Monday, March 30, 2009


I hate to say, "I told you so," but I told you so.

President BO has fired Rick Wagoner, CEO of General Motors Corporation.

This is beyond a doubt the most vile, vicious, un-American thing any POTUS has ever done.

If the majority of you can't see that, there is no hope for The United States of America to remain a free representative republic or a democracy.

What President BO has done is evil and dictatorial.

The fact that he "did it for the good of the country," does not mitigate it.

Rick Wagoner needed to go, no question about it.

He is an incompetent leader and has done a great deal to hurt General Motors, though I doubt that he'll understand that.

But to have the government, the president in particular, fire an employee of a private corporation is unthinkable.

The fact that many of you are cheering President BO for his "bold, decisive action" is a testament to the fact that you do not understand the basic concept of freedom, and do not get that you have allowed this nation abandon that most basic tenet of its foundation.

If Wagoner needed to be fired, and I believe he did, it was for the stock-holders and the Board of Directors to do so, not the government...period.

A few blogs back I said that President BO's motives were more than socialism, he sees himself as the one who knows more about what needs to be done than anybody else on earth, and is setting himself up to become "President for Life."

The fact that a large number of you believe that is OK is more frightening than the threat of all of the terrorists in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and the rest of the world put together.

I am hereby changing my view that President BO is waging war on achievement, I now believe that he is successfully waging war on the fabric of America.


BetteJo said...

Last night my 25 year old son walked in the room and said "gee I guess you're pretty bad if the president fires you!" It took me a second and then I realized - there are so many people out there who will look at it and say - oh he needed to go - without seeing that the president of the United States just stepped right into a place he has absolutely NO business to be in! Dangerous precedent for sure.

Lone Ranger said...

YOU'RE FIRED! Drop off your security badge and pick up your 22-million-dollar severance package at the personnel office.

Why can't someone fire me like that?

Tapline said...

His was not too bad of a golden Parachute, 20 million....But as you stated JOe, It wasn't his place to fire him...That's still a private company until we Nationalize it like we are doing to the banks and other private industry if they get their way...stay vigilant.....

snaggletoothie said...

It you are right that too many Americans do not understand freedom. I don't think this happened by accident. It has taken many years giving in to the teachers' unions and generally perverting education in public schools for this turn around. We were once taught civics and basic knowledge about our Constitution and history in school. Now, a great many kids are lucky to just learn to read and write. You will notice that Barack Obama will not allow his children in public schools.

Z said...

Excellent post and SO TRUE.

Of course, Wagoner DID get TWENTY-THREE MILLION to go, but...

WHAT ever happened to stock holders? Has anybody heard what THEY think of THE ONE's taking over their company!? (i almost typed country..Freudian slip, huh?)

Joe, I love your blog and am sorry I haven't blogrolled you rectifying that right now!

Z said...

I couldn't resist commenting to Snaggletoothie, whom I read after commenting (sorry!)...DARN RIGHT it's the schools. How do you expect we got to where so few are noticing what THE ONE is doing!? They think THIS is America!??

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

I was incredulous when I heard this on the radio.

My question is this: President O'Bummer had zero authority to tell Waggoner to step down.

So why didn't Waggoner dig in his heels, alert shareholders of this dangerous turn of events, and prepare to hunker down?

This is scary stuff.

Darrell said...

I don't even have any context for this. It's just beyond me. How does this happen? Why aren't people marching on DC with torches and pitchforks? It ain't about Rick Wagoner ... it's about the free market system. How can the majority remain placid?

Joe said...

BetteJo: Thanks for the visit.

Dangerous...yes, indeed.

Lone Ranger: What a grand idea...getting fired into prosperity.

Tapline: Nationalization here we come.

Snaggletoothie: Credit John Dewey and his followers.

Z: Interesting. I have not heard anyone speak about the stock-holders.

PCC: In my opinion, there is more going on here than meets the eye. You are correct, you would have thought he would have put up some kind of resistance.

Darrell: Thanks for stopping by. In their opinion, the Free Market System is the villain in all of this.

Susannah said...

"But to have the government, the president in particular, fire an employee of a private corporation is unthinkable...I am hereby changing my view that President BO is waging war on achievement, I now believe that he is successfully waging war on the fabric of America."

Indeed. When I heard this news, a chill ran down my spine. I thought to myself, "This is AMERICA?? Who does he think he is?"

Re: the waging war part...We KNEW this! It's what we were trying to tell people all summer/Fall of 2008. Heaven help us that it has happened so quickly - & so many of us are 'cheering it on' as you say. Heaven help us...