Friday, July 10, 2009


Have you heard the news?

Has it sunk in?

We've done it!

At last we've done it!

It took us a little time (not nearly as much time as "top" scientists said), but we did it!

All of the talk about it has paid off!

All of the factories in the universe have cut back on their carbon emissions!

Just talking about electric cars and selling a few here and there has done wonders!

Selling those twisted up, mercury filled light bulbs did the trick!

Why, Cap and Trade is just about dead in the water in the Senate, yet its influence has turned the tide.

Just reading "An Inconvenient Truth" has caused the weather wizards to see our sincerity and turn global warming into global cooling.

How well have we done?

New York is pretty cool.

The glaciers have actually grown these past two years.

Ocean temperatures have dropped.

There hasn't been a named storm in the Atlantic or Caribbean this whole hurricane season, which is 39 days old and counting.

And wonder of wonders, global temperatures have continued to plunge!

Well done, all you disaster mongers! Well done!


shoprat said...

But the global warming fanatics won't be happy until they control it all.

Lone Ranger said...

I know I'm enjoying driving with my top down during this cool summer.

Anonymous said...

well said my friend, very well said..

a person said...

Hi Joe. you left a comment on my blog so im returning the compliment.. Im glad you have Jesus. me too. Jesus is the Messiah.. Jesus was never popular in his life. he was hated and reviled.. unlike you know who..cheers buddy.

Anonymous said...

Nice post Joe, you got me smiling!! I just love sarcasm at its best.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Thank God for them. I got in a friendly argument with a Lib co-worker yesterday who said that polar bears are on the Endangered Species List.

I said no, they're not. He said the World Wildlife Fund couldn't possibly be trying to boost the level on danations they receive by lying about this.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service maintains the Endangered Species List, so I went on their website and guess what? Polar bears are not on the Endangered Species List.

He was deeply, deeply disappointed.

Bryan said...

"The glaciers have actually grown these past two years. Ocean temperatures have dropped."

An Ice Age is Coming! An Ice Age is coming!

Z said...

don't worry, THE ONE will be signing Kyoto in a few months.. .. we'll be paying for THE WHOLE WORLD!

ANYTHING to sink America, huh? Grrrr

Susannah said...

The power of suggestion is even more powerful than we thought! Yippee!!