Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I'm just a solitary blogger.

My blog attracts a number of readers, mostly conservatives, but quite a few liberals as well.

Many of you are in similar situations, with quite a few readers and some active discussions in your comments sections.

Most of you, like me, feel like "lone voices" in the great expanse of the blogosphere.

Most of our readership is nothing close to that of the really big names in blogging, like Michelle Malkin (Michelle Malkin), Kevin Jackson (Black Sphere ), or Jim Hoft ( Gateway Pundit ).

I'm wondering whether we could collectively increase our effectiveness if we chose a day of the month, or even of the week, to express our opinions in our own way but on a given topic.

As an example, we could choose the second Tuesday of the month to all write about a particular aspect of the health care debate, Cap and Trade, climate change or whatever seems to be at the fore at the time.

We could poll one another to determine what general area we would deal with on the chosen day, write our posts on the subject and thus get a wide view of the issue from a conservative viewpoint.

We often end up posting on the same subjects, but organizing in this way might make our voices more influential and even attract more readers.

I believe that we are poised to have a historic impact on the political events in the mid-term elections and next presidential election.

We could make this a sort of Internet Tea Party.

Just a thought. Let me know what you think.


bluepitbull said...

Interesting. If you can get enough people to sign off on this idea, I'm on board as well.

Joe said...

bluepitbull: I think the idea needs a little refinement, and we certainly don't want to dictate what anybody CAN write about, but imagine if we all decided that on the second Tuesday of March we were going to write about Prasident BO's view of the Constitution.

We could do our own research, or one or more of us could do some extensive research on what he has said in the past, etc.

Then each of us could write from our own perspective what it means, choosing what we wish to emphasize.

Linking to each other in the body of the post would increas our traffic, potentially from "outsiders" as well as our regular readers.

We are bound to get response from liberals, some of whom we may even influence.

Then, what if we took the salient thoughts and visited hundreds of liberal blogs, posting those thoughts in the comments section.

We could actually begin to overwhelm them with factual data that might begin to illustrate the folley of their thinking patterns.

If the people begin to believe a lie that is repeated often enough, would that not also be so with a truth repeated often enough?

Leticia said...

That's not a bad idea. I'm in. Just give me the heads up on when we start this. I like the idea of
"Internet TEA Party."

ablur said...

I like the idea and all the work you put into it.

Perhaps I could try and be more organized. My work schedule keeps me from being timely and consistent. Pencil me in for the beginning of the month, I usually have more available time then.

Most of my blogging is reactionary, I react to things that set me off. I do research and write unique pieces, but not as often as I should.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

There's strength in numbers -- even in cyberspace.

Teresa said...

I like the idea of an "internet Tea Party." Count me in if others agree to as well.

Excellent video!

Joe said...

Leticia, ablur, PCC & Teresa: Consider yourselves counted in.