Thursday, March 19, 2009


Chuck Schumer threatened that he and the congress would tax AIG in the amount of the bonuses given to their employees if they did not give them back to the government voluntarily.

There are specific Constitutional prohibitions against just this very thing.

Democrats have ignored those prohibitions, proving that they have no respect for, nor do they intend to protect and defend, the Constitution of the United States of America.

Congress can now RETROACTIVELY tax things that were previously nontaxable.

Some of you think that's alright, as illustrated by your belief the The Constitution is a "living, breathing" document, and can be changed at the whim of whoever is in charge at any given moment.

Well, the Constitution ALWAYS HAS BEEN a living, breathing document, but it breathes very slowly, by means of the amendment process, not by judicial decree or congressional action.

Now Congress has proven that it can be completely ignored, if they want to ignore it.

If you are a liberal, you have absolutely no idea why that is a bad thing.

Too bad, for even you will eventually suffer the results of this diabolical thinking...and you will not like it, and you will object, and cry, and moan and whimper...BUT IT WILL BE TOO LATE.

The deed is done.

For all intents and purposes, The Constitution, as a document that provides the basic rules by which the government may act, is dead.

"Come on, Joe! You're hyperventilating! It's not that bad!"

It is exactly that bad.

The only way it could be worse than it is would be for the Military to be called up to enforce the actions of the Congress.

Don't act surprised.


Tapline said...

I haven't heard anyone saying anything about the Constitution since Beck yesterday or day-before. This is just more idiocy by our elected ones.both parties....Vote them all out of office they are completely ignoring the law. One of the first things I was taught about law, is that one cannot make a law is backdated That is I pass it today, but it takes effect last year. expose facto, I believe it's called. A few years ago, both Nancy and the rest of the elite took jaunts to the Middle East with their own foreign policy,not part of the Administration,,completely against the Logan Act,,,but they did it and it was OK,,,Who will stop them,,,They are above the law!!

Anonymous said...

Would you have preferred to let those crooks get away with what they have done?

Joe said...

Gray Headed Brother: YES. They did nothing wrong.

By the way, ANYTHING is better than ignoring the Constitution.

The CEOs and executives of AIG were not and are not the villans here.

The bad guys were the legislators who required bad loans to be made and REQUIRED AIG and other second party insurers to insure those banks.

You're intelligent enough to understand that...right?

Mark said...

Libs will support the rape of our Constitution right up to the point when they themselves are lined up against the wall and shot. It is then that they will finally understand why altering the Constitution is harmful to the people.

But then, of course, it will be too late.

Anonymous said...

what about the patriot act, that asinine newish law takes away our civil liberties

sovereignslave said...

Hey Joe- Looks like you've got it figured out my friend. I think our Congress and our President has followed the legislature right down the socialist road. The Exec was the last to fall, fall it has -- big time.
I think our only chance at peaceful recovery is the reeducation of American on constitutionally guaranteed republican principles. But how do we do that when the libs have a strangled hold on the education system; this is the subject folks like you and me need to hammer on.
U can check my 2 cents worth out at