Thursday, April 30, 2009


Although there are relatively few cases of swine flu around the world, WHO (the World Health Organization, not the rock band) has proclaimed it to be a pandemic.

Here is the breakdown of swine flu cases as of April 29, 2009:

Australia 17 Suspected cases
Austria 1
Brazil 1 possible
Britain 5
Canada 13
Chile 8 Suspected cases
Colombia 9 Suspected cases
Denmark 5 Suspected cases
France 1 suspected case.
Germany 4 cases
Ireland 3 Suspected cases
Israel 2
Mexico 2,498 (152 deaths)
New Zealand 15
South Korea 1 suspected
Spain 4 confirmed cases
Sweden 5 suspected
Switzerland 5 suspected
United Kingdom 2 possible

USA 91 cases - 1 death - As of April 29, 2009
Arizona 1 case
California 14 cases
Indiana 1 case
Kansas 2 cases
Massachusetts 2 cases
Michigan 2 cases
Nevada 1 case
New York City 51 cases
Ohio 1 case
Texas 16 cases 1 Death.

Here's a website to help you keep up: SwineFluMap

The majority of these cases involve people who have visited Mexico, or who have come in contact with people who have visited Mexico.

The one U.S. death was a Mexican child who had come to the U.S. for treatment, but, sadly, too late.

Only around Mexico City is the number of epidemic proportions.

It is interesting that New Zealand has so many cases (54 by some counts).

There seemingly are ties to travel to Mexico in almost all of the cases worldwide.

There is a sort of health panic being generated by the disease.

Some interesting pictures:

Here are some travelers wearing masks to protect them from getting swine flu.

Here are a Mexican and a Spaniard protecting themselves from swine flu with masks.

Here is a visitor to New York wearing a mask to protect him from swine flu.

Here a mother protects herself, but not her children from swine flu.

In this picture a mask protects a statue from swine flu.

This pig has not heard of swine flu and is not wearing a mask.

The Russians have stopped importing pork from several countries, including the United States. But swine flu never has, does not now and never will come from eating pork, cooked or raw.

Swine flu is unpleasant. In some situations it can be deadly.

We must feel great sympathy for the families of the Mexicans who have died from the swine flu.

But human beings tend to act irrationally when news of these things gets spread around.

The biggest spreader of panic is the MainStream Press, who just will not give all of the facts at one time.

The truth is, those masks will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to protect anybody from swine flu, as the virus can go right through them.

No antibiotic can touch the flu, which is caused by a virus, not bacteria. Tamiflu and one other drug, Relenza are somewhat effective in treating swine flu.

The best protection is to regularly wash your hands, keep your hand off of surfaces that are in places where many people may have touched them, wash your hands, avoid crowded places (no doubt a factor in the Mexican deaths) when possible, wash your hands, and if you are feeling flu-ish (fever, weakness, shaking, sore throat, and maybe vomiting and diarrhea and generally miserable), STAY HOME and wash your hands!


sue said...

Joe - best swine flu coverage I've seen to date.

TAO said...

Joe, Did you know all of this prior to researching or did you you do some research to collate the numbers that you provided along with the information?

Everything you have presented I was able to gather from MSM sources that you yourself decrie...

bluepitbull said...

Well, I thought it was a good post. Informative and funny are hard to come by.

Of course, we all know the Russians don't need our food. They will just go back to the hard, back breaking power of the masses to generate...hey wait, didn't they used to get most of their food from us?

Joe said...

Sue: Thank you.

TAO: Well, I have no apriori knowledge of cases around the world, I researched it from CDC, WHO and MSM.

Where there were discrepancies, and there were some, I went with WHO figures.

Some MSM sources are reporting that there are only eight to ten deaths in Mexico, but as it turns out, those were figures for individual towns outside of Mexico City and did not represent the total.

Be careful what you ascribe to me. I have never called MSM useless, only politically biased toward the left...for the most part.

bluepitbull: They did. Now they have cut off the hand that feeds them.

Joe said...

TAO: You must be either very contemptuous, or very arrogant, I don't know which. You seem to always HAVE to plunge the knife of rank snideness into your comments, even if off topic.

While I did mention MSM not telling the WHOLE story (like often failing to mention that only surgical masks help, as dust masks, which do no good, fly off the shelves at retail outlets) the actual topic of the post was swine flu, where it is and what to do to avoid it.

I tried to add a little humor (the pig with no mask...very funny [see bluepitbull above - he gets it], the mother "protecting" herself but not the kids [humorous in a sort of dark way] and the reference to The Who rock band...funny, funny stuff, don't you think?).

Ah, well...I can't please all of the people all of the time.

sue said...

Joe - Here's an update on your swine flu article. My daughter called from Huntsville, Al and reported that they have 2 cases. All schools have been closed, also sporting events cancelled, and some parks are closed. They advised parents not to let children play with any kids outside of the family.

BB-Idaho said...

IMO it is just another H1N1 viral
infection. Problem is the viruses keep adapting and changing their
genetic material..resulting in different etiliology. As you note,
the masks are a bit silly, but wow,
look at mask sales! May take a bit, but a vaccine will be forthcoming.

Susannah said...

Thanks for the info. Joe. The #'s may have come from MSM, but I'm noticing that there's not a sense of urgency meant to incite panic (oh, but please don't panic as we report on swine flu nonstop for the next 18 hours....) in the tone of your post.

"Just the facts, Ma'am." As it should be. Maybe you should go into the news business! Heck of a lot more measured than what's out there now.

(Did love the title...)

Joe said...

Sue: thanks for the update.

BB-Idaho: Do you think maybe mask sales will revive our sinking economy?

Susannah: Thanks. I liked the mask on the statue, too.

My Blog said...

Hahaha , I loved the name of this blog Moron Swine Flu

My Blog said...

Joe said...
" TAO: You must be either very contemptuous, or very arrogant, I don't know which. You seem to always HAVE to plunge the knife of rank snideness into your comments, even if off topic."

Very contemptuous, or very arrogant?
How about

Anonymous said...

And Joe Biden is a heartbeat away from the Presidency!

We have Dumb and Dumber in the White House.

Joe said...

My Blog: Thanks for the visit. TAO means well, he just gets a little confused trying to keep everybody else from getting confused.

DD2: Is that scary, or what?