Thursday, July 16, 2009


I actually watched a good portion of the confirmation hearings with Sonya Sotomayer.

As I read the MSM, she was cool, refreshing, precise, warm, fuzzy, and lovable.

They were watching a different hearing than I was.

To me, Sotomayor answered the Nerf-ball questions from the Democrats with practiced ease...that is, I believe she knew what the questions would be and had a scripted answer prepared.

When the Republicans asked her questions about her speeches, her rulings and her history she answered with long...long pauses and strings of words that had no subjects or predicates and said virtually nothing.

When pressed on an issue, she looked vexed, stern, and almost angry that her first evasive answer didn't satisfy the questioner.

My wife and I kept looking at each other and saying things like, "Did she just switch her answer to one that would fit a question she wanted to answer instead of the one actually asked?"

"Did she just give a non-answer?" was another question we asked each other.

"Wait! Wait! She just couched the Party line in words that were designed to misdirect the questioner's thinking!"

When Sotomayor was being questioned by a Democrat, she tended to smile at the end of each question and after her answer.

When she was questioned by a Republican, her expression was grim, and the smile she gave at the end of her answer seemed sardonic...not the same smile she gave the Democrats.

Her note pad scribblings were fast and furious when Republicans were doing the asking. They were much more relaxed when Democrats posed the questions.

If you watched her hands, arms and body positions, you noticed that she tended to really lean into the table and her head jutted forward when Republicans were her questioners, but she tended to move slightly back from the table and sat up much straighter when asked the soft-ball Democrat questions.

As I watched her responses to Jon Kyl this morning, she continued the same body language.

She refused to admit that the Supreme court had ruled...all nine of them agreeing on the issue...that at least one of her rulings was inappropriate on its face, but tried to persuade Kyl that the Supreme Court did not say what they actually said.

In my professional opinion, Sonya Sotomayer engaged in a great deal of side-stepping, covering over, denying her past, and outright lying about her positions on such things as abortion, gun control and other significant issues.

When she is confirmed, she will be a great help to the Socialist agenda being put forth by President BO and his lawmakers.

And she will be confirmed, absent some "smoking gun" revelation.

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Lone Ranger said...

This woman will say anything to get that lifetime job. Then she'll be able to change the world, as ever liberal thinks he's born to do. The end justifies the means.

Bryan said...

Body language can speak volumes.

shoprat said...

The only bright spot is that the most liberal member of the court is the one being replaced. We need to get rid of Obama before he can replace a Conservative with one of her.

Z said...

I think O'Reilly was going to have that body-language expert on last night? I didn't see it. I hope it's tonight. That would be interesting.

Shoprat is SO RIGHT..that's CRUCIAL

Lone Ranger's right, too...she'll say anything. The reasons she gave for wanting to be a SCOTUS judge cracked me up, but I guess "it's so cool to get an important job and such fame and ruin this country, TOO" might have been inappropriate :-)

great post, saw the same hearings I saw some of. CNN sure didn't. (by the way, Blitzer kept cutting the Republican panelist on this subject off yesterday...just spoke over, he was the only panelist missing)

Lone Ranger said...

You have to give her some credit though at the way she stood up to Al Franken's brutal questioning.

Joe said...

Reagan caught flack because he was "just" an entertainer. But he approached his political jobs with dignity, intelligence and respect.

Franken is about ten counts lower than a clown.

His constituents must be very, very proud.

sue said...

Joe - you seem to forget that the Supreme Court comfirmation hearings are cutthroat. Both parties do whatever they can to refuse the comfirmation of the opposing party.

So why shouldn't the nominee
also play the game?

sue said...
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Joe said...

Sue: I don't mind if you repeat yourself...just don't become redundant.

Of course it's a game!

I think she IS qualified to be SCJUS, but I think whe will be a VERY liberal influence on the court.

Mark said...

There's only one explanation for Sonia Sotomayor's answers:

She lied.

Just like a Liberal.

sue said...

Joe - pardon my redundancy.

It reminds me of how I sent my uncle two identical birthday cards the same year with almost identical
greetings inside.

Talk about redundant!