Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Today this blog hits a milestone.

This milestone is unmistakable and worthy of great mention.

There are records and there are records, and today this humble blog has reached new lowths.

In the annals of the blogosphere there has never been a time like this and there may never be one again.

Or maybe there will be, I don't know.

Today, unlike any other cyberspacic day, this blog has done it.

On this historic occasion, the following has taken place:

Fewer people did not read my post today than did, and in greater numbers than ever before.

There will be room in the comment section for your congratulations.


sue said...

Joe, Joe - Do not be discouraged for I experience this everyday.
I run about two comments a month.

You blog is one of the great ones, although I find you quite unyielding in opinion.

As far as your heart goes, you are magnanimous.

Why don't you take your mind off your problems and catch up on reading my blog.

BetteJo said...

Lowths? :)

..but you can't count the people who may have read it in their reader without clicking through. Some people *ahem* do that sometimes. So your figures may be off.

Matter of fact, I'm pretty sure your figures are off.

shoprat said...

My blog dropped considerably a while ago and that's OK. (I went from Adorable Little Rodent to some kind of Reptile in the TTLB ecosystem, but big deal. Right now, between work and how discouraging current events are, I have trouble blogging like I wish to.

Joe said...

Sue: Thanks you for saying that I am manganibous. I always wanted to be.

BetteJo: My figure has been off ever since I stopped being a Minister of Youth and adopted a sedintary lifestyle.

Shoprat: I understand. I have trouble blogging like you want to, too.

To All: My comments are up...only my total readership is uncertain...as am I.

TAO said...

Its springtime and people have pulled themselves away from their monitors to pursue other interests....

The fear and anger of the last election has subsided and more and more people are realizing that their worlds are not changing....

So, they have moved on....

If you study your posts those that were the most angry and hateful and with the most sensational headlines drew the most readers and comments....

I know you live in Florida where the sun always shines but most of us are enjoying sunshine for the first time in a long time...and our attitudes are changing as are our interests

Joe said...

TAO: "If you study your posts those that were the most angry and hateful and with the most sensational headlines drew the most readers and comments...."

Now THAT really makes me mad.

I HATE it when people accuse me of being hateful and get ANGRY when people accuse me of anger.

I kinda like being sensational, though.

Joe said...

TAO: BTW, some say my most hateful and angry blog was the one titled, "Radical, Dude, Radical."