Thursday, March 19, 2009


The other day I was lamenting the degree to which I had been thrust into economic dire straits, when I stumbled across an idea joyfully skip-roping across the synapses of my mind.

All of my monetary resources have come as the fruits of my labor...a reward, as it were, given in exchange for my faithful, untiring labor.

Now I find myself needing a personal bail-out, so...why not?

Here's the plan:

I will tax myself, give myself that which I gain from my taxes and then repay myself that self-same amount, thus enriching myself and providing for my family.


You say that sounds like some kind of Voodoo Economic plan?

Think: President BO; the Democrat House; the Democrat Senate and the word "Bailout."

After all, in this the 58th day of President BO's War on Achievement, that's the way they think.

How about you?

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