Sunday, March 1, 2009


OK, So I'm ashamed to do it, but I am anyway.

I am stealing a concept I found over at a great blog by Kevin Jackson called The Black Sphere .

I know not whether this concept is original with Kevin, but it is a great concept, for it describes the results of the policies being put in place by President BO.

It is the concept of President BO's War on Achievement.

Somewhere on my posts, beginning today (see the title) I will post how many days into this mindless war we have gone.

To say that we are in a war for the minds and hearts of our children and our nation is an understatement.

What is at stake here is the very essence of what America has been all about from its beginning: respect for the Constitution; respect for life, liberty and freedom; personal responsibility; limited federal government and opportunity for reward in direct proportion to positive effort.

President BO has openly stated that he believes the Constitution is a flawed document.

He has voted against life, has usurped liberty and freedom by enabling the government to take over private enterprise.

President BO wants the government to be responsible for us all; seeks to enlarge the government and gives stuff to people who have neither earned it nor deserve it.

In short, he is at war, not on terrorism, but on the historical American way of life.

Trust me...whether you know it or not, this War on Achievement is one you do NOT want him to win.

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shoprat said...

Our best hope is to derail him in 2010. It's quite possible.