Sunday, July 5, 2009


Sarah Palin has announced that she will resign as Governor of Alaska.

You already know that, but do you know why?

Neither does anybody else.

Oh, there are plenty of speculators out there.

She's going to run for President.

She's going to run for the senate.

She's resigning for personal issues.

She's in the midst of some kind of scandal.

She has some insufferable disease.

Her kids are getting to hard to deal with.

She's giving in to her husband's wishes.

Her political career has run its course.

She's mad at Americans.

She's young...she'll be back!

I've seen them all.

They are all wrong.

For those of you who have been stewing over this, I have the definitive answer.

Are you ready?

Do you really want to know?

Well, here it is:


Why is that so hard to admit?

I suspect she will tell us in due time...don't you?


bluepitbull said...

Sounds reasonable. One of the reasons I haven't posted about her.

Thank you, great guru.

Tom said...

Pundits live to speculate. It's their reason to live and collect a paycheck. Sad, isn't it?

Gov. Palin may never make public the reason she resigned, and that's OK with me if she doesn't.

Bryan said...

Here are some things Mrs. Palin said on her facebook page.

Mustang said...

The sooner we stop placing these people on pedestals, the sooner they'll begin acting as if they work for us ...

Just sayin'

sue said...

I say she's gonna run for president. But then sometimes I'm a pessimist.

Z said...

I'm not sure we hear all the negatives against her in Alaska down here (though we hear so many lies....every law enforcement agency is saying they haven't what the leftwing media's saying they do...let's see if that's true)...and Bryan's link to her facebook helps explain it somewhat.
If ALA is suffering for having her there, it would be like her to step down.
Let's see...only the future knows for sure.

I had to laugh at Sue's comment, in spite of myself!

Palin is homespun, is truthful, faithful, apparently very bright...according to the mcCain handlers they'd never seen anything like her mind in grasping the info.....and she seems in earnest...the biggest thing she has going for is she loves America.

That in itself would be a welcome change.

I hope you had a great Fourth, Joe.

shoprat said...

I don't know, and I sure don't want her to give up but I can't blame her if she does.

ablur said...

We would all like to be in the know. Will it make one dimes worth of difference in what I do today or next week? NO.

We each has got to live the life we were given. Ideally, we offer up love and grace. We tame it with calm instruction and careful challenges. Some of us pass life's tests with flying colors, others barely pass.

I don't know what tests Sara faced. I hope she is passing with flying colors because she introduced a class act to the DC beltway. We can only hope that she can return and move this mountain.

Lone Ranger said...

Sarah Palin is so deep into liberals' heads that even her resignation is driving them crazy. Apparently, the only reason she could have for resigning is that she has some secret plan to take over the world.

I think her reasons are simple and straightforward. She is not a member of our millionaire/billionaire ruling class. Half a million dollars in legal fees is big money to her family. And, being constantly the subject of demonic hatred has to be wearing on her personal life.

However, if Sarah Palin thinks her resignation will end the turmoil, she is wrong. Liberals are generational haters. There are liberals who weren't alive during Nixon's presidency, but still hate him with a passion. They don't know why -- something about shredding the Constitution -- hating is just what they do.

She is going to write a book and hit the lecture circuit and although she probably won't run for president, she won't fade from view.

Mark said...

I think Sarah is a mother first, and a politician second. She was prepared for the attacks on herself, but her children weren't.

She resigned to spare them from further attacks on them.

That's my opinion, for what it's worth.

Vita-D said...

She told us why she was resigning, folks - she said she was a lame duck first term governor, and couldn't be effective.

Get that boys and girls? She told y'all, and y'all are purposefully ignoring it.

How insane a reason is that - being a lame duck? That sets a precedent for every elected official to resign before their full term is out.

All you nutso's going to deny she gave that as her primary reason?

Jennifer said...

It strikes me funny that people put her down for stepping down, and yet when a sleezy, cheating representative does it's okay. A bit of a double standard. So I am guessing she should have had an affair and that way she could step down with support. Give me a break. I like Sarah, but I don't think she is right for 2012. She's too good for politics and the mud slinging and the crap that goes along with it. She was an easy target and people STILL choose to aim at her, no matter what she does!!

Joe said...

Anonymous: I don't watch Letterman any more, and I won't tolerate you.
If you want to impune someone, do it on your own blog, if you're smart enough to have one.

Mark said...

"All you nutso's going to deny she gave that as her primary reason?"


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