Monday, April 13, 2009


The first thing to get my attention was the name: An American Dinosaur .

When I think of dinosaurs, I think of those scary, pre-historic beasts like the one in the picture.

They have long since faded from the face of the earth.

But Billy Budd, who is credited with posting at An American Dinosaur is anything but extinct.

As a matter of fact, I know almost nothing about him, except that when he posts to his blog, which is not as often as it used to be, he is succinct and to the point...and very good points they are.

In his March 25th post, called Ley Fuga, he outlines the irony that you and I can't buy the guns Mexican cartels own.

His post, from April 2nd is titled "The Messiah Scores!" and is a great example of his creativity and quick wit, as well as his Conservative bent.

One of the things that interests me on people's blogs is their blog roll. Billy Budd's is very interesting and pretty long. If he really does visit them all, no wonder he posts less frequently.

Anyway, I recommend that you pop over from time-to-time for a good read and perspective on important points at An American Dinosaur.


A New York Guy's View said...

Good job on this blog Joe

bluepitbull said...

Will do, thank you, Joe.

sue said...

Joe - I had never heard of anyone on his blogroll, but I like the dino/flag at the top.

One good thing about writing, it is educational. I did a short story on dinosaurs - told by a t-rex, and from the research I learned quite a bit about the little creatures.

(There is something on my blog about Lewis Padgett for you.)

shoprat said...

Actually some very serious paleontologists no longer believe Dinos to be extinct. One super-order of them is still alive. The birds.

Joe said...

Shoprat: I think that theory is for the birds (forgive me for taking advantage of so obvious an opening).

snaggletoothie said...

Thanks Joe you're a great source of great sites.