Friday, February 12, 2010



That's my occasional liberal commenter, Xavier Onassis. You know, Mr. Kool. You can read his blog (if you have any reason to want to) at: Hip Suburban White Guy .

XO has occasionally commented on my blog and been deleted because his remarks were unrighteously and unkindly aimed directly at my other commenters, which I don't allow.

He screemed, "No freedom of speech on this blog," and stopped commenting so often.

But XO has not banned me from his blog (as far as I know, anyway), nor is he banned from mine...just closely monitored.

No, I have been summarily castigated and told, "Buh-Bye," by the writer on one of my favorite liberal blogs: Hellooooo...Mr. President , run by a lady named Sue (uppercase "S"), not to be confused with another of my favorites, sue (lower case "s") over at The Reclusive Blog. "sue" (lower case "s") is a very nice person, who hates to be called a nice person, which, of course, is why I call her a nice person every chance I get.

Sue (upper case "S") is a very sensitive liberal who got her feelings hurt by my having pointed out how some of her commenters called me names, even though she professed that her blog was the essence of civility.

Among other things, Sue (upper case "S") believes that the deep snow that had her pinned in was caused by, what else, GLOBAL WARMING! She also loves Rachael Madcow and John Stewtard.

(I have to admit that John Stewtard is quite funny and is an almost equal opportunity basher, with strong liberal leanings, of course).

Now, I believe that blogging should have an element of fun about it. Therefore I often illustrate my points with a sort of outrageousness that is designed to catch the attention of the reader and still say what I need to say.

Being a staunch intellectual, I sometimes exceed the understanding of my readers, especially the liberal ones. Witness Xavier Onassis' comments in my previous post. (OK, look: I KNOW he was that? I may be dumb, but I'm not stupid.)

Back in the old days (yesterday), when I was actually allowed to comment on Sue (upper case "S")'s blog, my comments were addressed by a liberal fellow who goes by the name, Oso. He is one of the few liberals with whom I have been able to have an actual blogoscopic conversation.

Instead of name calling, he articulately laid out his beliefs and philosophies, along with reasons why he believed them. He also asked for my response...can you imagine that?

I totally disagreed with him, but really enjoyed the back-and-forth.

Although Oso's link was active, it did not seem to lead to an actual blog.

If you know whether he has a blog and how to get to it, I would love to know, 'cause I can no longer converse with him on Sue (upper case "S")'s blog.

Meanwhile, back at my subject, I absolutely defend Sue (upper case "S")'s right to ban me from her blog.

The "Free Speech" clause of the Constitution applies to the federal government, not to homes, blogs, public venues, etc., so nobody has a "right to free speech" on someone else's blog unless granted by the blog owner.

So here I sit, languishing in Banville, able now only to read one of my favorite liberal blogs, no longer to comment on it.

You have to admit, this is a sad, sad tale.

Don't you?

OK...maybe not so much.


Anonymous said...

I saw Sue's blog post and wondered what happened. A little trackback led me to you.

I didn't see anything particularly egregious, but it's not my blog.

I have a problem with anyone, left or right, who merely watches MSNBC or FOX and parrots what they've heard.

I agree with you about Oso. I don't agree with his politics, but he expresses himself well and you can tell he's done his homework by investigating both sides.

It is more interesting to me to hear someone who has went to Paul Ryan's Moving America Forward site and then provided a rebuttal.

That is why I also stay away from WND and Newsmax. Little thought, lots of rightwing outrage.

Joe said...

Silverfiddle: I appreciate your visit!

I try to stay informed by watching both state-run media and conservative media, although I don't have cable and can't watch Fox news with either one or two eyes.

I also read liberal blogs, when I can stomach it, 'cause I want to know how the other side thinks (if you can call it that in most cases).

A friend in deed said...

Sue said...
Joe is turning into a stalker I do believe. Thanks to sitemeter he has been here for over a half hour reading and just enjoying hanging out. He left me a comment saying so. Why not go to your own kind Joe? Why do you need to read my blog when all you do is laugh and make fun of me and liberals? It's sick and plain stupid.

February 12, 2010 1:11 PM

TOM said...
As I said yesterday, I have been to Joe's blog. He is one of the backstabbing trouble making conservitives morons. Just cut him off, he will die away quick.

February 12, 2010 1:32 PM

Sue said...
I hope you are right Tom, but somehow I doubt it. Its a shame when some on both sides of the isle try and be respectful to each other, then you have ones like him and his ilk come by and cause trouble. They are sneaky fucks and use sarcasm that I don't find amusing. Thanks Tom

February 12, 2010 1:40 PM

tnlib said...
Just delete him asap. Don't explain why, don't warn - just do it. After awhile, if that doesn't work, moderate.

February 12, 2010 2:09 PM

Joe said...

Hey! Hey! Hey1 I'm a stalker for reading other people's blogs!

Is that paranoia, or what?

So let this be a warning to you: If you read other's blogs you are a stalker!!!

Watch for the PC police to show up at your doorstep at any moment!

(Actually, I've been reading Sue's blog for some time, she just didn't know it, 'cause sometimes I just surf around finding out what people are talking about.)

With a Little Help From Your Friend said...

Sue said...

Tom I'm sure when Pam sees it it will get deleted and not before she has some choice words for the scumbag.

Truth thanks, I will continue to speak out as I have, no so-called christian soldiers will stop me!
All this just because I didn't want to play with back-stabber Joe anymore. Wow, he and his friends are fabulous people

Leticia said...

Well, I know that you are not a stalker, or does that make me a stalker as well...what a conundrum?

I am sure Sue will come to her senses, and let you comment again. You have insightful and very colorful remarks, she'll miss that, if not be as colorful as you like on mine.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Joe said...

Leticia: I am not concerned with Sue's reaction. There are very few people with an intellect higher than that of a maggot who read her blog. I just like it because one never knows which way she is going to take a thought.

I'll still go there and read it, just as I read other liberal blogs, even though, as she puts it, they are not my kind (sounds racist to me).

Happy Valentines Day to you as well.

lisa said...

I found this great comment about Global Warming from a conservative blog:

"Tomorrow's weather will prove that what I am going to tell you about tomorrow's weather tomorrow will be true."

I saw Sues' post today and decided not worth commenting. You can't argue with someone who has on her blog that the president is cool. She used to have "I love you Mr President"
So I guess it is personal.
My sister-in-law voted for him because he's "cute"
They are all so smitten plus Love is Blind.

Joe said...

Lisa: I like that quote.

I look at President BO and for some reason I don't see "cute."

There are a number of other descriptive words and phrases that come to mind, though.

Oso said...

Hi Joe,
I don't have a blog, just like to read and post at them. I'll drop in from time to time.

Interesting thing about economics, two people can observe a single phenomena and come up with completely opposite yet workable and logical solutions.

Which is why I enjoy exchanging viewpoints.

Thank you for the kind words as well. I appreciate and agree with what you say about either side parroting what they've heard rather than investigating and making their own determination.

I like the saying "You're entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts". We interpret facts differently of course.

Joe said...

Oso: Thank you so much for dropping by. I look forward to your future visits. We may not find much agreement, but we will find good conversation.

lisa said...

haha I don't see cute either Joe. I see alot of things but cute isn't one of them.

ablur said...

I have stopped commenting for a while on liberal blogs. It is simply to exhausting trying to hold up a conversation that weaves and dodges so much. The remind me of butterflies, going from place to place with no rhyme or reason only whim and fancy.

Joe, you always offer a different perspective that stimulates thought. You rarely settle for mediocre and you some how find the time to post an entry every day.

Joe said...

ablur: You are very kind. I still go to liberal blogs from time to time, but I have to admit that it can become very tedius.

lisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lisa said...

I just had an epiphany Joe in light of Ablur's comment. The reason Sue banned you is you leave her speechless by making too much sense and being they can't tell you to do your reseasrch or call you an uneducated redneck they just ban you.They hate when people are smarter than them. You know liberals being the only "smart" people and all.
Speaking of being smart I was channel surfing last week and her Bill Maher say "Obama is so much smarter than the rest of us"
What a stupid drone. He used to be funny before he started talking about politics. He sounds like all the rest of them. Boring drivel.

Pedaling said...

sue, oh, sue,
she used to love to come to my blog and tell me how stupid i am....

debates backed by name calling & no facts - lose every time-

Joe said...

lisa: Bill Maher has dived to the depth of depravity. No longer does he even have a sense of humor, in spite of the snide grin plastered on his countenance.

Pedaling: Sue is a trip. I still visit her blog, even though I have been banned.

tammy said...

I, too, am familiar with crazy Sue. I read her blog only a few times, but because I was a friend of Pedaling's and would comment to Sue on Pedaling's blog, Sue decided to email me and accuse me of being a troll on her blog and proceed to swear at me and call me names. When I emailed her back and told her I wasn't her troll, she called me a liar and more with the names. She is just a hateful person. She claims to want comments from everyone, but she doesn't. Not if you don't agree with her, and not if like Lisa said, you make sense and have facts to back up your opinion. She claims to be Christian, but she is the worst example of a Christian I've seen. She's too filled with hate.

Joe said...

tammy: Thanks for the visit!

Your assessment is quite correct! I feel sorry for her, but she represents a large cross-section of liberal bloggers.

Pedaling said...

sue, sounds like a liberal posing as something they are not-
we're on to your games.
carry on.

Pedaling said...

you blogged right in and proved my point.
thanks for always making it so easy.

no worries, joe, i'm done with this little conversation.

my comments from here on out (for the most part) will be directed at you, your thinking, my thoughts, maybe some questions and just tuning in to read what you have to say! :) didn't mean to turn your comment section into a bit of predictable fun with sue-

Joe said...

Well, my favorite liberal blogger, Sue came by. She left some explitives, attacked me and my other commenters personally and exuded filth.

Although I never used that kind of filth on her blog she deleted me.

She came back whimpering that I deleted her comment. She was vulgar once again so I deleted her again.

I'm heading over to her blog to say something dirty, like, "Boo!"