Thursday, April 16, 2009


I saw this video in a post called, "Income Redistribution Day," over at The Right Is Right .

It is a PERFECT example of how the left thinks. Just PERFECT.

Not a one of them can think any better than Harry Reid.

Watch him as he very seriously tries to convince us that paying income taxes in America is VOLUNTARY.

Just to be clear, in MY mind, if something is VOLUNTARY, that means you volunteer to do it, not that you HAVE to do it, but that you do it because you CHOOSE to do it.

Am I missing something?

And he doesn't even seem to realize how utterly foolish he sounds.

He seems to think he is making PERFECT sense and is VERY convincing.


Z said...

I chose to voluntarily pay MY taxes today, did you? I love paying them and was so happy to do so!!

grrrrr Reid is INSANE

Z said...

except I met John Boehner last night and I think he's even worse.

Joe said...

Z: Well, I paid my taxes, happily or not.

John Boehner is an example of why I think they should ALL be voted out of office next time.

Not one Conservative makes enough noise about things important to conservatives to be considered as having genuinely tried to make a difference.

Boehner couldn't think his way out of a wet paper sack.

He's one of the "I'm concerned about..." types.

Susannah said...

What a dingbat! I did a post on the second video a while back. Reid is such a boob!

sue said...

Joe - I read the first story in Other Earths that I told you about and didn't get it.

I'll try another one.

Tom said...

Just not pay your taxes, and then see how voluntarily you go to jail.

Harry Reid is a bigger idiot than what I thought he was.