Wednesday, July 22, 2009


A great deal is being reported on our local news about the distraction caused by using a cell phone while driving.

Now, it seems, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), has issued a previously "secret" report that says even "hands-off" cell phones are a distraction and they're thinking about banning their use completely.

Check it out here

Is that so?

I wonder what else might distract drivers.

How about reaching down to press the cigarette that distracting?

Let's ban it!

What about tuning the radio?

Let's ban it!


Makeup while driving has to go. Let's ban it!

Think about eating while driving.

Let's ban it!

If using a "hands-off" cell phone is distracting, what about talking to the person in the passenger seat?

Let's ban people from the passenger seat.

Kids in the back there's a distraction if there ever was one.

Ban kids from riding in the car.

Aren't pets a distraction while driving (you driving...not the pets...hopefully)?

Let's ban them!

My wife had a good idea: require every car to pull a trailer for passengers, kids and pets.

Only for most people, pulling a trailer would be distracting.

Gotta ban 'em.

You know those tiny little one-seater electric cars?

Let's ban all vehicles from the roads except them...then there won't be any distractions.

There may be a few more flattened vehicles on the road...flattened by those large simi tractor trailers that abound.

But what's a few flattened single seaters compared to all of those other distractions?

The government knows a whole lot more about what's good for us than we do.

That's for sure!



sue said...

Joe - I agree that things can go a bit far with banning. However, when I use my cp on the interstate (and I exceed the limit), sometimes I feel that it's dangerous. I'm speaking mostly of dialing.

I read once that 'experts' put cell phone use while driving up there with drunk driving (that I don't do.)

Joe said...

Sue: Most experts aren't.

Z said...

I worry about the dialing part when I do it, too. Sometimes, if I'm on a side street, I pull over to dial....
But, I have to admit, I rarely heed the NO DRIVING WITH HAND HELD CELL PHONES RULE ... I don't do it often, but I do it.
I do draw the line at putting on mascara while driving, but man, can't people just FIGURE THAT OUT THEMSELVES!?

sue said...

Joe - good one

I sometimes make notes while driving, but very carefully

shoprat said...

I try to avoid using it while driving and generally succeed. I would rather people pulled off if they are dialing. (or texting).

ablur said...

I have had a cell phone in my possesion since 1986. I have used it all over the US in both automatics and stick shifts.
In 20+ years of using a cell phone in my car and everywhere else, I have never put it above the job of driving.
The key here is personal responsibility. If you take your responsibilities seriously, you will correctly prioritize the things that you do.
In our current society lacking personal responsibility, you instead have to create crazy rules.

Mark said...

I could never understand how talking on a cell phone while driving could be a distraction. How is it different from talking to someone sitting next to you? You don't have to take your eyes off the road. You don't lose your motor skills.

Now, texting while driving is stupid, but again, don't we have a right to be stupid?

All we have to do is use common sense, and don't do things that will get others hurt. We don't need Government interference to do that.

But you know how I feel about that. You've read my blog.

Joe said...

Z: I have a friend who has a voice recognition cell phone. He speaks the number and it dials it. Get's the wrong number about one-third of the time. How distracting!

Shoprat: See, I think texting is just too much. I can't imagine being able to keep your eyes on the road while your thumbs search for the right letters.

Ablur: I agree. I have no problem with talking to someone, but keeping my main focus on the road. It must be a problem with some, though...espceially government lawmakers.

Mark: I'm with you 100%