that the Republicans are obstructionists afterwards. He's going to use this meeting to appear to be bi-partisan when in fact he's not.

Joe said...

Teresa: Yeah. No matter what the Republicans suggest, President BO will blow them off. He will use the meeting to his advantage, and to the detriment of the Republicans.

Let's hope the Republicans are smart enough to know that BEFORE agreeing to any such meeting.

lisa said...

Of course he has a hidden agenda. Too bad not all Americans can see "through" all that transparency.

Linked you from Sue's blog. Great comments you made there.

If the Republicans were smart they should add that they want the drug companies to lower their costs.
I wonder how BO would handle that being one of his "slight of hand" deals was to let them raise their costs if they advertise his Health Care bill for him.
They have to beat him at his own game. Unfortunately it has become one big chess game because of all it's deceptions.

Joe said...

lisa: Thanks for the visit! Sue is one of my favorite liberals. She has no idea why she is a liberal, but she will never change.

I'll drop by your blog and give it a look.

Joe said...

lisa: Just got back from your blog. It seems you have no thoughts. What am I doing wrong? LOL

lisa said...

No blog sorry Joe.

Joe said...

lisa: Oh, well the page is nice!

selahV said...

Posturing...Posturing...Posturing. Smoke...Mirrors...Television and You-Tube advertising photo shoots.

sue said...

Joe - Maybe when he gets the Republicans together to discuss health care, instead of a teleprompter he will write his notes on the palm of his hand.

Do ya think?

Joe said...

selahV: If you ask me, he needs to walk with a book on his head to improve his posture.

sue: Hey! That was funny!

sue said...

I'll bet you have real good posture since you don't have the weight of the world on your shoulders (or in the palm of your hand. hee hee)

Joe - Wanted to make sure - did you know there is another 'Sue' and that may have been who Lisa is talking about. If you ever run into her, she is capital 'S' and I am lower case 's.'

And I do know one reason I am a liberal - that is because I'd never want to be a Conservative.
Another reason is that I am liberal.

Joe said...

sue (small "s"): Yeah...we're a vile, vicious bunch.

Leticia said...

I hope that the Republicans will see past this flim-flam and say "no." I would question his motives because at first he was holding these very private hush-hush meetings that excluded all Republicans and now he wants to play nice? I don't think so, something smells like yesterday's diapers.

If it looks like a rat and smells like a rat, it is a rat.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Sue said...

I'm your favorite liberal?? Is that a joke, Joe? lol :-)

watch out for lisa, my resident troll. Oh, but she is conservative so you guys can talk and talk and maybe she'll stay over here and leave me alone! :-)

Joe said...

Sue: I love liberals! In general, the more liberal they are the more I like them.

Being a highly intelligent man, I love to read the disjointed logic patterns of liberals. You know: bears are brown and have four legs. I saw a brown animal with four legs. I must have seen a bear.

The only liberals I don't tolerate (yes...I am intolerant of some things, for instance: lightening. I don't want to be struck by it, regardless of the fact that I have never had that experience.) are those who pretend to be wise but are not in suffecient control of their senses to know why politeness is a virtue and should be practiced by humans in their interactions, especially as it relates to vulgar language.

It is impossible to claim intelligence without understanding that words have meaning and that their meanings evoke certain responses, some good, some bad.

I have visited and read your blog with some frequency, only recently commenting.

You are one of my favorite liberals, giving me loads of good laughs.

Actually, as far as I can remember, this is the first time lisa has commented on my blog, although I have seen her on yours.

I welcome her, as I do you (for different reasons, of course).

Leticia: The diaper thing was great! Very funny!