Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Education, highways, environmental, health and human services, energy and law enforcement.

Those are just some of the "benefits" New Hampshire has realized due to the stimulus package emanating from the Democrat legislature under the guidance of President BO.

New Hampshire received $413.6 million in stimulus money.

Just think of the jobs! Just think of the tax revenues! Just think of the security of New Hampshire's citizens!

According to the Office of Legislative Budget Assistant, that $413.6 million has resulted in 50...count them...50 jobs, 34 of them FULL TIME, all of them TEMPORARY!

Of those wonderful temporary jobs, 5 (five) are "full-time temporary" positions with OES (Office of Economic Stimulus) itself, which positions will end in September of 2011.

Now I have no idea how much each of these "full-time temporary" jobs will pay, nor do I know how much the other "part-time temporary" jobs will pay. The yet to be hired Director of OES will "earn" $110,000.00 per year and will receive a substantial benefits package.

This I know: The cost to U.S. tax payers for these wonderful opportunities for temporary employment is $9.9 million EACH!

Does that make sense to you?

How does that make sense to you?

Do you wonder, as I do, how many top quality people are going to apply for work that they know going in is only going to last a couple of years?

Does this use of tax payer money give you more or less confidence in President BO and his congress?

Really? You LIKE the idea of spending $9.9 million for a job that pays, at the most, a median income?

Do you understand that the government is spending about 100 times what the private sector would spend to establish each of those jobs?

Does that matter to you?

What's wrong with you?

You must be over-stimulated.


TAO said...

So, when did the private sector build a road, a bridge, a water system that did not involve the government paying for it?

So, when did the private sector build, staff, maintain, and manage a school without government paying for it?

If it wasn't for government direction and government funding of research and development how many of the wonderous products and services that we enjoy would we not have had?

Look at the tax credits we give big oil to dig and explore for new oil? Look at the military government provides to protect out energy interests in the middle east.

Law enforcement....well, yes we really need to privatize that don't we...

Joe said...

TAO: What does anything in your comment have to do with anything in my post?

My post, in case you just read the opening line and decided to comment on that instead of the developed theme of the post, was about the stimulus' supposed job creation and how much it has cost the tax payer to create those jobs in New Hampshire.

I have been the administrator of two private schools, each of which I helped build, staff, maintain andmanage, and each of which produced a greater percentage of students performing at or above grade level than any government school in our state.

You wrote: "Look at the tax credits we give big oil to dig and explore for new oil?" (Which, by the way is not a question and should have ended with a period, not a question mark).

Fact is, with those "credits" came massive restrictions on where oil companies could search for, drill for, extract and refine oil, resulting in drastically reduced profits and our increased dependence on foreign oil.

Take the government out of the equation and American oil would be back where it was in its early years...very productive and producing more crude than all of the other oil producting countries combined.

The military is one of the few Constitutionally mandated jobs of government "...provide for the common defense..."

Except for the FBI and CIA, law enforcement is usually paid for in the main on a local level.

Let me say that it is good to hear from you again, though. I though you had fallen off the edge of our flat planet.

shoprat said...

The money is not going to things we need but is going to Obama's cronies as we become a neo-feudalistic society with the Obamas as our lord and lady and ACORN as their knights.

snaggletoothie said...

When I read your post. I had a smart alecky comment. But what Shoprat said pretty much sums up the essential points.
I would only add that, if one's goal were to increase unemployment, decrease individual freedom, decrease government transparency, render private businesses less able to add to employment and economic growth and increase partisan bitterness and division, if you wanted to bring all of that about you could just do what Obama and his forces in Congress have done since January. Basically, if you harbored intense dislike for America and your fellow citizens, the present course would serve your purposes.

Anonymous said...

Benefits isn't exactly the word I would call it either.

50 jobs.....Wow, now that is going to help the economy! They've done it! They helped build up the economy! (sarcasm intended) :-)

ablur said...

Stealing our money by the train car load, giving us back a handful and calling it stimulus.

The money went to further government bureaucracy not improve the lives of Americans. The last thing we needed was more government jobs.

When the government gets out of the way the people prosper and succeed. The more rules and regulations you put in place the less freedom and innovation.

Z said...

i have to go off line and KICK something now.

man, joe...what the H is HAPPENING?

Anonymous said...

Joe said...

"TAO: What does anything in your comment have to do with anything in my post?"

Ahemmm, ditto.

Obama is determined to break the back of America. When he goes on TV and says were broke.WHY WOULD YOU KEEP PUSHING PROGRAMS NO ONE WANTS OR NEEDS? This is clearly a sign that Washington is out of control. A few months ago a Russian General said America will collaspe by 2010 is Obama trying to make this happen? I can see this could be true. America must get rid of Pelosi, Reid, Franks, and others who have hurt this great nation. These people are sucking the life out of America. At some point these taxes and whats going on in Washington is going to turn in to a riot Americans are having their backs broken and it can’t go on much longer. As I said in my blog today The Obama administration are already pushing a radical energy plan down our throats that will cost us trillions more.

For the life of me, I don’t understand why people can’t see the disaster that Obama is.

Mark said...

I read or heard somewhere that only 1 in 10 of these "green" jobs Obama will supposedly create will be permanent full time positions. All the rest are temporary.

Personally, when I look for employment, I look for full time permanent employment, not temporary part time.

But I guess Obama's policies appeal to the lazy, who really are the only ones who rely on welfare anyway.