Monday, July 20, 2009


This from Light to Israel's "Holy Land Report:

The Obama Administration has ordered Israel to halt construction of a new Jewish-owned hotel on the eastern side of Jerusalem, Israel's major radio stations reported on Sunday morning.

According to the reports, Israeli Ambassador to the U.S., Michael Oren, was summoned to the State Department on Friday, where he was told that the president wants Israel to halt construction of the Shepherd Hotel being built next to the Israel Police Headquarters on the eastern side of [Highway 1] the main road that runs north from Jerusalem's Old City.

Two other Israeli luxury hotels already stand near the site.

The direct American pressure came following complaints by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas that the hotel was being built on land claimed by his own regime as part of its future capital.

Israeli officials responded by telling radio interviewers that the land is privately owned, and that the Israeli government is not about to start interfering in private business affairs as a result of diplomatic pressure. Nor will Israel give up its right to build wherever its sees fit in Jerusalem.
"Israel has built in Jerusalem and will continue to build in Jerusalem," said one official.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu personally weighed in on the matter at Sunday's cabinet meeting, insisting that under his government, Israel will never comply with demands that Jews stop buying land and building wherever they please in Jerusalem.

In what realm of imagination does President BO get off demanding that Israel cease construction on anything?

How did he get jurisdiction over ANY foreign country, let alone Israel?

Could it be that the Photoshopped images of President BO wearing a crown were predicting that he not only wants to be king of the United States of America, but of the entire world?

Such gall! Such bile!

Megalomania does not even come close to describing this guy's sense of self and his willingness to be in complete control of the universe.

Watch it, boys and girls.

He really is dangerous.

Please wake up.

This is no dream. Your personal future is at stake.


sue said...

Dream? It sounds more like a nightmare.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Wake up, everybody! It's very hard to believe that so many continue to blindly follow this guy, no questions asked. And conservatives are the evil ones.

ablur said...

I'm sorry Joe, but this is a non issue. Countries try and demand things from other countries all the time. The big issue here is that Israel said "Hell NO"

As far as BOs dream of being King of the World, you are right on. Many worried when Bill Clinton was looking at becoming President of the UN. We thought his ego was out of hand.

Z said...

I thought we don't MEDDLE? Why do we meddle SO MUCH in Israel, hm??

shoprat said...

I'm da King of da world don't you know.

hubris Whom the gods destroy they first make mad.

Joe said...

ablur: It may be a non-issue to you, and it may be a non-issue to President BO, but it is not a non-issue with me. One of the issues I have with heads of government, ours in particular, is how they keep sticking their noses into places that are none of our business. If there is some significant reason to do so that is one thing. But as a general practice I think it is very, very bad.

ablur said...

Joe - Obama has no issue in matters of business of any nation and should shut his yap. If this was some kind of international event of consequence it would probably be allowable.

I respectfully withdraw my previous statement. He seems intent on medaling in all areas both big and small. We as a nation will continue to suffer under his reign.

Tom said...

Good for Israel to state that the state would not interfere in private business.

Too bad our own government hasn't followed that lead...

Bryan said...

"In what realm of imagination does President BO get off demanding that Israel cease construction on anything?"

I believe a very dangerous realm!

Keep pressing on, Joe. By the way, I am blogging again. Thanks for all your support and kindness.

Mark said...

I find it interesting that Israel refuses to infringe on private business' rights to operate in the free market system, but Obama insists that we in America don't have the same right. He has already taken over banks, insurance companies, auto manufacturers, etc.

It's not surprising he would demand the usurping of private enterprise in the land of his enemies.