Monday, July 6, 2009


He's from the Pacific Northwest...not thought of as a bastion of Conservative thought.

I once lived in Tacoma Washington, so I was interested.

He signs in as "ablur."

I have to admit that I have no idea what that's a reference to, or whether it's a name, a pen-name or what-all.

All I know is that he commented on my last post, I visited his blog and was impressed.

My blogroll is not extensive.

I really love each of those I visit regularly, each for some real or imagined uniqueness.

Ablur's blog, called Some Things Just Need to Be Said , has that certain "je ne sais qua" that pulled me in.

I read back over some of his past posts and enjoyed the read.

You will too, I think.

Check him out.


Have you noticed Michael Jackson in the news lately?

They're holding his memorial service.

From his earliest days it was abundantly clear that Michael had an enormous talent.

I did not like what he did, but I have to admit that he did it exceedingly well.

He was highly paid, too.

Why is is OK for a Michael Jackson, a Tom Crews, an Eli Manning, an Alex Rodriguez and other entertainment and sports superstars to earn eight figure incomes while it is somehow wrong for CEOs of companies that are real producers of goods not to?

Sports figures and entertainers are never referred to as having "won life's lottery," even though it was largely their chance DNA that made them able to do what they do.

But the CEO of a large, successful, productive corporation that provides an income to hundreds or thousands of people, and products that people yearn for, is somehow "evil" if he/she is highly paid.

Some people who are "entertainers" have virtually no talent at all, yet they make more than some CEOs who have led their companies to the Fortune 500 club.

Somebody explain that, please.


sue said...

I can't explain it Joe, but you make a good point. I've always wondered why entertainers and sports figures make so much money as compared to really important people - like teachers. Some things in life are hard to figure out, and what's more are not likely to change.

Lindsay said...

You've made a fabulous point, and one I continually make as well.

If you can bring in the money, you should earn the figure, because you are worth that money.

Congress has it's greedy hands in the sports world (steroid use and now the BCS hearings) won't be too long.

ablur said...

So far congress seems bent on muddying all areas of life. These greedy power lusting individuals have no end to that which they will attempt to take over.

Thank you for your kind words. I was very surprised and humbled. I hope I can live up to the billing.

ablur is a nickname from high school. I have always been very busy. In high school, I ran the technical theatre department for the district, attended high school and college while working a full time job on graveyard. (Averaged 2 hours sleep a night) People would say it you were looking for me just look for ablur.

cary said...

ablur is on my list, too. Good reading.

As far as the salaries, liberdulls (and by extension, the socialist wannabes trying to ruin - I mean RUN - this country...) want you to believe that making you feel good is more important, and therefore worth more, than simply providing a means of supporting yourself and your family.

Lindsay said...

Funny..when I work hard and receive raises or bonuses for my hard work...I feel good.

When I am able to pay my bills and support my family, without assistance, I feel good.

When I am able to contribute to causes, I feel are just and good, I feel good.

But I guess I'm a greedy capitalist pig.

PS: Thanks for the post!!

Anonymous said...

Ablur has been on my bloglist and for good reason. I value his opinions that he contributes to my blog too. Glad to see you promoting his blog.

What gets me about all these money makers is that they are the first (Surandon, Penn, Springsteen, Streisand) to bitch about what should or shouldn't be done, but what are they doing with all their money? Feeding the poor? Rallying for veteran benefits?

They have no problem opening their mouths but when it comes to their wallets, I truly wonder how much they give?

Celebrities have the ability to do so much good with the millions they make of movies or sports, etc.....where is the outrage over them?

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Never try to second-guess a Lib double-standard, Joe. There's no logic to it.

Z said...

A man should get what he's worth.
The doctor who saves a life will probably make far less than M Jackson or Kobe Bryant. makes you wonder!
I had lunch today at a restaurant whose bar had TVs on...I walked over to the bar area to see some of the jackson coverage then went back to my table and my friend walked in and joined me. There were plenty around us and I said "Carolyn, look at that amazing funeral, you'd think a SOLDIER DIED!"

I'm going to ablur...sounds great! How nice of you to feature his blog. And I'm so proud to be on yours...thanks. You're on MINE!

Anonymous said...

Who is Michale Jackson?

Susannah said...

EXCELLENT point here, friend.