Thursday, March 26, 2009


I'm having real trouble deciding what to write about.

It's not that I can't think of's that there is too much about which to write!

Should I write about the very silly online town hall meeting held by President BO?

It was the most contrived, transparent event I have ever seen.

The questions chosen were, for the most part, ones that would let President BO answer with the same lines he has used many times before.

But I'm so frustrated by it that I can't get my thoughts to get in line...and I HATE circular arguments.

Maybe I should write about how the Democrats are beginning to break up the "lock-step" in which they have been walking, reminding me of the picture of Germany in World War II.

Until now, there have been no deserters from the Party Line...though I seem to detect a glimmer of grumbling among them.

I could write about how Republicans have nobody who can speak with eloquence and authority, like Daniel Hannan, MEP.

Now there is a leader who is not afraid to stand up and say what the problem is with the opposition.

Our brave Republican leadership stand up and says, "I'm concerned about so-and-so..."


What in the world does "concerned" mean?


I should be writing to Republicans telling them to START MAKING SOME NOISE, for Pete's sake. What is WRONG with you guys?

Members of both Parties seem to have lost all respect for The Constitution, maybe I could write some more about that!

I have a GREAT post in the works about lemmings...the little rodents that periodically follow each other over cliffs, thus decreasing their excess population.

But I can't decide whether to use it to illustrate liberal or conservative behavior.

So, I have made an executive decision, on this 65th day of President BO's War on Achievement, to not write about anything at all.

Here it is, therefore. My unwritten post.


sue said...

I have a policy that works:

When in doubt, do nothing, until
something better comes along.

Joe said...

Sue: Does that mean that I have to go back and undo what I have done?

What, then, would I do with your comment?

Lone Ranger said...

I have a policy that works:

When you see injustice, do something. Don't wait for something (or someone) better to come along.

Had Republicans of the 19th century been as squishy, clueless and valueless as the Republicans of today, slavery would still exist and Obama would be working in Al Gore's tobacco fields.

Joe said...

Lone Ranger: I thought Al Gore knew that tobacco was bad for you. Obama hasn't learned that yet. Good thing he has a good healthcare program.

Lone Ranger said...

I'm running on four months with a broken ankle. That's what Obama wants for all of us.

sue said...

Hi-ho Silver, Away!

Lone Ranger said...

Thanks once again for your admiration, Sue. Wouldn't this be a much better world if kids had role models the Lone Ranger?

sue said...

LR - Your comment about people who are bulimic and anorexic got me off on the wrong foot. I don't like making fun of people and judging why they might have what they have.

Didn't they Lone Ranger bring justice into the world with a gun?
Is that a good role model?
(By the way, I grew up with the Lone Ranger and am a huge fan.)

Joe said...

OK,'s almost time for me to exercise my God given right to edit my comment section.

Here's the way it works here:

1) There is no First Amendment on this blog. The First Amendment restricts the government from interfering with citizens' rights to religion, the press, and assembly. It does NOT keep me from making certain requirements on my blog.

2) I don't allow commenters to call each other names. But it is perfectly all right to call etherial nobodys names, such as bolemics, anorexics, etc., as long as it is done as humor to make a point. If you are sensitive about that, don't read the comments.

I would be the last one to disparage someone because of a "handicap." My best friend is wheel chair bound, my lunch buddy is wheel chair bound, my other good frined is an ambulatory quadraplegic and my co-worker, who is also my friend, uses a walker.

I, myself, use a cane and have extreme pain in my legs constantly.

Yet all of us can freely make fun of each other and have fun WITH each other because we are not Politically Correctly sensitive.

A former friend, who died of melanoma, was schizophrenic, and yet could make fun of herself and readily accepted the warm, friendly barbs from others.

She used to come into the studio where I work and say things like, "Hey...I did it again. I got chased by a demon who jumped out from the bushes."

We both knew there was no demon and could have a good laugh about it afterwards.

She was sick, but still a good friend.

So, if you want to attack a politician, that's cool...I know of none whom are unworthy of attack.

Attack evil in the world to your heart's content. I'm all for that.

You may attack President BO or defend President BO, I don't care. He's made himself fair game, as has Bush, Clinton, Bush 1,

But please, don't attack each other.

There has not yet been any direct animosity that I detect, but I do see a slight leaning, and I want to pass it off at the head (wait...wait, I mean head it off at the pass...Man! My Lysdexia gets ot em from time to time).

Please double check my rules to the right of my posts, and abide by them...especially the ones about sarcasm, etc.

Exception: Since it is my blog, I can attack anybody I want to, whenever I want to, in what ever way I want to.

How's that for fairness?

I never promised you a rose garden.

Tapline said...

Joe, kudos for your stanceon political correctness....I wish more people were more aligned with your thinking...great post..That's how I've been thinking for about a month or much is happening and it doesn't stop...God...I wish someone would do something to curb this idiocy.Now their looking a compulsory volinteer service.and they said it couldn't happen here!!!! very afraid..stay well....

sue said...

joe - you run a tight ship

Lone Ranger said...

"In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing." - Theodore Roosevelt

I was not making fun of bulimics or anorexics. I was making fun of homosexuals and people who support this bogus rights movement. It is just wrong to permit people with self-destructive mental illnesses instead of treating them.

Yes, the Lone Ranger did use guns to bring justice. So did all my other heroes, the silver screen cowboys, the Shadow, the Phantom.

Guns also brought justice to the world. Before the invention of guns people were at the mercy of anyone who could project the force to murder, rob and repress. Any roving band of outlaws or a private army could sack a village. Just traveling from one village to another was almost a guarantee of being robbed or murdered.

In this country today, guns are used by private citizens 2.5 million times a year to thwart crimes. It is the most cost-effective means of law enforcement we have. Most of the time, just showing a gun is enough to scare off a criminal.

Someone once walked up to me, pointed at my weapon and said, "Guns really make me nervous." I replied, "Me too, that's why I carry one."

When our Founders drafted the First Amendment, they never envisioned Glocks and assault rifles. Be the same token, they never envisioned computers and desktop publishing when they wrote the Second Amendment. If we must ban guns, then we should also go back to quills and lead type.

Lone Ranger said...

Joe, perhaps you were frustrated by that town hall meeting because you instinctively knew it was fixed.

sue said...

I'd make a comment in answer to Lone Ranger, but the last time I did Joe shut me down. This blob is 'fixed.'

sue said...


Joe said...

Sue: This blob (blog) is not fixed.
It is as broken as it has ever been.

You are welcome to answer each other, just don't take on the tone of a personal attack...that goes for liberals and conservatives.

I am an equal opportunity tyrant on this blog.

Mark said...

Joe, You'd better be careful about using Lemmings to describe any party. I used the term Lemmings to describe Liberals willingness to follow their leaders over a cliff once, and Lone Ranger told me that the whole "lemmings over a cliff" thing is a myth and ruined my whole point.

I'm not mad at him, though. He's smarter than I am and I appreciate any help he can give me.

sue said...

I give up, Joe. I thought I had found a blog that I admired, but I think it is as biased as any. I'll continue my search.

Joe said...

Sue: I is biased. I am biased. I love the concept of the founders and I loath the concept of modernists and liberals.

In today's world, "liberal" does not mean "open minded," or "giving freely to needy causes," or "having good 'feelings' about this, that or the other.

In today's world, "liberal" means "let the government do it (no mater what "it" is).

I have never bought that, do not buy it now and will never buy it.


sue said...

Joe - I promise not to comment, but I will be a 'ghost' reader on your blog.

Joe said...

Sue: I welcome you as a ghost reader. I welcome you as a commenter. I welcome you...period. That's the way we conservatives are...very inclusive, yet head-strong and confident of our positions.

I have kicked other liberals off my blog and deleted their comments because they could not behave themselves, but you I would not kick off, nor would I delete your comments (something I will not have to even consider unless you have a change of heart).

(Now I'm going to make you angry)

I still think you are a nice person.

sue said...

Joe - Whew! I was hoping you would welcome me back. I'm sure you knew I was bluffing.

I will temper my comments and always be reading.

(But I am furious that you think I am nice. :) )