Friday, April 24, 2009


Those of you who come by regularly bear with me for a moment.

I feel the need to explain again to my liberal readers what this blog is about.

They're a bit slow and it takes a lot of explanation to get through to them.

First of all, this is my blog.

It is not your blog, and you don't get to make the rules here.

My rules of engagement are very clearly stated on the right. Read them and live by them or go away.

Secondly, there is no First Amendment right on this blog.

The First Amendment pertains to federal government interference with freedom of speech ("Congress shall make no law...), and I'm not the federal government. (If nominated, I will not run. If elected, I will not serve.)

I welcome rational, well thought out comments, even if they don't agree with me.

The trouble is, very few liberals are intellectually capable of making a comment without using pejoratives (for you libs, that means Disparaging; belittling), foul or vulgar language or swearing.

Let me explain why certain words, other than those commonly referred to as swear words, are not allowed here.

Hell is a real place, with eternal consequences, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth forever. It was created for Satan and his angels, and the only way you can get there is to reject the real Messiah (not President BO). I do not use the name "Hell" lightly, nor do I allow it on my blog as an expletive.

To damn somebody is to wish for them to spend an eternity in Hell, which I do not wish on anybody and for the life of me can't understand why a liberal, who loves everybody, would do so.

The so-called "S" word is not allowed here because it refers to the product of a bodily function that is vile smelling, full of dangerous bacteria (you DO wash after using the toilet, don't you?)and not fit for polite conversation.

The "B" word is most exceedingly disrespectful of women, which I think is deplorable. Women are to be respected and, yes, paid the same as men for the same job (I have thought that since I was in sixth grade).

The "F" word is a reference to the highest gift God has given to mankind and lowers it to the level of the lowest common denominator of society and vulgarity.

Thirdly, you must treat other commenters with dignity and respect.

Humor is good, but unkind humor aimed at me or my other commenters is not.

Caveat: Since this is my blog, I get to disparage whomever I want.

If you make personal attacks against me, or my other commenters, I will respond in kind and DELETE your comment. (Oooo, the "D" word!...that is not only allowed here, it is practiced here.)

"Well I don't like your rules," I hear you saying.

Tough bananas.

If you work for Janet Napolitano, feel free to come after me, only do it in person, not on this blog.
I am a very conservative person...get used to it. Because of that, the views expressed in my posts are conservative in nature. Don't expect otherwise, or you will be disappointed.

I am a registered Republican, though I am very, very angry with every republican in office right now and will work to replace them, since they have lost their way and their voice (being unwilling to get angry with what's going on and unwilling to use the same kinds of procedural tactics the Dems used when THEY were in the minority).

So there you have it.

Enjoy reading my blog to your heart's content (or not). Comment if you like, but follow the rules.

Liberals: try to make a case for your positions. Don't just say, "Bush was no good," or "You right wingers are all alike." Try to sound like you were not educated in today's government school system.


TAO said...

Oh, brillant post Joe!

Lone Ranger said...

I have zero liberal comments on my blog because I approve the comments and liberals seem incapable of following my simple comments policy. These people get older, but they never grow up.

TAO said...

Those Liberals...

I swear you just can't seem to do anything with them and the world would be such a better place without them!

Joe said...

TOA (1): Hmm. Where was your tongue and is your cheek sore?

LR: It DOES seem that when my rules are violated the culprit is usually of a liberal bent. Not 100% of the time, but often enough.

TAO (2): Well, if it were up to me (thank God it isn't), there are more than a few I'd volunteer for extinction. The mindless doo-dads, for instance. 'Course, that would apply to some "conservatives," too.

TAO said...

Oh no Joe, no tongue in cheek:

You saved me and I see the light! the liberals almost enticed me to commit sins with their sweet talk and big words...

Thank you Joe for showing me the errors of my ways!

I have to repent by posting the truth on my blog!

Joe said...

TAO: Now see, that kind of sarcasm I not only can live with, I love it.

But then I though you ALWAYS posted the truth on your blog.

TAO said...

Well, Joe, I am glad that you acknowledge that I always tell the truth on my blog...

thanks for the affirmation and I can start using that in my marketing plans!

Lone Ranger said...

Show me a crime against humanity that this country has comitted and I will show you a liberal or a democrat.

shoprat said...

And the people who don't like you have the right to start their own blog and say anything they want to about you (or me). I won't read it but they can do it.

Joe said...

TAO: WOW! Four comments on one post! Before long you will have taken over my blog.

Come to think about it, many might consider that a good idea. I get a percentage of your marketing results?

LR: Think KKK, etc.

Shoprat: The way I figure it, there are a lot more people who don't like me than do and who have started their own blogs.

Most of them don't know me from Adam's house cat, though if I and Adam's house cat were to stand side-by-side, they'd know which one was the cat.

Z said...

we should ALL post this at our blogs. GREAT work, Joe.

Joe said...

Z: Thanks. I had a rash of foul mouthed liberals post comments and some who just wanted to attack other commenters, calling them names, which I don't allow. They objected to being deleted. I deleted their objections.

Joe said...

Ration Al: I wonder, do you even have the intelligence to know the difference between "you're," and "your?"

If not, what should give me the idea that anything you say is born of intelligence?

Are you smart enough to understand that when you write: "Joey, when you post all I hear is "blah blah blah." Your a fundy, and not to be trusted interpreting the consitution" you are proving your ignorance?

"blah blah blah" (withouth commas, by the way) is not an intelligent discourse, nor is is descriptive phraseology.

I asked you to provide some intelligent discourse to prove me wrong.

You seem unable to do so.

So here (not hear) we go again.


Ration Al said...

How are you this evening, Joe?

Joe said...

Ration Al: I'm doing better than I deserve. Thank you for asking. How are you doing?